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Mary Jane (FORD) BOYLE

and family

BOYLE, John Stewart born 1813, Northern Ireland.  Died 1875, at Saybrook, IL.

     Married 1845 at Toronto, Canada to  

FORD, Mary Jane born 1827, Ulster County, Ireland.  Died 1902, Farnam, NE
     Couple lived on the north coast of Toronto until 1862. Moved to Chicago, IL and later to Saybrook, IL

Rachel BOYLE, born Canada. 

Married surname GOODWIN.

Died 3 Mar 1883 in Marquette, Michigan. (She never lived in Nebraska)

(Her daughter Bessie GOODWIN lived with the Boyle Family until 1917, then returned to Canada. Bessie died 7 Jan 1938, Toronto, Canada.)

Margaret Anne BOYLE, born Canada.  Died shortly after birth.

Albert BOYLE, born Canada.

Married Mary FISHER.

They moved to Frontier County, had a son born in the dugout in 1890.

Albert died 1930 in eastern Nebraska.


Heber Stewart BOYLE, born 1862, Collingwood, Canada.

Married 12 Dec 1918 at Red Oak, Iowa to Stella Franklin.  They had 4 children.  

Died 1948 at Gothenburg, NE.


George BOYLE, born 1864, Saybrook, IL.

Did not marry. Died 1940 at Farnam, NE.


Jennie Anne Boyle, born 1866, Saybrook, IL.

Married in 1889 to Sam Rice of Farnam, NE. 

Died 1905 at Scottsbluff, NE.


     The family remained in Illinois following the death of John Stewart Boyle - until Feb 1883.  They traveled west by wagon and reached Doniphan, Nebraska on the first of March 1883.  They rented a farm northwest of town for a year.

     In March 1884, Heber Boyle and George Boyle went west looking for cheaper land in Custer County.  They did not find anything that they liked.  Returned to Doniphan.

      On 30 June 1884, Heber and George left again - took a train to Cambridge, Nebraska and walked north twenty miles to see the land at Orafino, NE.  1 Jul 1884 - They missed the train, and had to wait until the following day for a train going east. They filed their claims 2 Jul 1884.

     The family moved to Frontier County, Nebraska in 1885 - lived first in a dugout, then a soddy and finally, in a wood frame house.

     Albert, Heber and George all filed claims.  Combined, they eventually owned nine thousand acres in Frontier and Dawson Counties.

     Heber Stewart BOYLE was my grandfather. He wrote an article for the Farnum Echo (newspaper) which was published Thursday 30 July 1936 "Early Days in Frontier County as Given by H.S. Boyle." He recalled a Fourth of July picnic held "on the creek where Orafino is now". A program was put on by members of the community. Several names are listed as participants - "... Mr. and Mrs. Jones, the Nickerson children, Walter Drake, Kate & Geo. Scott, some of the Messersmith girls, Lily Dyer, Will Hicks, Tim Ellis, the Twiford children, the Willard girls, Jennie and H.S. Boyle, Mr. and Mrs. Yorty, ..."

Research notes -

The farm was in Frontier County, about 12 miles south of Farnam, NE. 

1900 census - Boyle family is found in Howell Pct, Frontier Co. (including Bessie Goodwin).

In 1906, Heber & George Boyle bought a large home in Farnam, NE (it is still standing).

1910 census - Boyle brothers appear in town at Farnam, Dawson County, NE. Bessie Goodwin is with her uncles.

I have research information for the Goodwin family; now putting it into book form.


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