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Austerlitz July 11th 1846

To you who was once a child of my care can but yet of my affections  I would inform you that I received your letter by the hand of mr Scholefield from which I learned that your health was good it is great consulation to hear that my children is well but what is health on this short life compared with eternity to which we are all hasting  I feel my self incapable of giving yo advice asto your temperal persuits but it would be contrary to the wishes of your parents to have you go to michigan let them due their own work  I wish you to way the mater well before you go as it is expensive and uncertan of success  I expect we shall cum out to br Scholefields the fore parte of September if our health is spared per haps to James William [retters?]   we here present you with a coat if it will fit you you are welcome to it  Allen & Polly is hear to  day ingoying good health we are all ingoying the blessings of our great benefactor for which we ought to be very thankful and humble but I must close with say your mother has had connection fall by the hand of death in michigan  she falls unwilling to have you go their to continue long all the year you may have thought we have fogoten you and treated you with neglect the same parental affection is felt [?] as in your more youth ful days if through providence we are separate here  I hope we shall meet a world of bliss beyond the [grave?] your most affectianately

Wm & Esther Sawyer