Old Documents


Columbia County, New York


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14 January 1835 letter from GEORGE ROBINSON owner of a brewery in Hudson which later became the C. H. Evans & Co. Brewery. For transcription of letter, click here. To find out more about the brewery-click here.

The outside of the letter addressed to J & J Townsend, Iron Masters, Albany.  Notice the postmark - Hudson, N. Y. Jan 14


14 June 1839 letter from JOHN T. SNYDER to his "cousin" John T. Brasee [Brusie?] concerning the death of John Brasee's sister Amanda. There are two pages click on the left one to see the first page.  For a transcript of the letter, click here.


14 July 1798 letter from ZACHARIAH SEYMOUR in Hudson, to his brother-in-law Elisa Colt in New York city.  For a transcript of the letter and more about Zachariah Seymour, click here.

The outside of the letter addressed to ELISHA COLT, New York more about postmarks, click here.


A list of soldiers given marching orders by Col W. B. Whiting in the King's district, 8th May, 1780, click here.

Quit Rent Payment of $32.32 on 1 Nov 1815 for land held by Uriah Mallery.

Receipt of payment from Sergeant Samuel Mallery from Col. John Yates dated 31 January 1781.

Receipt of payment of two dollars by Uriah Mallery on the demands of the estate of Samuel Mallery dated December 22, 1822.

Abram Killmore agreeing to quit his right to his father George Killmore's farm dated June 1784.

Letter dated 11 July 1836 from William and Esther Sawyer of Austerlitz. For a transcription of the letter, click here.