By Capt. Franklin Ellis247


     The Reynolds Ore-bed is located on the farm of Jesse Reynolds, three miles south of the Weed mine, near the foot of Chestnut ridge.  It was first opened by Elias Reynolds about 1855-56.  He prospected for and tested the ore, and finally sold a mining-lease covering thirty acres to James W. Wilson, of New York.  It passed through the hands of a number of persons, being worked by them to a greater or less extent.  Among these was the "Empire Company."  The present owners are the "American Iron Company, of New York city, Francis A. Palmer president.  It is leased on royalty by James M. Winchell & Son, of Millerton, N. Y.  Since 1875 the mine has not been worked.  The cut is about sixty feet deep, and of an irregular circular form.  Sometimes ten thousand tons of ore have been taken out in one year.  The mine was furnished with a fine steam-engine, a No. 5 cannon-pump, and a Bradford washer.  A railroad four miles long was built some years since, connecting the mine with the Harlem railroad at Boston Corners.  When the Poughkeepsie and Eastern road was built this track was sold to them.