FROM 1803 TO 1878




By Capt. Franklin Ellis233


      The first commissioners and inspectors of common schools were elected at a special town-meeting held May 29, 1813.  They were Allen Sheldon, Henry P. Mink, and Rowland Sweet, commissioners; John I. Holley, Elisha Wilcox, and Hermon Vedder, inspectors.

     This town favors the licensing of the sale of intoxicating liquors.  The commissioners of excise elected by the people under the existing law have been as follows, viz.:  1875, William H. Tripp, Christopher S. Hoysradt, Leonard Coon (appointed); 1876, Christopher S. Hoysradt, Frederick C. Barton, William Hoag; 1877, Hoffman Strever; 1878, Frederick C. Barton.

     The following persons have served in the most important town offices, as designated in the list:

1803 Nicholas Kline Eben'r Kingman Allen Sheldon
1804 ditto ditto [blank]
1805 Isaac Williams ditto John I. Blass
1806 Allen Sheldon ditto ditto
1807 Isaac B. Smith ditto Benjamin Miller, Jr.
1808  Josiah Holley ditto Thomas T. Loomis
1809 Allen Sheldon ditto [blank]
1810 ditto Thomas T. Loomis Christian C. Shultz
1811 ditto ditto John Moore, Jr.
1812 ditto Isaac B. Williams Benjamin Miller, Jr.
1813 Henry P. Mink ditto Christian C. Shultz
1814 Isaac B. Smith ditto Benjamin  Miller, Jr.
1815 Josiah Holley ditto John P. Feller
1816 Isaac B. Smith ditto Benjamin Miller, Jr.
1817 ditto John Coons ditto
1818 Isaac B. Williams James Finch John P. Feller
1819 Isaac B. Smith John Coons James Finch
1820 Isaac B. Williams ditto Arch. T. McIntyre
1821 Walter Patterson Thos. Delamater Jacob Coons
1822 Elias Reynolds John S. Harris ditto
1823 Walter Patterson John Coons Joshua D. Covey
1824 Fred'k I. Curtiss Henry Delamater Joseph Reeves
1825 Isaac B. Williams Jacob Coons Henry Strever
1826 ditto John B. Strever Philip N. Feller
1827 John Coons Abraham F. Miller John P. White
1828 ditto Benj. I. Strever Joseph Reeves
1829 Augustus Tremain William H. Smith ditto
1830 William H. Smith Duncan Keefer Geo. Kisselbrack
1831 ditto George W. Barton ditto
1832 Joseph Halstead Duncan Keefer Philip Johnson
1833 ditto ditto Tunis Brusie
1834 James K. Van Ness Henry I. Strever Charles Caul
1835 Duncan Keefer Stephen Decker ditto
1836 ditto David K. Tripp Henry I. Silvernail
1837 David K. Tripp John Silvernail, Jr. John Moore
1838 Joseph Halstead Duncan Keefer ditto
1839 ditto Richard Moore John Woodward
1840 ditto Alex. Smith, Jr. Ephraim Teator
1841 ditto ditto Philip A. Coons
1842 J. A. Rockefeller ditto John Woodward
1843 Alex. Smith, Jr. Wm. F. Roraback John W. Pulver
1844 Arthur McArthur David K. Tripp Joseph Decker
1845 Henry Van Deusen Caleb Wolcott Solomon Johnson
1846 ditto Edson Card Stephen Decker
1847 ditto ditto John H. Silvernail
1848 Seleck Osborn Josiah Reynolds Peter McArthur
1849 Abr. A. Vosburgh John Lyke Daniel Johnson
1850 Seleck Osborn Archelaus Brandt John W. Levi
1851 Conrad Niver Ambrose Dennis John Johnson
1852 Peter P. Rossman John A. Simmons George Wilsey
1853 H. H. Hoysradt Eli Loomis Daniel Johnson
1854 Abr. A. Vosburgh ditto Jacob Decker
1855 Peter McArthur William H. Barton Zachariah M. Blass
1856 Harmon McIntyre Warren Tripp John Shaw
1857 ditto Ambrose Dennis Freeman Scutt
1858 Peter P. Rossman John W. Keefer Alpheus Scutt
1859 Asa Hoag Smith Vosburgh Henry H. Hoysradt
1860 ditto John A. Simmons Teal Dennis
1861 Arthur McArthur Robert Bachman John Blass
1862 ditto ditto Josiah L. Barton
1863 Willis Hoag Gros. B. Rossman William Lown
1864 Asa Hoag Jacob J. Shook Enoch N. Snyder
1865 John M. Smith ditto Josiah L. Barton
1866 H. H. Hoysradt Fred. C. Barton James McArthur
1867 ditto Artemas S. Barton John P. Williams
1868 ditto ditto George Kisselbrack
1869 James Hoag Egbert Pulver Freeman Haynor
1870 ditto Talm. Pulver, Jr. Geo. Knickerbocker
1871 Archelaus Brandt Albert C. Niver Jacob Roraback
1872 Jacob Miller Arthur Miller Peter Scism
1873 ditto Jacob J. Shook Gilbert H. Collier
1874 ditto Obed Finch Nicholas Smith
1875 ditto Alexander Card John I. Shook
1876 ditto Duncan K. Pulver Lewis Pulver
1877 William Hoag ditto David Ostrom
1878 ditto Albert L. Hoysradt Jay Shook