The Flat Brook Baptist Church


Columbia County,

New York

By Capt. Franklin Ellis354


     It is traditionally reported that a meeting-house, in which Baptists worshiped was erected at Flat Brook as early as 1776.  But the Present church was not constituted until Nov. 8, 1793.  The following year it united with the Shaftsbury association, reporting a membership of thirty-five.  Rev. Elijah Barnes was ordained the first minister in February, 1795, and did effective service until his death, Aug. 6, 1806, baptizing ninety-six persons.  After being supplied for nine years, Rev. Nathaniel Otis succeeded as pastor of the church, continuing five years.  Rev. Ira Hall was the next pastor, and served seven years.  A number of short pastorates now followed in the following order:  Revs. Edwin Saynds, E. Tucker, D. Ford, H. Spencer, S. Hatch, A. A. Russel, and I. S. Gifford.  In 1858, Rev. S. Pomroy was settled as pastor, and remained until 1871.  Subsequently the pastoral office has been filled by Revs. A. W. Ashley and J. W. Starkweather.  The church has had an aggregate membership of more than five hundred, and at present numbers eighty.  The present meeting-house was erected in 1830, at a cost of $2000, and repaired in 1870.  It is now a handsome structure, whose estimated value is $5000.  Since 1832 the church has been connected with the Stephentown association.