Columbia County,

New York


The First Settlement
Civil Government
Town Supervisors & Clerks
Justices of the Peace
Records of the Old King's District
The Public Thoroughfares
The Canaan Cemeteries - all on one page
   The Canaan Cemetery Association
   West Canaan and East Chatham Cemetery
The Manufacturing Interests
Towns and Villages - all on one page
   Canaan Four Corners
   Flat Brook
   Canaan Center
   Red Rock
First Physicians
The First Congregational Church of Canaan, at Canaan Four Corners
The Flat Brook Baptist Church
The Canaan Methodist Episcopal Church
The First Presbyterian Church of Canaan
The Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church of Canaan, at Red Rock
The Christian Church of Canaan
Military: Men from Canaan in The Civil War

*From a sketch by the pastor, Rev. George W. Warner