The Manufacturing Interests


Columbia County,

New York

By Capt. Franklin Ellis349


     The Manufacturing interests of Canaan have been limited by its water-power to a few of the commoner industries.  Saw-mills and carding-machines were carried on in a small way in various parts at an early day; but the most important mill was that erected on the outlet of Whiting's pond, or Queechy lake, by Colonel William B. Whiting, before the Revolution.  In their zeal to aid the royal cause the mill was destroyed by fire, while filled with grain belonging to the government, by some of his Tory neighbors.  A new mill was afterwards erected, which is yet standing, though unused.

     Colonel Whiting also carried on a linseed-oil mill, which was changed to a plaster-mill, and a carding-machine.

     About 1830, Daniel Haight began the manufacture of satinets and woolen goods at this point, increasing the capacity of his factory until he had an extensive business.  In this building the manufacture of wrapping-paper is now carried on by the Queechy Paper Company.  It is supplied with a sixty-tow-inch machine and two engines giving employment to nine men.

    A saw-mill, farther down the stream, has given place to a feed-mill; and a fertilizer manufactory has been established on the site of a paper-mill which was burned a few years ago.

     A short distance southeast from Queechy is a very good lumber-manufacturing establishment, which has been operated many years.

     West of Canaan Four Corners is a paper-mill, on the site of an abandoned satinet-factory.  It employs a loft-dryer, and has but a limited capacity.

     The Barnegat Paper-Mill, still farther down the same stream, occupies the site of a pioneer tannery.  The manufacture of paper was her begun about 1860.  The mill is capacitated to produce forty large double reams per day, and is at present operated by E. G. Palmer.

     At Canaan, Walter and Sylvester Arms established a satinet-factory at an early day, which was, in 1840, converted into a grist-mill, and is at present operated as such by A. Lape.

     On the little stream in the southwestern part of the town, at Red Rock and vicinity, is a wadding-factory, by Hiram Hayes; a grist-mill, by H. Fowler; and a saw-mill, erected by D. Wilcox, and now operated by Walter Kelsey.