The Canaan Methodist

Episcopal Church


Columbia County,

New York

By Capt. Franklin Ellis355


     About 1804 Methodism was introduced into the northern part of the town.  Among the first who entertained this faith were Truman Norton's family, who held prayer-meetings, at which Lewis Pease and other were converted.  In later years Mr. Pease became a minister, and served the church as pastor.  In 1806 this territory was joined to Pittsfield circuit, and preaching provided every two weeks.  These services were usually held at the house of Jeremiah Norton.  From 1812 to 1827 there were frequent revivals, which increased the membership to such an extent that measures were taken to erect a church.  For this purpose a society was formed Aug. 18, 1828, with Timothy Buels, Truman Norton, Jeremiah Norton, Azariah Winegar, and Henry Starks, as trustees.  A building committee was appointed Oct. 16, 1828, who purchased a site for a church, a short distance east from Queechy.  The following year a plain house was erected, costing $1500.  It has lately been placed in good repair, and is worth $2000.

     The official board is at present composed of Trustees William Spier E. S. Hall, and John Wagner; Stewards A. S. Bebee, J. R. Hemingway, S. H. Thompson, Leonard Wagner, and M. P. Bailey.

     In 1834 the church became a separate charge, and has since that period been served by the following pastors:  Revs. T. Sparks, E. S. Stout, Joseph B. Wakely, Aaron Rogers, Charles Stearns, Alonzo J. Shears, Asa Bushnell, Jr., E. A. Young, Goodrich Horton, Levi Warner, Stephen J. Stebbins, Nathaniel Mead, Lewis Pease, George C. Bancroft, Z. D. Scoby, George Kerr, Edmund A. Hill, Jason Wells, George Daniel, Oscar Haviland, Benjamin Wilson, William S. Bouton, T. Elliott, George B. Clark, J. H. Phillips, Charles Sager, S. P. Galloway, J. Ogden Kern, W. A. Dalton, and (1878) A. F. Palmer.