The Trinity Methodist Episcopal

Church of Canaan, At Red Rock


Columbia County,

New York

By Capt. Franklin Ellis356


     Although Methodist services were held in the southern part of the town as early as 1800, no formal organization was effected until Dec. 1 1829, when a society was formed with the following trustees:  Martin Parker, Israel Northrup, Ebenezer Jenkins, Joseph Jenkins, Jr., and Jesse Ford.  A plain but substantial meeting-house was erected soon after, which is still used by the society.  The church forms a part of the East Chatham circuit, and is served by pastors in that connection.  Since 1835 the ministry have been Revs. E. Denniston, Alonzo G. Shears, Thomas Ellis, Nathaniel Mead, Alexander H. Ferguson, Thomas Gerald, Wm. G. Browning, Peletiah Ward, William Brush, Philip L. Hoyt, Thomas W. Chadwick, Amos N. Mulnix, James G. Bates, Marvin R. Lent, Aaron Rogers, William S. Bouton, Abraham Davis, W. F. Harris, Wm. A. Mackey, George Daniel and (1878) George Townsend.