Town Clerks


Columbia County,

New York

By Capt. Franklin Ellis344


  The following have been the principal town officers from 1773 to the present time (1878):

1773 W. B. Whiting Abraham Homes
1774 Martin Bebee ditto
1775 ditto ditto
1776 Philip Frisbie Barrett Dyer
1777 Mathew Adgate ditto
1778 ditto Ezra Murray
1779 ditto ditto
1780 ditto ditto
1781 Martin Bebee ditto
1782 ditto ditto
1783 Philip Frisbie ditto
1784 William Powers ditto
1785 ditto ditto
1786 ditto Jonathan Warner
1787 Mathew Adgate ditto
1788 ditto ditto
1789 William Powers ditto
1790 ditto ditto
1791 Jonathan Warner ditto
1792 Elisha Gilbert Elihu Phinney
1793 Patrick Hamilton ditto
1794 ditto ditto
1795 Aaron Kellogg ditto
1796 Elihu Gilbert Nathan Noyes
1797 Benjamin Tobey Jason Warner
1798 Eleazer Grant ditto
1799 ditto ditto
1800 William Aylesworth ditto
1801 Jonathan Warner ditto
1802 John Whiting ditto
1803 ditto ditto
1804 ditto ditto
1805 ditto ditto
1806 John King Elias Warner
1807 ditto ditto
1808 ditto Reuben Swift
1809 Jason Warner ditto
1810 ditto Nathan Whiting
1811 Daniel Warner John Hamilton
1812 ditto ditto
1813 ditto ditto
1814 Peter Van Vleck Jason Warner
1815 Daniel Warner ditto
1816 ditto John Hamilton
1817 ditto ditto
1818 Elam Tilden Thaddeus Elmore
1819 Peter Van Vleck John Hamilton
1820 Samuel A. Curtis Thaddeus Elmore
1821 ditto Daniel Smith, Jr.
1822 ditto Thaddeus Elmore
1823 ditto John Hamilton
1824 Daniel Warner Joseph G. Ford
1825 Allen Barstow John E. Warner
1826 Henry Warner Chester Beale
1827 Rowell B. Frisbie John E Warner
1828 Moses Bramhall Jonathan O. Allen
1829 Joseph G. Ford William W. Janes
1830 Moses Bramhall Isaac S. Gifford
1831 Uriah Edwards Lewis W. Hall
1832 Moses Bramhall William W. Janes
1833 Daniel S. Curtis Richard H. Ashley
1834 Calvin Herrick William W. Janes
1835 James Warner David Parsons
1836 John E. Warner Lorenzo D. Ford
1837 Henry C. Barnes Joseph C. Ford
1838 Hiram D. Ford John E. Warner
1839 William A. Lord Daniel D. Barnes
1840 John E. Warner John C. Clark
1841 ditto Henry C. Jewell
1842 Robert Reynolds ditto
1843 Daniel D. Barnes ditto
1844 Lorenzo D. Ford Edward Kellogg
1845 Moses Bramhall David Ford, Jr.
1846 Henry H. Brown Philo B. Blinn
1847 Alva Frisbie ditto
1848 Daniel D. Barnes George W. Lovejoy
1849 Samuel A. Barstow Aaron Kellogg
1850 Lorenzo Gile Asa D. Cornwall
1851 Samuel A. Barstow George W. Lovejoy
1852 Russel Cady Le Roy L. Brown
1853 Chester Brown Daniel D. Warner
1854 Samuel A. Barstow Asa S. Bates
1855 Henry J. Whiting George W. Frary
1856 Samuel A. Barstow ditto
1857 Lorenzo Gile George W. Lovejoy
1858 Daniel S. Curtis ditto
1859 John J. Van Derburgh Valentine J. Wilcox
1860 George T. Howes Asa S. Bates
1861 Samuel A. Curtis ditto
1862 Joseph C. Ford ditto
1863 Jason H. Johnson ditto
1864 Daniel W. Curtis Wm. S. Woolworth
1865 Lorenzo Gile Asa S. Bates
1866 Le Roy L. Brown ditto
1867 ditto ditto
1868 Joseph R. Hemingway ditto
1869 George T. Howes ditto
1870 Robert Reynolds ditto
1871 John M. Barnes ditto
1872 Lorenzo Gile ditto
1873 ditto ditto
1874* ditto ditto
1875 Le Roy L. Brown ditto
1876 Charles W. Havens George O. Wilcox
1877 ditto Asa S. Bates
1878 ditto ditto

*Resigned; Henry J. Whiting filled vacancy.