By Capt. Franklin Ellis324


     The Chatham Centre Methodist Episcopal Church became an incorporated body, June 21, 1849, with Peter B. Van Slyck, Ebenezer Jennison, Daniel Harris, Henry Becker, and George C. Clyde as trustees.  A church building was erected the same year, which was thoroughly repaired in 1875, at a cost of $2000.  It is a very neat frame, with a tower and bell, and is worth $500.  A fine parsonage, erected in 1877, is worth $1500.  The controlling trustees are Jesse Crandell, Albert Harris, Moses Thomas, E. A. Shaver, and William Van Alstyne.

     The church was formerly served, in connection with other appointments, as a circuit.  Since 1849 the ministry have been Revs. T. Seymour, W. W. Pierce, Samuel Stover, E. Goss, William A. Miller, John W. Belknap, P. P. Harrower, Hiram Blanchard, Richard T. Wade, Berea O. Meeker, Sylvester P. Williams, Merritt B. Mead, David Lytle, Frederick Widmer, George W. Brown, David P. Hulburt, Joseph B. Sylvester, William H. Washburne, William Bedell, J. G. Fallon, and P. F. Youlen.  A Sunday-school, superintended by Edgar A. Shaver, was organized about the same time as the church.  A good library is maintained.

Circa 1917 Photo of Chatham Center Methodist Church.

Photo of the Fiftieth Celebration on the Church steps.




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