The Methodist Episcopal




Columbia County,

New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis36



Page 248


     The present society was legally organized in 1860, mainly through the efforts of President Flack, of the Hudson River Institute, with twenty members.  An unassuming but comfortable meeting-house was erected the same year in the village of Claverack, at a cost of nearly seven thousand dollars.  It has sittings for three hundred persons.  The church numbers at present about seventy-five members, and is connected with Philmont in forming a circuit, having sustained that relation since 1868.  The circuit parsonage is at Claverack, and is a neat and tasty house.


    As early as 1837 ministers were appointed to the Claverack circuit; the first appointee being Rev. Joseph B. 9page 249) Wakeley.  The Revs. William Gothard and Hiram Lamont were also appointed, the latter in 1840.  From that period until 1859 the church at Mellenville represented the Methodist interest in town.  In 1859 the Rev. James G. Bates began his labors, which resulted, a year later, in the formation of the church, as above stated.  Since 1860 the clergy of the church have been Revs. James N. Shaffer, Charles W. Lyon, W. S. Bouton, W. E. Clark, Quincy J. Collins, Thomas Lamont, G. W. Knapp, G. D. Townsend, and, in 1878, R. H. Travis.