Trinity Church

(Protestant Episcopal)



Columbia County,

New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis37



Page 249


    Prior to 1853 occasional Episcopal services were held in the old stone chapel on the Flack place.  But in 1853 the Rev. Fred. T. Tiffany began his missionary labors in the village of Claverack, which resulted in the formation of a parish, July 23, 1856, organized as follows: Rector, Fred. T. Tiffany; Wardens, Daniel B. Stow, Jabez Parsons; Vestrymen, John Rowley, John A. Labagh, Horatio G. Adams, Isaac L. Shaw, Fred. Mesick, A. K. Hadly, W. H. Clark, and David Crego.


    In 1858 a very neat chapel, with one hundred and thirty sittings, was erected, costing five thousand dollars, which was consecrated in 1866, by Bishop Potter of New York.  The Rev. Tiffany's rectorship continued until his death, Sept. 2, 1863.  From that time until 1865 the parish was vacant.  That year the Rev. Frank Harrison became the rector, remaining until October, 1867.  His successor was the Rev. John Downie, until January, 1870.  In July following the Rev. William C. Prout became the rector, and served the parish until 1877.  Next followed the Rev. E. A. Hartman, who remained but a few months.


    In October, 1877, the Rev. Joseph Hooper was called to the spiritual leadership of the parish, and is the present rector.  The parish numbers sixteen families and thirty-four communicants.  A Sunday-school, having forty members, is maintained.


    The present parish officers are:  Rector, Joseph Hooper; Wardens, W. H. Philip, H. G. Adams; Vestrymen, J. J. Studley, Fulton Ludlow, Wm. A. Tiffany, and F. J. Studley.