The Military History


Columbia County,

New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis39



Page 249


    The military history of Claverack embraces some of the stirring events of the Revolutionary period.  Although the town was not the theatre of any engagements between the contending armies, its inhabitants were open and avowed in their expressions of loyalty to the American cause, and not a few hastened to its defense and took an active part in several of the great battles of that war.  Col. Henry Van Rensselaer, Peter Van Rensselaer, Capt. George Philip, Lieuts. Thomas Williams and Peter Mesick, Major Richard Esselstyne, Michael Hess, Jeremiah Miller, and others, may be named in this connection.  John Jacobie was one of the party of the "Sons of Liberty" that tore down the statue of King George and transformed the leaden image into bullets.  He also participated at Saratoga.  Charles Jenkins was taken prisoner by the British, and for nearly a year was confined in the "old sugar house" in New York.  He finally escaped through a window of the building, and through the kindness of some patriots was shielded from the pursuit of his enemies, reaching his home in Claverack by being concealed in the day and traveling at night.


    The names of many who served in the Revolution may be found in the roll of Col. Hogeboom's regiment, a portion of which may have been engaged at Saratoga and other northern points.


    In 1812, Claverack furnished a number of soldiers to resist the British encroachments, among them being Gen. Jacob R. Van Rensselaer, Capt. Fonda, Capt. John Martin, Lieut. Jacob Rossman, John A. Wagner, Benjamin Snyder, and John C. Shultz.


    Henry Van Dusen was a member of Co. C, Third Regiment United States Infantry, in the Mexican War.


    In the late conflict between the southern States and the government the town cheerfully voted the aid necessary to fill the quotas under the several calls for support.


    On another page [click here] will be found a list containing the names of the soldiers credited to the town by the adjutant-general of the State that have served the country in the late Rebellion.