By Capt. Franklin Ellis76


    The act forming the town provided that the first meeting be held May 6, 1823.  the election resulted in the choice of the following officers:  Supervisor, Peter I. Vosburgh; Town Clerk, Arent Vosburgh; Assessors, John J. Sharp, Barent Van Deusen, John A. Staats; Collector, Samuel Vanderpoel; Commissioners of Highways, Richard I. Goes, Michael Kuffi, John Mynderson; Constable, Samuel Clary; Commissioners of Schools, Oliver Beaumont, William Sutherland, Stephen Wendover; Inspectors of Schools, Russell Potter, Walter Butler, John T. Wendover; Overseers of Highways, Cornelius Smith, Henry Ham, Oliver Beaumont, Abraham P. Van Alstyne, Moses M. Gilbert, John Bame, Teunis Smith, Lucas I. Van Alen, Wm. Manton, Lambert Vosburgh, Peter Paddock, William Stephenson, Abraham Van Alstyne, William Witbeck, Albert Goes, Albert Witbeck, Garret Burgert, Isaac Staats, John M. Van Hoesen, George Chittenden, Joshua Vosburgh, Truman Hurd, John Hoffman; Overseers of the Poor, William Dickie, Martin Van Alstyne; Poundmaster, Evert I. Van Alen.

    The following have held the principal offices of the town since its formation:

1823 Peter I. Vosburgh Arent Vosburgh
1824 ditto Richard I. Goes
1825 ditto William Dickie
1826 ditto ditto
1827 George Chittenden William A. Witbeck
1828 ditto Richard I. Goes
1829 Richard I. Goes John P. Vosburgh
1830 ditto ditto
1831 Garret Burgert Augustus Whiting
1832 William Wight ditto
1833 ditto John P. Vosburgh
1834 Abram I. Van Alstyne ditto
1835 ditto ditto
1836 John S. Vosburgh ditto
1837 ditto ditto
1838 John R. Hoes ditto
1839 ditto Stephen F. Wheeler
1840 William Strever P. Acker, Jr.
1841 ditto ditto
1842 Garret Z. Sickles ditto
1843 ditto ditto
1844 Edwin M. Coventry John S. Vosburgh
1845 ditto Alexander Bidwell
1846 L. R. Schermerhorn ditto
1847 ditto ditto
1848  Alexander Bidwell  Benjamin Shultz
1849  William Best  ditto
1850  ditto  Alexander Bidwell
1851  ditto  ditto
1852  L. R. Schermerhorn  ditto
1853  ditto  George B. Shultz
1854  Jacob P. Sickles  ditto
1855  Gilbert Clapp  Wilson Ham
1856  Edwin M. Coventry  Peter A. Vosburgh
1857  Wilson Ham  Abram G. Sharp
1858  Hugh Van Alstyne  Hoyt Z. Bayly
1859  Henry A. Best  Henry B. Hall
1860  Gilbert Clapp ditto
1861  Levi Milham  ditto
1862  ditto  ditto
1863  Wm. G. Mandeville  ditto
1864  ditto  ditto
1865  Samuel A. Fowler ditto
1866  George W. Bayly Clarence Peters
1867 Hugh Van Alstyne  Henry B. Hall
1868 ditto ditto
1869 Simeon Bryant ditto
1870 James Crandell ditto
1871 Thomas M. Wheeler ditto
1872 P. Edw. Van Alstyne ditto
1873 Hugh Van Alstyne ditto
1874 Henry H. Gibbs Rodolphus Clark
1875 Henry A. Best ditto
1876 Mathew Connor ditto
1877 A. L. Schermerhorn ditto
1878 ditto ditto