By Capt. Franklin Ellis82


    This body was organized May 13, 1827, by the Rev. Asa Bennett, with sixty-five members, composed of persons belonging to the Van Alstyne, Van Luvan, Vosburgh, Griffin, Wendover, Hoes, Van Dyck, Vanderpoel, Van Alen, Bayly, Witbeck, Bronk, Sickles, Sharp, Clow, and Whiting families.  Most of these had formerly been connected with Kinderhook and other neighboring churches.  The first consistory comprised: Elders, Isaac Van Luvan and Arent Vosburgh; and Deacons, Oliver Beaumont and Isaac Sudderly.

    In 1831 the church edifice, a frame building, costing $1800, was erected at Stuyvesant Landing, which was much enlarged and greatly improved in 1868.  It is at present a very neat and attractive place of worship, with sittings for three hundred people, and is estimated worth $8000.  Near the church is a comfortable parsonage, purchased in 1853, and is valued at $2000; also a fine cemetery, containing a few acres, which has been tastefully improved.  The property is controlled by the following consistory: Elders, John T. Ham, Henry A. Best, John Wilcoxson, and William McCullom; Deacons, Philip Williams, James Wilson, and Walter S. Palmer.

    Religious services were first conducted by Revs. J. Garretson, Henry Hermance, William Choone, and Frederick F. Cornell, as missionaries under the domestic board.

    In 1832 the Rev. Garret I. Garretson was installed the first pastor, and remained with the church two years.  A vacancy of a year followed, when, in 1835, the Rev. Andrew H. Kittle entered upon the pastorate, remaining until 1846.  Towards the close of that year the present pastor, the Rev. E. Nevins, assumed the care of the ministerial office, and under his administration the church has been uniformly prosperous.  It has at present eighty families and one hundred communicants connected with it.  A Sabbath-school was organized soon after the church, and is now under the superintendence of the pastor.  It has ninety-six member.