Associated Exempts

From Public Papers of George Clinton First Governor of New York, 1777-1795-1801-1804

Volume III

Published by The State of New York

James B. Lyon, State Printer, 1900


 [No. 1646]

(Page 624)

Association of Exempts at Claverack

  We, the subscribers being under the age of fifty five years, who have held civil or millitary Commissions And have Not ben re-appointed to our respective Ranks of Office, or being between the ages of Fifty & fifty five Years, Do hereby, severally Engage That we will respectively on All occations Obey the orders of our respective Commanding officers, and will in Cases of Invasion or incurtions of the Enemy or Insurrections, March to repell the enemy or suppress Such Insurrections in the like Manner as the enroled Malitia are Compeled to do, So as we shall not, when Calld out in Detachments be anexed to any other Regt. Or Company [p. 625] or be under the immediate Command of any other than our own Officers.  Witness our hands the day & year anexed to our Respective Names.


   James Saxton, Jedediah Darrow, Ashbell Goff, Roger Kinnney, Benjamin Chittenden, Jno. Devenport, Joel Pratt, Nehemiah Spencer, Nath'l Kinne, Samll. Foot, John Stedman, Ithamer Spencer, Eli Renolds, Wm. Powers Surgeon, Elias Delong, Elijah Smith Not fifty but is near Sighted & not enrolled in Militia; Thomas Brown, Solomon Hutchinson, Isaac Clark, Richard Holdride, Jno. Dean, Jno. Chittenden, Samll. Andruss, Epraim Widbeck, Jeremiah Chapman, James Spencer, Ambrus Vinson, Jonathan Dudley, Samll. Dean, Edward Cadman, Mathew Scott.


    We the Subscribers being a Majority of he Company of Associated Exempts enroled On the other part of this sheet of paper do hereby recommend to the Honorable the Council of Appointment.

     Roger Kinne, to the Captain; Benj'm Chittenden to be first Lieutenant; Nehemiah Spencer to be second Lieutenant; and Samll. Dean to be Ensign of the said Company.  Witness our hands this 12 day of August A.D. 1778.

     Edward Cadman, Mathew Scott, James Saxton, Jedediah Darrow, Jonathan Devenport, Samll. Foot, John Stedman, Joel Pratt, Nathaniel Kinne, Ithemer Spencer, Eli Renolds, Thomas Brown, Solomon Hutchenson, Isaac Clark, Richard Holdridge, Jno. Dean, Jno. Chittenden, Samll. Andruss, Epraim Woodbeck, Jedeiah Chapman, Ambros Vinson, Jno. Dudly, Wm. Powers surgeon, Elias Delong, Elijah Smith.



[No. 1656]

An Exempt Company Formed in the Western District of Claverack

Claverack, Aug. 15, 1778

[Page 641] 

      Sir, I do my self the honor of transmitting to your Excellency an Association, subscribed by the Exempts in the western part of the District of Claverack, within the Limits of the Eighth Regiment of Militia, commanded by Coll: Robert Van Rensselaer, as also a poll of an Election, by which I am elected Captain, Peter A. Fonda first, Abraham Vosburgh Second Lieutenant & Lawrence Coyne, Ensign.

      Altho' the number who have signed this association is not large, yet I conceive, a great difficulty would arise, should we be annexed to, or formed with any neighbouring Exempts into one Company, on account of the remote distance, we are from each other.

     Should your Excellency be inclined to form those Exempts into a Comany, I would be glad, the Commissions may issue to the officers, as soon as their appointments are compleated.  I have the honor to be with the greatest respect, Your Excellency's most obt. humble Serv't

Corn's S. Muller.

[To Gov. George Clinton]


     We the subscribers Inhabitants of he Western part of the District of Claverack, in the County of Albany, Exempts from the enrolled Militia pursuant to a Law entitled "An Act for regulating the Militia of the State of New York," Do hereby associate our [p. 642] selves into a Company, and will severally on all occasions obey the orders of our respective commanding Officers, and will in all cases of Invasion, or Incursions of the Enemy, or Insurrections, march to repel the Enemy, or suppress such Insurrections, in like manner as the enrolled militia are compelled to do: So that we shall not when called out in Detachments be annexed to any other regiment or company, or be under the immediate command of any other than our own officers.  In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands this twenty eighth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight.

     Cornelius S. Muller, John Ten Broeck, Stephen Hogeboom, Peter A. Fonda, Mathias Halenbeck, Garrit Hardieck, Johannis Holsapel, Peter Hogeboom, Jur., Jeremiah Delamater, Gabriel Esselstyn, Laurence Conyne, Wm. Van Ness, Jur., Bar. V: Valkenburgh, John Bay, Samuel J. Ten Broeck, Johannis Kellar, Joh's Schrom, Hendrick Clopper, Richard Blamley, Johannes Shult, Lukes Widbeck, Philip Bartel, David Bomystill, Besjohn Loop, Dadus Coll, James Atwater, Peter Loop, David Gennes, Abram Vosburgh, Jo'n Bingham, Jun., Casparus Conyne.

     I do hereby certify that the persons whose names are Subscribed to the above association are exempt from the enrolled Militia out of the Eighth Regiment of the County of Albany under my command.  

Robt. Van Rensselaer.

Claverack, Aug't 18th 1778


     The officers of the associated Company of Claverack elected 29th day of June 1778 agreeable to a clause of the Militia act passed 3d April 1778.

     Names of Electors, John Ten Brook, Jurry A. Smith, Jeremy Delamatter, Samuel Ten Brook, Peter Groat, Stephen Hogeboom, Willhelmus Philip, John Bingham, Jur., David Bonesteel, [page 643] Peter Philip, Peter Loop, Peter Van Valkenburg, Gabriel Esselstyne, Peter Fonda, Jacob Philip, Abram Vossburgh, David Gennes, Ambrose Stalker.

     Officers Elected by majority of votes vizt. Cornelius S. Muller, Captain, Peter A. Fonda, first Lieutenant, Abraham J. Vossburgh, Second Lieutenant, Laurance Conyne, Ensign.



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