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Gaines Cemetery, located in Township 11 South, Range 1 West, Section 2, was established in 1853. It is located on private property west of the Larwood bridge on a farm near Lacomb. Surveyed September 1999 by Cathy Morgan.

These are enclosed in a small area surrounded with fencing & barbed wire.

Samuel Crowley
Born in Georgia
June 20 1791
Died in Oregon
Mar 7 1873

Matilda M. Shields
Wife of James Shields
Died Jan 5 1854
Aged 37 years 9 days

Beloved Son
H. D. H. Gains (no E)
Born July 27 1858
Died Oct 7 1878

Wife of Willis Gaines
Died Feb 26 1855
Aged 41 years 9 mos

Infant son of Willis & Louesa Gaines
Born & Died June 13 1853

James F. Gaines
Died Aug 9 1853
Aged 18 yrs 4 mo 18 d

Louesa V.
Dau of L.& W. Gaines
July 1 1872
21 y 5 m 17 d
This stone is badly eroded - this is a best guess

Willis H.
Son of F.M. & M.E. Daniel
Died Oct 25 1878
Aged 2 yr 3 ms 28 ds

Ora G.
Daughter of F.M. & M.E. Daniel
Died Nov 2 1878
Aged 5 yrs 4 ms 12 ds

Lillie E.
Daughter of F.M. & M.E. Daniel
Died Aug 1 1871
Aged 6 ms 5 ds

There is also a chain link padlocked fenced area containing a stone:
Emil & Willette

Surveyed September 1999, by Cathy Morgan.

© 1999 - 2007 Jan Phillips

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