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A partial list of the early burials; most are prior to 1946 with a rare burial in the 50s and 70s and a few in the 60s. This cemetery was read during the WPA years, around 1945 and is NOT a complete listing.

The Gilliland Cemetery receives its name from the fact that it is situated on a portion of the John W. Gilliland Donation Land Claim. It is in Section 34, Township 13 South of Range 1 East of Willamette Meridian in Linn County. The cemetery lies in the north-west quarter of the section.

To reach this cemetery proceed on State Highway 54 to the town of Sweet Home. From Sweet Home proceed eastward on same Highway for about two and one half miles; here there is an intersection with a graveled road leading south, (to right). Follow this graveled road south for about one-half mile or to the first corner leading east. Drive east here for about one-fourth mile. At this point the public road angles south-easterly; at the same point in the intersection with a private road (through gate) leading up the slope of a hillside north-easterly. This latter is the cemetery road. Follow it (about one fourth mile) to the summit of the ridge and the cemetery gate.

An alternate route from Sweet Home is as follows-Drive east on Long Street in Sweet Home. (Long Street is the first street south of Highway 34). The extension of Long Street eastward is the "old" Sweet Home-Foster route. Follow this road eastward for about two and one-half miles. At this point the public road angles up the hill south-easterly as described in former route, and the cemetery road (through gate) intersects it extending up the ridge north-easterly.

The Gilliland Cemetery is a rectangular tract of land crowning the summit of a prominent wooded ridge and approximately 15X17 rods in extent. It lies true with the cardinal points and the east-west dimensions are the longest. The cemetery is well fenced and cared for and free from all brush and noxious growths except a persistent summer growth of tall bracken. The cemetery is completely surrounded with pleasant groves of second-growth Douglas firs.

The first recorded burial in this tract is that of a child, William F. Gilliland (1852-1854), presumably a son of the original claim holder. Following this single burial sixteen years seem to have elapsed before the second one-that of Samule Farmer, aged 33 years, who died November 25, 1870. Next follows the burial of a boy of thirteen-Henry W., Son of M.W. & G. Miller who died October 7, 1871. The fourth burial of record is that of another daughter of the original claim holder, evidently a young married woman-R. Jennett Harris, Dau. of J. & M. Gilliland who died on March 25, 1874 at the age of just under twenty years.

The oldest birth date recorded here is that of Elizabeth Sittle, June 18, 1805.

For further information about this cemetery, contact the Sweet Home Genealogical Society, c/o Sweet Home Library, 13th Avenue & Kalmia Street, Sweet Home, Oregon, 97386.


Abbott, plots
Alberts, Alexander Bert
Alexander, Charles Barton
Alexander, Noel Elridge
Alheit, Kathrine A.
Alheit, Lillie Elizabeth
Anderson, Eliza Margueritte
Anderson, John
Ayers, Florence 'Dovie'
Barnes, Irene (Stone)
Barton, Alexander
Beel, Bessie
Bem, Gladys S.
Benson, Oakey L.
Benson, Vida B.
Bowser, Samuel Wilson
Brady, Daniel
Brady, Daniel Sr.
Brady, George Weston
Brady, James Ross
Brady, Nancy Jane
Brady, Thomas Franklin
Brady, William Wallace
Bredehoft, Eva J. (Stitt)
Buckmasters, Baby
Busch, Jacob (John)
Bushnell, Mary Caroline
Calkins, Charles W.
Calkins, Peter B.
Calkins, Esther
Carpenter, Rodney Allen
Casebeer, Perry Elsworth
Corner, Adah Grace
Coulter, Cynthia J.
Coulter, Hilda Alice
Courter, Kay John
Cowling, Catherine
Cowling, Edward William
Cowling, F. E.
Cowling, James
Cowling, Mary V. (Clark)
Cowling, Thomas
Cowling, Thomas
Cubbison, Cochorn
Cubbison, Edward Alexander
Daniel, Nancy
Danills/Daniels, Rebeccah
Davis, Frank A.
Davis, Ida R. (Corwin)
Davis, Leo Frank
Davis, Shirley May
Davis, Warren H.
Duncan, James Addington
Duncan, John Michael
Dundon, Eugene Allen
Dundon, William W.
Eastland, Betty Elizabeth
Ehlert, Arthur W.
Ehlert, Inez Helen
Ehlert, Mary E. (Mattke)
Ellis, Blanche Lucile
Evanson, Florence Margaret
Eyre, Ida Maud
Farmer, Samuel
Foreman, Russell Eugene
Galbraith, Charles Emerson
Galbraith, Jennie 'Coatney'
Galbraith, John Hughes
Galbraith, John Nelson
Galbraith, Rachel Rebecca
Galbraith, Sarah Matilda
Galster, Bernhard
Gedney, Charles Elsworth
Gedney, Charles H.
Gedney, Dorothea June
Gedney, Glenn William
Gedney, Nancy Elizabeth
Gedney, Ross M.
Gedney, Rowena A. (Peck)
Gee, Edwin E.
Gilbert, Alice P. (Pattison)
Gilbert, F. L.
Gilliland, Ellie O.
Gilliland, John W.
Gilliland, Mary T.
Gilliland, Robert H.
Gilliland, William T.
Godwin, Charles W.
Godwin, Ileen Altine
Godwin, James C.
Godwin, Lizzie
Gordan, James Clemons
Grauer, Christoph
Hale, Matilda
Hanchett, D.
Hanchett, Lucinda
Harris, Edward
Harris, Infant Son
Harris, Jesse William
Harris, Kittie
Harris, R. Jennett
Harris, Samuel Marvin
Hawk, Wilson V.
Hinton, Columbus Shelton
Hipp, Elmer Albers
Hipp, Melvin George
Hirsche, Caroline
Holcomb, Baby Joseph
Holcomb, James M.
Holcomb, Jane
Holcomb, William L.
Holcomb, William Sherman
Holliday, Alexander Elijah
Horner, Dorma Virginia
Howes, Baby
Howes, Charles M.
Howes, Douglas M.
Howes, Ethel Agnes
Howes, John S.
Howes, Paul
Howes, Sara Jane
Howes, Walter Wesley
Hull, Shirley Margaret
Jacobson, Henry
Jensen, Barbara Elaine
Jensen, Delmer E.
Jensen, Harold Alfred
Johnson, Peter J.
Juhnke, Albert S.
Juhnke, Cecil Clara
Juhnke, Esther Leona
Juhnke, Leroy
Keiser, Minnie Jane
Kendall, Fred L.
Killey, George Oliver
Knapp, Eden Delos
Kneale, John
Lasiter, Cidney Herbert
Loomis, Phoebe E. (Cox)
Luders, Jochium
Mattke, Albertina
Mattke, Frederick George
Mattke, Frederic G. Sr.
Mattke, Lila
**Mayer, Stanley Vernon
McClun, Elmira Josephine
McClure, Andrew Jackson
McClure, Baby
McClure, Denny H.
McClure, Eva Maude
McClure, George Roy
McClure, Kenneth
McClure, LeRoy
McClure, Lola M.
McClure, Mack
McClure, Oliver Lane
McClure, Perm(n)ina
McClure, Rebecca Jennie
McCoy, Boyd
McGlothern, Ida G.
McLain, Calvin O.
McMaster, Glen Davis
McQueen, Alonzo Dawson
McQueen M.
McQueen, O. W.
McQueen, Perry V.
McQueen, William Holt
Mealey, Charles R.
Mealey, David William
Mealey, Elsie Jane
Mealey, Fannie Rachel
Mealey, George Frank
Mealey, Mary J.
Mealey, Orange Judd
Mealey, Ruth
Mealey, Thomas Starr
Mealey, William Ralph
Menear, Arthur
Menear, Bessie E.
Menear, Emiline Elizabeth
Menear, Jacob
Miller, Harold Ray Jr.
Miller, Henry
Miller, John
Miller, Shirley Adele
Miner, Ira Atwood
Miner, Thomas Keith
Minniece, John J.
Minniece, Mary Elizabeth
Mitboe, Pearl Idel
Morehead, Emma Charlotta
Morehead, Gene W.
Morehead, Herb
Morehead, Lester C.
Morehead, Millie (Rice)
Morehead, Richard Watson
Mueller, Bertha
Mueller, Shirley Adele
Munts, George Harvey
Munts, Jabez
Munts, Margaret Jane
Murphy, Flora Frildo
Murphy, Perry Edward
Myers, Florence
Nothiger, Jacob
Nothiger, Louise
Nothiger, Mathilda
Nothiger, Samuel
Nothiger, Samuel R.
Nye, Alta M. (Oliver)
Nye, Bert C.
Nye, Henryett (Settle)
Nye, Infant Daughter
Nye, Jacob L.
Nye, John William
Nye, Marvin Jacob
Nye, Oliver G.
Olson, Fred
Painter, Emma R./Ruth Emma
Painter, John W.
Painter, Quay A.
Painter, William Ross
Payne, Carl F.
Pearce, Ida Margaret
Pearce, Samuel Clark
Pickens, Mary E.
Pickens, Samuel Dwight
Points, Baby
Powell, John Lewis
Ralston, Andrew
Ralston, Janette
Ralston, Margaret J.
Ralston, Robert
Randall, Jack Vaughn
Reed, Charles Edward Jr.
Reed, Paul Jr.
Regnier, Isabella V.
Regnier, Leo Jim
Richter, Doris Irene
Riggs, Albert G.
Riggs, Maude A.
Robinett, Richard Harrison
Rollings, Joan
Rowley, Clarence
Rucka, Betty A.
Rucka, Maria
Russell, Charles Earle
Russell, Enos Calvin
Russell, Grace (Langdon)
Russell, India P.
Russell, Newton
Russell, Oliver Henry
Russell, Susan L.
Safley, Janet Elaine
Sarers/Sayers, Nancy V.
Sargeant, Walter
Sayer, Durlan
Scanland, Dora S.
Schamberger, Betty Ruth
Scholl, August
Scholl, Mary
Schultz, John C.
Scott, Morry Shane
Settle, John T.
Shephard, Allen Dale
Shephard, Earl Jr.
Shephard, Grant
Simons, Alonzo Burton
Simons, Lottie M. (Woody)
Simons, Sarah Jane
Simons, William Edwin
Sittle(Settle), Elizabeth
Skuse, James Leonard
Slater, Donald
Sliffe, Benjamin F.
Smith, Charles J.
South, Eliza Ann (Stringer)
South, Jesse M.
Sportsman, Ida M. (Baker)
Sportsman, Robert Henry
Springer, Mary E. Wilson
Stitt, James A.
Stocker, Anna L. (Wodtli)
Stocker, Jacob
Stocker, Willard J.
Stone, Cora M.
Stone, Cornelius
Stone, Edith
Stone, Harry
Stone, Oliver Warren
Stone, Orastas C.
Stone, Sarah C. (Amos)
Stone, Violet Rosalee
Storey, Maria Susann
Sturtevant, Charles
Sturtevant, Manley B.
Stutzman, Sharon Ann
Sundquist, Katherina Amelia
Sundquist, J. Albin
Swanson, Emma
Teem, R. J./Richard LeRoy
Thompson, John A.
Thompson, Elizabeth A.
Thompson, William H.
Trachsel, Rosina
Tucker, Maud Merab
VanAstin, Henry Milan
Wade, Grace Bell
Walker, Elizabeth Jane
Walters, James
Walters, Leonard
Walters, Leonard
Walters, Mary
Walters, Stella Irene
Watkinds, Harrison 'Harry'
Watkinds, Ic Vell
Watkinds, Nancy
Watkinds, Nancy Rebecca
Watkinds, Richard C.
Watkinds, Wilkie M.
Watkinds, William Henry
Wiley, Charlie M.
Wiley, Effie J.
Wiley, Loretta Jane
Wiley, Virgil
Wilson, Dr. Isaac Burton
Wilson, Eamur Buel
Windham, Edna Menear
Wodtli, Anna
Wodtli, Fred Karl Jr.
Wodtli, Hans
Wodtli, Karolina
Woody, Azz (Azairah) Brown

** "My uncle,  Stanley Vernon Mays, is buried there, but on the website it lists a Stanley Vernon Mayer. He died in 1934, I think" Information provided 7-16-04 by Rita Maninger.

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