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Linn County Cemeteries


1. The MILLER cemetery was established in 1850, in which year Mr. William McClain was buried there, in the far northwest corner.  The cemetery is positioned at the corner of Woods Road and Millersburg Drive in a rural area about 5 miles north of Millersburg, Oregon.  It is enclosed with a chain link fence, but is not being maintained. Rows are laid out running north and south.  It is still being used for burials; some as recent as 1997.  The oldest portion of the cemetery, at the northwest corner, is in very poor condition and has suffered some vandalism.  About a dozen headstones are either damaged so badly that it is impossible to be certain of the information they bear, or are completely gone.  These are reflected below with appropriate question marks. 


2. Directions to travel to the cemetery: (Located 1 1/2 miles from Interstate-5)  Exit 238 from I-5.  The ramp empties onto Old Hwy 99E. Travel west on 99E 1/2 mile to north on Morningstar Drive.  Go 500 feet to west on Millersburg Drive.  Go 1 mile to Woods Road which runs south only, and is not marked with identifying road sign.  The cemetery is in plain view on the corner, and marked with a large sign at the gate. 


3. Key to notations: 

w/o - wife of
s/o - son of
d/o - daughter of
c/o - child of
ssa - same stone as (parties buried together sharing same stone) s. - side by side. (parties apparently related, but not sharing the same stone)  

ADDINGTON, "J. W."  d.21 Feb 1859  age 9mo, 24da  s/o A.M.& Hannah Addington

ADDINGTON, Minnia L.  d.26 Jul 1863  age 1yr, 6mo  d/o A.M.& Hannah Addington

ADKINS, Sarah Ann Farlow  1861-1939

ADKINS, Ellis Wayne       1881-1938

ADKINS, Leonard           1872-1938

ADKINS, Alfred L.  1912-1985 ssa

ADKINS, Alyce M.   1914-

ADKINS, Irvin  9 Oct 1910


ALLPHIN, John F.  1867 - 1935 ssa

ALLPHIN, Eunice   1872 - 1925

ALLPHIN, Louisa  b.15 Oct 1829  d.2 Jul 1884  w/o Thomas Allphin

ALLPHIN, Thomas  b.10 Feb 1827  d.7 Jul 1891  (ssa Thomas)

ALLPHIN, Florence Irinda  b.12 Dec 1865  d.15 Aug 1880

ALLPHIN, George W.  1852 - 1937 s.

ALLPHIN, Julia E.   1854 - 1928  w/o G.W.Allphin

ALLPHIN, Julia A.   1858 - 1896  w/o G.W.Allphin

ALLPHIN, Casandra  b.5 Jan 1891  d.7 Jun 1892

     d/o G.W.& J.A. Allphin  

ALLPHIN, Infant  b.1 May 1895  d.2 May 1895

     d/o G.W.& J.A. Allphin


ARTHUR, Ronald W.  b.4 Nov 1947  d.17 May 1994   'Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. Ps.116.15'


ASCHE, John Frederick, Sen. b.22 Mar 1823  d.13 Oct 1891  'Farewell dear, but not forever. There will be a glorious dawn. We shall meet to part, no never, on the Reserection morn'

ASCHE, George A.  8 Dec 1883 - 30 Mar 1917

ASCHE, (?)

ASCHE, (? two stones destroyed and missing in Asche plot)

ASCHE, G.A. 1855-1920 s.

ASCHE, Emma 1860-1913 w/o G.A. Asche


B?SH?SON, B. d.5 Feb 1889  19yr


BENSLEY, David  b.3 Oct 1799  d.27 Jan 1886 

  'Born in Wertenburg, Germany'


BOWMAN, Mary Ann  d.22 Mar 1922.  age 70yr, 6mo, 8da

BOWMAN, W.H.       d.8 Dec 1924  age 66yr, 7mo, 19da

BOWMAN, America   d.28 Jan 1916  age 85yr, 4mo, 11da

     'Gone, but not forgotten'   

BOWMAN, John A.   1864-1934

BOWMAN, P.H.  d.27 Jul 1894  age 65yr, 8mo, 10da  'Gone but not forgotten'


COMBS, William  in 1861


CONNER, Uda Bland Washington  24 Jul 1927

          Pvt.26th Inf. 1st Division

CONNER, A.J.    b.11 Jun 1826   d.4 Apr 1915   'Father'

CONNER, Arthur J.   1914-1917

CONNER, Margaret V. 1919-1933


CONSER, John A. 1841-1906 ssa

CONSER, Jane S. 1853-1930 


COOLIDGE, Charles A. 1855-1913 s.

COOLIDGE, Mary A.    1861-1926


CREEL, John b.5 Jun 1824 'in KY' d.14 May 1881 "Our Father"

CREEL, Margaret L. b.13 Sep 1835 'in Indiana'  d.21 May 1885

     w/o John Creel. s.    "Our Mother"

CREEL, Chas. A. 1867-1912


CROOKS, James S.        1886-1954

CROOKS, Lydia 'his wife'  22 Jun 1852 - 21 Apr 1907

CROOKS, J.T., Sr. b.14 Sep 1807  d.31 Jan 1896  ssa

CROOKS, Demercy  b.4 Oct 1813  d. 17 Sep 1876 w/o J. T.Crooks, Sr.

CROOKS, Richard H.  1839-1915

CROOKS, A.W.    b.31 Aug 1844  d.16 Feb 1901

CROOKS, Adina Castilla  1878-1879

CROOKS, Samuel T. 26 Dec 1846 - 22 Mar 1904  ssa

CROOKS, Albert S. b.2 Apr 1878  d.2 Aug 1902  'Beloved thou wert, admired where known'

CROOKS, John E.         1876-1930


DANIEL, Adelaide Carrie  1865-1915

HOCKET, Charles          1887-1920 s. in Daniel plot


DANIELS, Frank Louis 1896-1927

     (Obvious misprint; he is in the Daniel family plot)

DANIEL, Wilber E.    1868-1938


DAVIS, James B. 1856-1917 ssa

DAVIS, Rosa     1862-1942


DAVIS, Delizon S. d.7 Apr 1860  s/o J.J.& M.A. Davis

     age 1yr, 5mo, 13da

DAVIS, Infant s/o J.J.& M.A.Davis  d.15 Apr 1860  age 7da 


DIETEL, Elizabeth  b.9 Nov 1860  d.27 Apr 1904 w/o Jacob Dietel


FARLOW, Jacob b.12 Jul 1845 in Rock Is., IL.  d.25 Aug 1893

FARLOW, Abraham   1841-1910

FARLOW, William   1879-1891

FARLOW, Volney    1882-1891

FARLOW, Elizabeth 1884-1905

FARLOW, Elmay     1892-1904

FARLOW, Ocia    1881-1902

FARLOW, Dolly E.  1878-1964

FARLOW, Thomas    1877-1935 ssa

FARLOW, Alice R. b.2 Sep 1876   d.18 Jun 1877 d/o C.& L. Farlow

FARLOW, Mary E.  d.22 Apr 1861  age 19mo, 12da d/o C.& L.Farlow

FARLOW, John O.  d.10 Dec 1860  age 1yr, 10mo, 14da s/o C.& L. Farlow

FARLOW, Horrace  d.15 Oct 1865  age 1yr, 7mo, 17da  s/o H.& L. Farlow

FARLOW, Mary E. d.19 Nov 1861   age 2yr, 1mo, 29da  d/o H.& L. Farlow

FARLOW, George P. d.11 Feb 1857  age 1yr, 11mo, 9da

     s/o H.& L. Farlow

FARLOW, Sarah  d.4 Mar 1863  age 59yr, 8mo, 28da  'Born in Carter Co, Tennesse'

FARLOW, (headstone destroyed and missing)

FARLOW, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' 6 Jul 1910


FELCH, Bertha M.  1879 - 1919  'Gone but not forgotten'


FLICKINGER, Oliver  d.29 Aug 1896  age: 54yr 14 da


FORD, John     1835 - 1892  ssa

FORD, Sarah J. 1839 - 1874


FREEMAN, Mary b.20 Oct 1804  d.6 Feb 1886 w/o Rev.Isaac Wamsley


GIELISH, Michael Ray  b.3 Mar-d.18 Apr 1957

     'In memory of our darling'


GRAHAM, L.Myrtle  10 Dec 1893 - 18 Jul 1989 'Rest in Peace'


GRATE, John T.  b.21 Oct 1846  d.23 Jan 1911  'FATHER'

GRATE, Lydia Breiner 1856-1914


GROSHONG, Joseph          1835-1933  ssa

GROSHONG, Mary 'his wife' 1842-1916


HAIL, Amanda M.  b.21 Jul 1839  d.4 Jan 1882  ssa

HAIL, George W.  b.5  Mar 1838  d.24 Oct 1870  'Elder'


HOEFER, Frederick  1842-1913 ssa

HOEFER, Henrietta  1846-1922


HOLT, Arlie Delta  19 Jun 1897 - 9 Apr 1942

HOLT, Nancy J.  7-17 Jul 1937  d/o F.C.& F.L. Holt

HOLT, A. Marion 15 Nov 1905 - 16 Jun 1925

HOLT, Nora J.   7 May 1872  - 2 Mar 1955


JELLISON, Mildred  1929-1937  'At Rest' s. with

JONES, Evelyn M. Sep 1910 - Mar 1992 

JONES, Jos. A. 1857 - 1941  ssa

JONES, Mary E. 1864 - 1935

JONES, J.Fred  1886 - 1931

JONES, S.T.  d.24 Jan 1886  age 59yr, 7mo, 22da   ssa

JONES, Nancy d.1 Sep 1859   age 29yr, 11mo, 26da 'Farewell'

JONES, Nancy  b.1844  d.1871  w/o S.T.Jones s.


LANDRETH, Maudie  d.9 Oct 1889  age 1yr, 6mo, 15da

LANDRETH, Frankie d.12 Oct 1889 age 5yr, 5mo, 9da

     c/o G.A.& E.J. Landreth

'These precious ones from us have gone. The voices we loved are stilled. A place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled'


LANDRETH, Clisby  d.10 Apr 1860  age 32yr, 8mo, 12da.

LANDRETH, Ada F.  d.3 Oct 1861  age 2yr, 15da. d/o C.& E. Landreth.  'This lovely bird so fresh and fair, called hence by early doom, just came to show how sweet a flower, in paradise would bloom'


LIBBY, Charles  1833 - 1901  ssa

LIBBY, Adelia   1838 - 1921


MARIETTA, Violet Pearl  b.20 Aug 1908  d.17 Sep 1923. 15yr, 28da

MILLER, Alice M.  d.15 May 1879  age 17yr, 2mo   'My Wife'

     w/o Chas. A. Miller & d/o H.& E. Farwell

MILLER, Ellen E. b.9 Jun 1832  d.8 Feb 1894  61yr, 7mo, 29da

MILLER, Isaac D. b.26 Aug 1828 d.16 May 1911 82yr, 9mo, 10da

          'MOTHER & FATHER'

MILLER, Earl 1893-1966

MILLER, Benicia S. 1896-1996  'Gramma B.'

MILLER, Virginia Ann  9 Oct 1933


MCCLAIN, William  1796-1850  (Oldest grave in the cemetery)


MEEKER, Jessie L.  15 Mar 1881 - 25 Aug 1886 'Gone so soon'

     d/o Wm.& Mary Meeker

MEEKER, Mary E. 1856-1927  w/o William   ssa

MEEKER, William 1849-1903

MEEKER, Mary Elizabeth 1863-1910  w/o Isaac Meeker

MEEKER, Isaac Meeker b.1 Mar 1847  d.26 Jan 1910

MEEKER, Clyde H. 1882-1935

MEEKER, Edward W. 1858-1938  ssa

MEEKER, Olive Ann 1861-1949

MEEKER, Lester  1881-1895  s/o E.& O. Meeker

MEEKER, John  d.6 Mar 1883  age 60yr, 6mo


MILLER, F.M.  1843 - 1918

MILLER, N.E.  1854 - 1938

MILLER, A.P., M.D.  d.15 Dec 1871  age 27yr, 3mo, 12da

MILLER, Mary R. d. 21 Apr 1875  w/o A.P.Miller, MD. s.

MILLER, Hanah(?) 16yr  d/o John Miller


MILLER, Hubert M.  b.22 Jul 1867  d.29 Apr 1891  'A precious one from us is gone, a voice we loved is stilled.  A place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled'


MILLER, Philip  d.1 Jul 1884  age 74yr, 7mo, 29da  ssa

MILLER, Martha  d.21 Dec 1885 age 74yr, 20da

MILLER, Emily M. d.20 Mar 1867  age 16yr. d/o P.& M.Miller

MILLER, Nancy E.  d/o Philip & Martha Miller

MILLER, Elizabeth d/o Philip & Martha Miller  25yr, 11mo.

     Married in 1856 to Clisby Landreth. s.

MILLER, Mary Jane  1848 - 1934

MILLER, Ellen  d.13 Mar 1872  age 1yr, 8mo, 13da

     d/o A.& P. Miller

MILLER, Lydia  d.16 Sep 1856  age 18yr, 1mo, 4da

     d/o Abraham and Polly Miller

MILLER, Jacob L.  d.15 Mar 1862  age 40yr, 5mo, 1da s.

MILLER, Nancy C.  d.16 Sep 1855  age 33yr  w/o J.L.Miller

MILLER, Joseph J. d.27 Jan 1884  age 36yr

MILLER, Maria  1846 - 1914

MILLER, Dewey P.  18 Oct 1874 - 26 Feb 1954 s/o Joseph & Maria

MILLER, Abraham  d.29 Dec 1875  age 81yr s.   'Our Father'

MILLER, Mary  d.13 Jan 1880  age 73yr. w/o A.Miller 'Our Mother'

MILLER, Ellen 13 Mar 1872  age 1yr, 8mo, 13da. d/o A.P.Miller

MILLER, Emily M. d.20 Mar 1867 age 16yr. d/o P.& M.Miller

MILLER, Lydia(?) d.12 May 1871 age 30yr  d/o P.& M.Miller

MILLER, Nancy E. d/o Philip & Martha Miller


MILLER, George, Sr.  d.11 Sep 1874  age 89yr, 3mo, 7da

     'Father of 24 Children'

MILLER, Mary Ann  d.23 Dec 1857  age 47yr, 6mo, 10da

     w/o George Miller, Sr.


MILLER, Robert Elle    1869-1943 ssa

MILLER, Edith Virginia 1868-1951

MILLER, Isaac  d.28 Mar 1867    Age 48yr, 8da  'Farewell'

MILLER, Dora E.  1888-1922

MILLER, Lucy A.  1850-1937

MILLER, Myrtle Irene Marietta   b.17 Feb 1884  d.22 Dec 1922

     38yr, 15mo, 5da

MILLER, Nelly M.  b.9 Jul 1868  d.16 Nov 1871 d/o E.M.& S.M. Miller

MILLER, John  b.7 Feb 1830  d.5 Nov 1876.  'At Rest. A Father kind, a husband dear, a faithful friend lies buried here'


MUSTOE, Samuel L.  b.21 Jun 1902  d.24 Apr 1951

MUSTOE, Edgar R.   1900-1933

MUSTOE, James G.  b.20 Jun 1870  d.23 May 1941  'FATHER'

MUSTOE, Cora F.   b.12 Oct 1870  d.25 Apr 1944  'MOTHER' s.


NELSON, Bertha   b.24 Oct 1900  d.12 May 1994

NELSON, Wiley F. b.3 Feb 1898   d.12 Jul 1984


NEWMAN, William H.  1853-1924

          'Here lies a woodman of the world'

NEWMAN, Henry b.4 Mar 1822  d.9 Dec 1889  ssa

NEWMAN, Elizabeth  d.9 Oct 1874  age 48yr, 5mo.  w/o H.Newman

NEWMAN, Elizabeth G. b.11 Sep 1832  d.10 Aug 1897 w/o H. Newman

     'At Rest' s.


PHILIPPI, John Irwin  1839-1923  ssa

PHILIPPI, Mary C.  d.10 Nov 1905  age 60yr

PHILIPPI, Barton  1867-1930

PHILIPPI, Rosanna  d.13 Mar 1879  age 2yr, 1mo, 12da

     d/o J.I.& M.C.Philippi

PHILIPPI, Amelia d.26 Jul 1888 age 1yr, 4mo. d/o J.I.& M.C.Philippi

PHILIPPI, Florence d.17 Jun 1880  age 1yr, 5mo, 26da

     d/o J.I.& M.C.Philippi

PHILIPPI, Mary Etta d.9 Mar 1889(?)  age 12yr, 3mo, 3da

     d/o J.I.& M.C.Philippi

PHILIPPI, Henry P. 1863-1912


RAINEY, J.H.  1837 - 1917  and   ssa

RAINEY, Rebecca A. 'his wife'  1838 - 1887 'Father and Mother'


REED, Laura M. w/o Geo. M. Reed  d.21 Mar 1889.  Age 61yr

REED, George M.  d.26 Apr 1904.  age 81yr, 6mo, 8da

REED, Will D. 1863-1946

REED, Etta    1872-1947


SEEHALE, Myrtle L.    1885-1920

SEEHALE, Frederick W. 1882-1947 s.


SHEFFIELD, Arabelle  1861-1938  w/o Thomas K. Sheffield

     m/o William K. & Glenn T. Sheffield


 SHELLER, Ellen J. 1849-1923 ssa

SHELLER, A.C.     1843-1925 


SIMONS, George B.  1855-1919 ssa

SIMONS, Mary J.    1874-1944  


SNELL, Floyd C. b.3 Dec 1896  d.18 Mar 1897  s/o R.D.& Ethel Snell

     'Not lost, but gone before'


SWANSON, Vivian A.  b.10 Jul 1934  d.23 Jun 1994  'You touched everyones heart. Live on in us who love you dearly'


TURCOTT, Warner L.  b.28 Mar 1938  d.1 May 1947 ssa

TURCOTT, Joyce F.   b.10 Dec 1941  (still alive)

'The love we shared on earth we now share side-by-side for eternity


TURNIDGE, Joseph Warren  1819-1857  (Bronze plate memorial)

     'First Circuit Rider in this area'

'Emigrated to Oregon from Missouri in 1846 on the first wagon train up the treacherous Southern Oregon Route.  Took a land claim on the Santiam. Organized the First Churches of any faith in the Valley.  "Elder Joe," Preacher, Singer, Farmer, Father, faithfully rode circuit through rain, sickness, and danger.  To honor his memory this memorial is erected by the Turnidge clan 1973.'


VANDERPOOL, Woody J.  b.4 Jun 1942  d.11 Oct 1991

     AB U.S.Air Force


VANVALKENBURGH, Ida Lee       1938-1939

VANVALKENBURGH, Christina L.  3 Oct 1962 - 4 Oct 1962


VORHEIS, Virginia May  1873-1903


VORHEIS, Ida G. b.3 Dec 1899  d.6 Jun 1905 'Our loved ones at rest'


WALTER, Alfred P.     1941-1997  ssa   'Precious Memories'

WALTER, Dorothy J.    b.1942  (still alive) 

WALTON, Irena M. b.22 Jul 1874  d.18 Jul 1904  d/o W.& L. Walton


WEISS, George T. d.11 Dec 1888 age 31yr, 8mo, 13da  'Farewell'

WEISS, Infant  14 Feb 1898  s/o W.P. & Katie Weiss

WEISS, Mary Barbary  b.9 Apr 1859  d.23 Dec 1892  w/o S.Phillippi

'A precious one from us has gone.  A voice we loved is stilled.  A place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled.  God in His Wisdom has recalled boon his love had given.  And though the body slumbers now, the soul is safe in Heaven'


WETZEL, Charles A. b.1 May 1845  d.13 Dec 1915 s.

     (In German) 'Mil Frend Jahn ich Don dannen Zu Christ dem Bruder mein Das ich moof zu ihm Rommen.  Und ewig ben ihm sein'

WETZEL, W.Ernstine b.25 Jul 1846 d.28 Sep 1912  w/o C.Wetzel.

     (In German) 'Christus der ist mein leben Sterben ist mein Gewinn. Dem hab ich mieh ergeben mil Frend Fahr ich dahin'


WETZEL, Theodore  b.16 Dec 1880  d.2 Aug 1900

WETZEL, Henry C.  b.15 Oct 1878  d.3 Jun 1894

WETZEL, Fred C.     1874-1911

WETZEL, Lydia     1938 ssa

WETZEL, Edward    1949


WILLIE, Florence(?)  d.23 Mar 1869 3mo, 18 da. d/o ?oe Willie


WILLS, E.  d.8 Jul 1919 age 77yr, 7mo, 15da s.

WILLS, Arvilla A.  d.23 Jun 1896  age 39yr.  w/o E.Wills


WINKLEY, Elizabeth 1838-1896 ssa

WINKLEY, Henry     1837-1923

WINKLEY, Archie L. 1883-1971


WOOLDRIDGE, Mary Ann  1845-1926

WOOLDRIDGE, John      1872-1946

WOOLDRIDGE, James     1870-194?

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