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Linn County Cemeteries

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, near Jordan, Linn County, Oregon

This cemetery, founded in 1861, is about 1/2 mile NE of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church, 2 miles north of Jordan Church. It is located at Township 9S, Range 1 E, Section 30.

This is the entire cemetery, which is located on a gravel road marked no trespassing just off the northern end of Mt. Pleasant Road.

Names in this cemetery:

Aegerter, David
Aegerter, David John
Aegerter, John F.
Aegerter, Margaret Flick
Brock, Geneva F.
Brock, William A.
Dayton, William Joseph
Downing, Anna E.
Downing, Miletus S.
Downing, Reginal (?)
Flick, Elizabeth
Flick, John
Fryrear, Benjamin F.
Gesner, Daniel Gilbert
Glunz, Dean L.
Grigsby, Janet Louise
Grisham, Marial R.
Haberman, Frank M.
Haberman, Josephine M.
Hink, Edith E.
Hink, Floyd
Huber, Children of J. and C.
Huber, Chloe C.
Huber, George B.
Huntley, Angeline F.
Huntley, Haskel N.
Irvine, James H.
Irvine, Willie & Georgia
Jennings, George L.
Kelley, Kenneth Glenn
Lambert, Esther
Lambert, John L.
Lambert, Lola L.
Larimer, Lawrence Murley

Larimer, Vera E.
McCall, Anna M.
McCall, Sara E.
Montgomery, Frank
Montgomery, George S.
Montgomery, Julia
Montgomery, Mary L.
Montgomery, Samuel
Montgomery, William G.
Ray family plot
Ray, Alice H.
Ray, B. Louie Ray, Baby
Ray, Benford (Otto)
Ray, Donald C.
Ray, Elvie J.
Ray, Emma
Ray, Esther
Ray, George H.
Ray, Lewis
Ray, Lyle L.
Ray, Mary Eliza
Ray, Roxann
Ray, son of R. R. & S. W.
Ray, Victoria B.
Ray, W. R.
Ray, Winnie
Reed, Anita May Wilson
Reed, Jennifer May
Robinson, Geo. S.
Schultz, Anna C.
Schultz, John A.
Schultz, Maude D.
Schultz, Robert R.
Shaffer, Beverly A.

Shaffer, Claude
Shaffer, Dorothy E.
Shaffer, Gordon W.
Shank, Henry
Shank, Hester
Shank, Infant dau. of H. & R.
Shelton, Ethel R.
Shelton, Ona M.
Shelton, Riley Lee
Shelton, Ruth
Smith, Angeline
Smith, Charlene Jean Geist Craig
Smith, Edyth B.
Smith, Fred T.
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Mabel L.
Thayer, Fairfax S.
Thayer, Frank Leslie
Thayer, Frank T.
Thayer, Freda Grace
Thayer, Infant son of F. T. & M. J.
Thayer, Julia R.
Thayer, Mary J.
Titus, Infant of M. H. and L. M.
Titus, Lillian M.
Titus, Marion H.
W., L. (small marker by a plant)
W.I. foot stone
Waldron, Hazel S.
Walker, Barbara Gail
Winkelman, Louise


Angeline F. Huntley
Haskel N. Huntley

Frank M. Haberman
Josephine M. Haberman

Victoria B. Ray
Donald C. Ray

Benford (Otto) Ray
Mar 26 1908-Aug 17, 1993

Ethel R. Shelton
Feb 24 1885-Dec 4 1917

Ona M. Shelton
Nov 12 1882-Aug 6 1922

Ruth Shelton
Riley Lee Shelton

James H. son of B.H. & S.B. Irvine
Died Mar 1 1861
stone is buried in dirt...I could not read the rest of the information

Baby Ray

Baby Ray

W.R. Ray
Esther Ray

B. Louie Ray
Winnie Ray

Alice H. Ray
Jul 16 1920-Jan 6 1990

Lyle L. Ray
US Army
World War II
Aug 2 1924-Apr 6 1990

Daniel Gilbert Gesner
US Army
Sept 23 1939-Mar 13 1976

Janet Louise Grigsby
May 23 1940-Dec 26 1993
Age 53
(Wooden cross with metal marker)

Dean L. Glunz
US Air Force
Jan 9 1938-Feb 4 1977

John L. Lambert
Lola L. Lambert
(also metal marker states Lola Rebecca Lambert 10/8/91-4/29/91 Age 99)

Esther Lambert
Dec 11 1914

Broken marker-only part readable
Jan 18 1833
Died Mar 21 1861
There is a foot marker leaning against it with not know if this belongs
with it. Added June 30, 2002, information from Karlene Santibanez: IRVINE, JAMES N.

Infant of M.H. and L.M. Titus

Lillian M.
Wife of M.H. Titus
Aug 6 1865-Mar 19 1904 Erected by Women of Woodcraft
Marion H. Titus

Julia R.
Wife of Fairfax Thayer
Feb 20 1824-Sep 27 1909

Fairfax S. Thayer
Born in Chenango Co, NY
Jan 14 1834-Nov 27 1886

Marial R.
Wife of Will M. Grisham
dau of F.S. & Julia R. Thayer
Born in Pierce Co, Wis
Oct 17 1869-Aug 19 1890

William A. Brock
Geneva F. Brock

Freda Grace Thayer

Frank T. Thayer
Mary J. Thayer

Infant son of F.T. & M.J. Thayer
Mar 21 1898

Frank Leslie Thayer (metal marker)
Jan 15 1902-Aug 31 1989
age 87

Huber monument that says Children of Jacob and Catharine Huber
(which includes the following 4 children:
dau of Jacob & Catharine Huber
Aug 24 1884-Mar 22 1903


Aug 18 1872-Mar 27 1883

William son of Jacob & Catharine Huber
July 23 1879-Feb 19 1904

Willie & Georgia
sons of R.A. & S.J. Irvine
(And it really does say Georgia)

Hazel S. Waldron

Beverly A. Shaffer

Gordon W. Shaffer

Dorothy E. Shaffer
Nov 10 1900-Nov 15 1971

Claude Shaffer
Feb 21 1900-Mar 7 1997

Kenneth Glenn Kelley

Mabel L. Smith
Fred T. Smith

Wookie (name on a brick in the plot with Mabel & Fred)

Anna C. Schultz
John A. Schultz

Anna M. McCall
Born in ILL
Mar 15 1869-Dec 24 1905
Sara E. McCall
Born in ILL
Mar 12 1855-Aug 1 1900 (same stone)

broken marker-rest missing
son of R.R. & S.W. Ray
Aug 1 1862-Oct 7 1882

Benjamin F.
infant son of J.B. & E.F. Fryrear
Oct 19 1858-Nov 26 1858

W.I. foot stone

Ray family plot:
Elvie (small marker)

Infant(small marker)

infant(small marker)

infant(small marker)

Mary Eliza
Wife of L. Ray
May 2 1830 in Tennessee
Died Sept 14 1907

Elvie J. Ray
Died May 16 1861
7 ms 11 ds

Lewis Ray
Died Aug 18 1896
73 years, 8 ms 5d

Emma daughter of L.& M.E. Ray
Sept 6 1872-June 19 1900
end of Ray plot

George B. Huber
Sept 12 1869-May 26 1909
Chloe C. wife of Geo. B. Huber
daughter of P.R. & M.C. Bilyeu
Mar 2 1882-May 16 1913

Geo. S. Robinson
Died Mar 17 1893
Aged 72 years

Julia Montgomery

Samuel Montgomery

concrete marked "grave"

Louise Winkelman
Born in Brandenberg, Germany
Oct 21 1829-July 15 1908

Edyth B. Smith

Smith Stone
Edyth B. 1908-1911
Joseph 1852-1927
Angeline 1872-1962

Robert R. Schultz
Maude D. Schultz

metal marker-unreadable

David John Aegerter
Apr 12 1896-Oct 18 1970

John F. Aegerter

David Aegerter
Margaret Flick Aegerter

Elizabeth Flick

John Flick

L.W. (small marker by a plant)

Frank Montgomery
Oct 22 1881-Oct 7 1911

George S. Montgomery
Died Mar 4 1893
age 21 years

Mary L.
Wife of W.G. Montgomery
Apr 4 1842-May 8 1921
William G.
Husband of Mary L. Montgomery
Died Jan 1 1894
59y 7m 10d

Lawrence Murley Larimer
Vera E. Larimer

Geo. H. Ray

Henry Shank
Roxann Ray

Infant daughter of Henry & Roxie Shank

Henry Shank
Aug 14 1816-Sep 22 1896
Wife of Henry Shank
Apr 7 1820-July 25 1887

Reginal (perhaps badly eroded stone??)
dau ...Downing

Miletus S. Downing
Anna E. Downing

Barbara Gail Walker
Feb 4 1958-May 31 1974

Edith E. Hink
Floyd Hink

George L Jennings
US Army
World War II
Aug 1 1918-Sep 15 1983

Anita May Wilson Reed
Oct 8 1923-May 30 1986

Jennifer May Reed
June 7 1987-June 8 1987
Child of Brian & Charolette

new grave-no marker

Charlene Jean Geist Craig Smith
Dec 12 1956-Jan 29 1988

William Joseph Dayton
Beloved son of Bill & Colleen
Apr 24 1958-Jan 16 1979


This cemetery file was donated for genealogical use by Cathy Crenshaw Morgan, and was surveyed March 1999.

© 1999 - 2007 Jan Phillips

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