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Pietrock, Kiphart, Hollembeak, Cusick Cemetery Headstones

R. C. Cusick

July 3, 1812

Mar. 20, 1884


Harriet & Evlin

his wives


Henry & George

his sons

Francis M.

wife of Dr. J. L. Martin


Sept. 8, 1867

age 24 ys. 2 ms. 20 ds


also an infant son



Born Oct. 7, 1813

Died Oct. 9, 1889


Willie Hollembeak

Born May 31, 1855

Died July 15, 1876

L. C. Miller

June 11, 1848

March 28, 1909


his wife, dau.

And sister Ellen

Francis Berry

Oct. 14, 1792

Nov. 6, 1880


Pamela Mahan

Oct. 22, 1804

Jan. 28, 1882

Mary C.

wife of

Alen Brassfield


Jan 28, 1866

aged 32 Ys

10 Ms.

Mary C.

wife of

H. S. Williams

1856 - 1911



beloved wife of




Nov. 25. 1895


72 ys. 7 ms.

12 ds.


from The Stayton Mail dated Sept. 2, 1904 :

“Henry Kipart who was found dead was buried beside his wife.  He was 83 yrs.”


from The Stayton Mail dated Dec. 23, 1904 :

“ “Aunt Mary” Hollembeak, age 79 was buried in Pietrock cemetery where her husband and children are buried.”


from The Stayton Mail, Obituaries column, dated Dec. 23,1904:

 "Aunt Mary" Hollembeck died Saturday last at the home of Lon Shelley, in this place, where she made her home several months past. She was 79 years of age, an old resident of this neighborhood. The funeral service was held at the M.E. Church and internment made in the Pietrok Cemetery where her husband and children are buried.  (It would guess that her husband was ASA and that Willie was one of her children but there is no stone marker for her or any other children.)


 Surveyed January 5, 2003

Some of the stones have been returned to the plot of land known as the Pietrock Cemetery.   Whether they are any where near the correct location is 
doubtful, although it was reported by another local person that been up there during the late summer and that the y had been mowed and that at least 
some of the stones were now in place lying flat instead of standing upright.  He said that "somebody" had mapped out were the graves were and that the 
stones had been supposedly replaced in the original places.............(so somebody must have "gotten after" the current owner of the land and made him 
restore it back to the way it was.)
There are currently only eight stone markers of people placed flat in an area among large trees.  Grass has now been clipped.  There is no fence 
around the cemetery.  There were more graves originally.  Some stones may have been lost or disintegrated and others that may have been marked with 
wooden markers.
Charlene Pietrok Pierce - laodyssey - [at] -

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