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DAR Monuments


Monuments recorded by DAR in 1934 that are no longer readable or missing:

*Aunspaugh, J. no data

*Bean, Anna no data

*Bean, E.L. no data

*Bean, Amanda C. no data

*Cambe, Sophia Died Nov 24, 1922 67 yr

*Carow, Louisa W. Died 1887

*Crockett, Samuel Died May (?)

*Dealy, M.B. no data

*Fitzwater no data

*Graham, F.A. Died 14 Feb 1934 56 yr

 Francis Graham was born Feb 25,1879. Father:Bill Evans Mother: ? McPherson. He died Feb 14, 1934 in Lebanon, OR


*Gum, Nora B. Dau. W.M. & I.C. May 24,1877 4m 9d

*Jenkins, Sadie E. Jun 10,1883-Oct 1,1898

*Jenkins, Martha Died 1912 29 yr

*Knox, Peter 1837-1919

*McGee, John Layton Died Dec 24,1931 15y lm 28d

*Morris, Mary C. Dau. A.B.& M.E. Died 19 Feb 1985, 6y l0m 27d

*Mrs. S.B. Patton no data

*Pearce, Doris May Died Mar 19,1928 7m 22d

*Phall, William Died May 1877

*Pitchford, Sarah M. 1044-1920

 Sarah Maria Pitchford, daughter of Samuel and Mrs. (Thomas) Porter was born June 19, 1844. She married Daniel T. Pitchford. Sarah died April 17, 1920 at Lebanon, OR.


*Powell, Silas Marion May 22,1932 70y 8m 15d

 Silas is found in the 1910 Lacomb census living with his mother, Rebecca Powell.


*Preston no data adult grave

*Sherman, Mary Jane Died Jan 5,1931 63y 9m 22d

*Stone, Thomas T. Died Apr 16,1931 67y 10m 24d

 Thomas T. Stone is found on the 1920 Providence census living with his wife, Cora A. and children: Roy A., Mabel L., Louis E., Clarence V., and Earl V.


*Taylor, Nancy Mother of Howard Rose Aug 11,1867, 66y 7m 16d

*Tucker, P.B. Nov 13,1849-1881

*Tucker, N.D. Sep 1822-Feb 16,1892

*Waddle, James 1878

*Wilson, J.W. Died Feb 12,1918 80y

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