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Linn County

Sandridge Cemetery


This is an index of the Sandridge Cemetery of Lebanon, Oregon. Jane Hutchings is doing a history on this cemetery. She will do a look-up on a name for you if you know the first name of the person who you are looking for. Also, if you have any information to share, she will be glad to receive it. A lot of these people are early donation land claim settlers who settled around the Peterson Butte area in the 1850 and 1860's. You can reach Jane at Be sure to write "Sandridge Cemetery" in the subject line.

"Mike Ransom also has a listing of Sand Ridge Cemetery, with the focus being on the earliest Donation Land Claim and Oregon Trail settlers. His partial listing of Sand Ridge Cemetery can be found at For those who are interested in the Oregon Trail, Mike's website is a wonderful resource you don't want to miss -"


Ames, Anderson, Andrews, Archibald, Ayres

Barber, Bardwell, Barnes, Barnett, Bault, Behrens, Bell, Bierly, Bland, Blatchford, Booth, Borcher, Bouey, Brandon, Brandt, Brewster, Briggs, Burner, Bryant

Chilcote, Choate, Church, Churchill, Clark, Colbert, Conaway, Conley, Conover, Cooper, Coyle, Crawford, Culbertson, Cushman

Dadey, Dannen, Davie, Daugherty, Davis, Dodd, Dodson, Douthit

Earl, Easter, Eikenberry, Esmond

Fagan, Fanning, Farmer, Farwell, Faulkner, Firestone, Flora, Flory, Fronk, Frum

Gallagher, Garrison, Gerdes, Gilmore, Gilmour, Glasser, Gorman

Hall, Hannah, Healy, Heath, Heiser, Helget, Heller, Hester, Hiner, Holst, Hon, Hover, Huston


James, Jensen, Johnson, Jones, Julius

Kay, Kauffman, Kester

Lewis, Lamar, Lathan, Lee, Linebarger, Long, Lope, Lore, Lydall

Matz, McClain, McClure, McElroy, McKnight, McPherson, McTimmonds, Michael, Miller, Mills, Mooney, Morgan, Moses, Moss, Muir

Neff, Neuschwander, Newman, Nichols, Noah, Northrup

Oakley, Olin, Olsen, Ortner, Overman

Parker, Parrish, Parsons, Pate, Pate, Patten, Payne, Percefull, Perry, Peterson, Phillips, Pickens, Pierce, Pike, Pohlmann, Pound, Powell, Pruitt, Pryme, Pulse

Rasmussen, Rhodes, Roberts, Rooker

Samuel, Schroeder, Shultz, Scott, Sharp, Shaw, Shedd, Shoop, Shulte, Shrum, Simair, Simons, Slater, Smelser, Snyder, Southmayd, Stanley, Starr, Stilwell, Stimson, Story, Swank, Swatzka

Tate, Temple, Thompson, Tischauser, Towery, Tripp

Umphrey, Underwood, Usher

Van Landingham

Wagner, Walton, Warner, Wegener, West, Whealdon, Wheeler, Whishard, White, Wiencken, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Wisner, Withrow, Wolfe, Wood

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