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Linn County Cemeteries

Shedd Cemetery

This cemetery is located west of Shedd, Linn County, Oregon, T13S, Range 4W, Section 13. It was established in 1853. This is a lovely cemetery, very well kept, and has a nice roster board listing all of the names and sections on a kiosk near the driveway. The clerk is Robert McCormick, P.O. Box 99, Shedd, OR, 97377.

Surveyed in July of 1999, this listing is a combination of names on the kiosk, tombstones, and those listed in the 1935 survey are so noted. If only the name and section are listed, it means I did not find the tombstone, but they were listed on the kiosk.

Last Name First Name Born Died Comments
Acheson Anna P. 1884 1922 Sec. E-43, on 1935 survey
Acheson Lester Earl 1922 1922 On 1935 survey
Acheson R. S.

Sec. E-43
Anderson William B.
6/18/1857 Sec. W-1, age 25y 4m 3d, on 1935 survey
Arnold Beatrice 4/17/1916 10/29/1988 Sec. E-22, with Karl W., b. 7/19/1915
Arnold Charles 1863 1936 Sec. E-22, with Mary Agnes Arnold
Arnold Ellis Elliott
1910 Sec. E-22, age 15d
Arnold Herman 1897 1897 Sec. E-22, 21days, with Ralph Charles Arnold.
Arnold Karl W.
7/19/1915 Sec. E-22?
Arnold Mary Agnes 1872 1953 Sec. E-22, with Charles
Arnold Ralph

Sec. E-22
Arnold Ralph Chas.
1894 Sec. E-22, age 3m, with Herman
Bamford Charles W.

Sec. W-G
Bayne Maxwell

Sec. W-56
Beamer Jessie Ann 1886 1939 Sec. E-54
Bell Jesse 1919 1995 Sec. E-47, with Maxine S.
Bell Maxine S. 1924 -- Sec. E-47
Blaker Jennie L. 1852 1886 Sec. W-9, near the Carpenters, on 1935 survey
Blaker Mary

Sec. W-9
Brann Vera

Sec. W-12
Brassfield Eleanor Kate 11/11/1902 9/17/1908 Sec. W-4, Dau. of Thomas H. C., on 1935 survey
Brassfield Ida May [Porter] 1865 1953 Sec. W-4, wife of Thomas H. C., on 1935 survey
Brassfield Thomas H. C. 1856 1939 Sec. W-4, Husband of Ida May [Porter], with Ida, Thomas W. R., and Eleanor Kate, on 1935 survey
Brassfield Thomas W. R.
7/31/1901 Sec. W-4, infant son of Thomas H. C. and Ida, on 1935 survey
Broadwell J. L.

Sec. E-29
Brock Alvin M. 1861 1929 Sec. E-22
Brock Fred H. 2/3/1870 6/7/1923 Sec. E-45, on 1935 survey
Brock Irvin S. 1876 1941 Sec. E-22
Brock Janet S. 1847 1936 Sec. E-54
Brock S. P. 1842 1929 Sec. E-54, 1935 survey lists him as Stewart Paterson, 1843-1929
Brock Tempa J. 1883 1971 Sec. E-54, Tempa J. Brock Jack
Brown Vera Cornett 1902 192-- on 1935 survey
Burke Harry Rosecrans 5/23/1883 7/19/1956 Sec. W-56, with Verdis Pugh Burke
Burke Verdis [Pugh] 8/15/1894 4/12/1983 Sec. W-56, with Harry Rosecrans Burke
Butler Eloise 1938 1983 Sec. W-56
Butler Harry C. 1902 1972 Sec. W-56, with Eulah M., no dates
Byrom Fred 1923 1985 Sec. SW-3, with Wilma, marr. 12/30/1977
Byrom Wilma 1934 -- Sec. W-4, with Fred
Carothers Nettie M. 1848 1909 Sec. W-66, wife of James Carothers, on 1935 survey
Carothers Olive

Sec. W-66
Carpenter Christia B. 3/23/1857 12/26/1936 Sec. W-9
Carpenter Helen 1887 1889 Sec. W-9, on 1935 survey
Carpenter Joseph Hall 5/23/1855 8/7/1930 Sec. W-9, on 1935 survey
Cash Stella

Sec. SE-16
Castleman Lewis 10/19/1850 3/26/1929 Sec. E-45, with Mary F., on 1935 survey
Castleman Mary F. 5/17/1850 7/4/1923 Sec. E-45, with Lewis, on 1935 survey
Chandler Laurel [Pugh] 1901 1945 Sec. W-3
Clark Agnes

Sec. E-41
Cooley Christen Mitchell
Coon Emma 1855 1950 Sec. W-A, with Marion G.
Coon Marion G. 1854 1918 Sec. W-A, with Emma, on 1935 survey
Coon Persis M.
12/13/1904 Sec. W-A, dau. of M. G. and Emma, age 4y 4m 8d, on 1935 survey
Cornett Infant son
1/28/1917 Sec. W-12, son of J.A. and L.A. Cornett, on 1935 survey
Cornett John A. 1895 1974 Sec. W-12
Cornett John B. 1866 1956 Sec. W-12, with Vera Brann and Minnie
Cornett Minnie B. 1867 1943 Sec. W-12, with John B. and Vera Brann
Cornett Randal D. 1/18/1897 4/3/1901 Sec. W-12, son of J. B. and M. B. Cornett, on 1935 survey
Couey Delmar Forrest 1916 1917 Sec. W-1, son of H. F. and E. M. Couey, on 1935 survey
Couey Edith Mary 7/9/1897 6/17/1988 Sec. W-57A, with Harold F.
Couey Elinor A. 1922 1936 Sec. W-1, next to infant
Couey Grace M. 1879 1947 Sec. SE-7, with Walter and James A., "Mother"
Couey Harold 12/22/1896 11/17/1983 Sec. W-57A, with Edith M., marr. 12/2/1916
Couey Infant Baby

Sec. W-1, next to Elinor A. Couey
Couey James A. 1859 1938 Sec. SE-7, with Grace and Walter Couey, "Father"
Couey Merlyn James 8/12/1928 3/11/1989 Sec. W-57A, military, FN, US Navy, WWII
Couey Walter W. 1899 1939 Sec. SE-7, with Grace and Walter, "Son"
Cox I. Maxine 1/28/1928 10/8/1992 Sec. SE-8
Cox Marion

Cox Persis

Crawford B. V. 8/5/1882 12/15/1921 Sec. E-29, Woodsman of the World, on 1935 survey, birth listed as 1862
Crawford Clyde F. 1897 1967 Sec. E-29, "Pappy"
Crawford Guy A. 1894 1918 Sec. E-29, on 1935 survey
Crawford Mary F. [Coon] 9/17/1873 12/7/1950 Sec. E-29, Mary F. Crawford Coon
Croft Kate B. 1880 1939 Sec. E-54, with Baby John E., d. 1939, and E. Carl and Edith J. Stewart
Croft Kate Brock

Sec. E-54, no dates
D. L. T.

Sec. E-26, stone reads L.T.D.
Dannen Amy Esther 2/15/1892 2/16/1958 Sec. E-25, with George Henry and Elsa Marie
Dannen Charles Jacob 12/27/1926 1/3/1979 Sec. E-53, military, S1, US Navy, WWII
Dannen Clara J. 1877 1928 Sec. E-52, with Jacob, on 1935 survey, birth listed as 1817
Dannen Dora 1885 1963 Sec. E-53, with Ralph
Dannen Edda Belle 8/29/1899 2/5/1992 Sec. E-53, age 92y 5m 6d
Dannen Elsa Marie 8/9/1926 8/13/1925 Sec. E-25, with George Henry and Amy Esther.
Dannen George A. 1909 1929 Sec. E53
Dannen George B. 1842 1919 Sec. E-25, by Henrietta, on 1935 survey, death listed as 1912
Dannen George Henry 10/14/1887 12/26/1957 Sec. E-25, with Elsa Marie and Amy Esther.
Dannen Henrietta 1845 1918 Sec. E-25, wife of George B., on 1935 survey
Dannen Jacob 1872 1954 Sec. E-52, with Clara J.
Dannen Lyle 11/17/1922 11/5/1989 Sec. E-25, military, Tec 4, US Army WWII
Dannen Ralph 1880 1937 Sec. E53, with Dora
Dannen Ralph H. 6/22/1898 12/11/1973 Sec. E-53, military, Oregon PHM2, US Navy, WWI
Dannen Roy C. 1911 1995 Sec. E-54A, next to Ruth F.
Dannen Ruth 1912 1964 Sec. E-54A, next to Roy C.
Daugherty Robert H. 1859 1910 Sec. E-37, "Father", with Cleone C. and Sarah M.
Daugherty Sarah M 1863 1926 Sec. E-37, "Mother", with Robert H. and Cleone C.
Davidson Addie

Sec. E18
Davidson Henry 5/28/1818 2/19/1894 Sec. W-60, with Sarah, on 1935 survey
Davidson Infant

Sec. W-60
Davidson Sarah 12/27/1824 5/8/1918 Sec. W-60, with Henry, on 1935 survey
Davidson Susan E. 1850 1910 Sec. E-18, wife of Thurston, on 1935 survey
Davidson Thurston 1852 1889 Sec. E-18, on 1935 survey
Davidson William 10/18/1823 5/6/1909 Sec. W-60, on 1935 survey
Davis Blanche E. 12/28/1879 2/19/1930 Sec. W-5, with Walter B., on 1935 survey listed as Blanche E. (Wilson) Davis
Davis Charles S. 1877 1946 Sec. E-26, with Martha E.
Davis Cora I. 1878 1967 Sec. SE-6, with John E. Davis
Davis Deborah A. 2/2/1837 1/21/1895 Sec. E-35, with Jonas, on 1935 survey
Davis Dora 12/11/1854 1/21/1935 Sec. W-2, on 1935 survey listed as wife of J. Randal
Davis Harold B. 1920 1974 Sec. W-5, with Lois Maxine
Davis Infant

Sec. E-26
Davis J. Randal 2/20/1849 4/27/1913 Sec. W-2, with Dora, on 1935 survey
Davis John C. 7/17/1845 1/30/1923 Sec. E-44, with Mary E., on 1935 survey, "Father"
Davis John E. 1871 1949 Sec. SE-6, with Cora I.
Davis John L. 2/9/1911 -- Sec. W-5
Davis Jonas 3/9/1827 12/23/1905 Sec. E-35, with Deborah A., on 1935 survey
Davis Lois Maxine 1933 1997 Sec. W-5, with Harold B.
Davis Louis T. 1864 1925 Sec. E-35, Spanish American War, Co. G., Washington Infantry, on 1935 survey as b. 1862
Davis Lyle K. 7/20/1908 4/26/1992 Sec. W-5
Davis Martha 1877 1940 Sec. E-26, with Charles S.
Davis Mary E. 9/29/1852 3/5/1927 On 1935 survey, "Mother", wife of John C., not found 1999
Davis Walter B. 2/6/1881 2/23/1965 Sec. W-5, with Blanche E., marr. 5/2/1900
Deborah Martha E. 1/28/1870 11/10/1874 On 1935 survey, not found 1999
Dickinson C. Cummings 1885 1932 Sec. W-58, on 1935 survey
Dickinson Elsie 1863 1932 Sec. W-58, on 1935 survey
Dickinson James M. 1848 1918 Sec. W-58, on 1935 survey
Dickinson Margaret 1884 1980 Sec. W-58
Dougherty Cleone C. 1898 1900 Sec. E-37, "Daughter", dau. of Robt. H. and Sarah M.
Duncan Bessie A. 1883 1965 Sec. E-49, with Phil L. Duncan
Duncan C. C., "Dick" 6/17/1885 12/15/1968 Sec. E-49, with Vera M.
Duncan Francis Marie 4/7/1915 9/23/1915 Sec. E-20, dau. of John E. and Mary B. Duncan, on 1935 survey
Duncan John 1845 1923 Sec. E-46, with Mary E., on 1935 survey as d. 1928
Duncan John E. 1879 1965 Sec. E-20, with Mary B.
Duncan Mary B. 1880 1962 Sec. E-20, with John E.
Duncan Mary E. 1857 1949 Sec. E-46, with John Duncan
Duncan Phil L. 1881 1973 Sec. E-49, with Bessie A., marr. 12/12/1907
Duncan Ray H. 12/6/1891 9/2/1955 Sec. E-46
Duncan Vera M. 7/7/1885 5/14/1981 Sec. E-46
Dunlap Ada Acheson 1891 1974 Sec. W-69, with William James Dunlap
Dunlap Amanda Brown 1839 1929 Sec. W-69, with James R. Dunlap, on 1935 survey
Dunlap Eleanor B. 1867 1950 Sec. SE-7, with Margaret
Dunlap James R. 1823 1907 Sec. W-69, with Amanda, on 1935 survey as Civil War Veteran
Dunlap Margaret 1871 1949 Sec. SE-7, with Eleanor B.
Dunlap William James 1883 1923 Sec. W-69, with Ada Acheson
Dye Francis J. 1861 1894 Sec. E-39, with Mattie, on 1935 survey
Dye Mattie 1856 1895 Sec. E-39, with Francis J., on 1935 survey
Ecklund Mildred 4/16/1914 12/25/1952 Sec. E-40, military, Oregon, Pvt 4139 Base Unit AAF, WWII
Eggers Willa 12/2/1912 10/25/1994 Sec. W-11, age 31y
Elam Gladys M. 1888 1968 Sec. SE-13, with Walter R.
Elam Ivan L. 5/31/1908 1/12/1989 Sec. SE-13
Elam Walter R. 1884 1949 Sec. SE-13, with Gladys M.
Etherton Lavina
7/17/192-- Sec. E-42, on 1935 survey, age 79y 1m
Etherton Robert 1840 192-- Sec. E-42, on 1935 survey
Farmer Henry C. 7/18/1848 4/5/1938 Sec. SE-16, with Rachel J. and Stella C.
Farmer Rachel J. 8/13/1853 9/1/1939 Sec. SE-16, with Henry C. and Stella C.
Farmer Stella C. 2/10/1843 10/18/1946 Sec. SE-16, with Henry C. and Rachel J.
Fletcher Doris M. 1914
Sec. E-31, with Ray C.
Fletcher Ray C. 1912 1969 Sec. E-31, with Doris M.
Forbes Alfred Dale 1892 1959 Sec. W-4
Forbes Belvin R. 1854 1919 Sec. W-4, on 1935 survey as b. 1851
Forbes Lily E. 7/16/1869 7/22/1900 Sec. W-4, wife of Belvin R. Forbes, on 1935 survey as b. 7/16/1863
Freerksen Emelie
2/19/1896 Sec. E-24, dau. of P. H. and I., on 1935 survey as d. 2/10/1896
Freerksen Henry 1846 1924 Sec. E-24, "Father", by Manna, on 1935 survey
Freerksen Ida M. 1877 1965 Sec. E-24
Freerksen Manna 1849 1940 Sec. E-24, "Mother", by Henry
Freerksen Peter H. 1874 1931 Sec. E-24, on 1935 survey
George Mary E. 1886 1956 Sec. E-43, with Morris S.
George Morris S. 1883 1956 Sec. E-43, with Mary E.
Gibson Lena Thrift

Sec. W-1

Goldsmith Charles 9/11/1907 10/4/1998 Sec. SE-15, with Mildred E.
Goldsmith Infant Girl
9/17/1944 Sec. SE-15
Goldsmith Mildred E. 7/12/1908 11/25/1993 Sec. SE-15, with Charles and Zelpha
Goldsmith Zelpha Irene 4/20/1943 7/20/1943 Sec. SE-15, with Mildred E. and Charles
Gregory Charles 1864 1918 Sec. E-28, with Emma M., on 1935 survey
Gregory Charles Glen 1898 1983 Sec E-28, military, E-2, US Navy WWI
Gregory Emma M. 1874 1945 Sec. E-28, with Charles
Halverson Elena 12/13/1853 1/17/1894 Sec. E-33, next to Nels and Infant, on 1935 survey as wife of Nels
Halverson Infant, dau. of Nels and Emma

Sec. E-33, on 1935 survey
Halverson Nels 1851 1914 Sec. E-33, next to Elena and Infant, on 1935 survey as "A Mason"
Hamilton Almeda Dunlap 1873 1930 Sec. W-69, with Robert G., on 1935 survey as "Meda"
Hamilton Robert G. 1862 1932 Sec. W-69, with Almeda
Hawthorne Infant

Sec. E-23
Henry Harry S.

Sec. E-32, on 1935 survey
Herron Alexander Gilbreth 10/31/1804 2/3/1884 Sec. W-66, with J. Long and Mary Long, on 1935 survey
Herron Francis Jenson 1858 1932 on 1935 survey, not found in 1999
Herron Olive F. 1858 1932 Sec. W-66
Hillman Elizabeth 3/19/1853 9/30/1937 Sec. E-51, next to Samuel T.
Hillman Samuel T. 2/5/1849 5/21/1928 Sec. E-51, next to Elizabeth, on 1935 survey
Houston Earl Byron 9/16/1884 11/12/1959 Sec. SE-10, military, Oregon Sgt 20 Engrs, WWI
Howard Ella A. 1840 1918 Sec. SW-2, on 1935 survey
Ingram May B. 1894 1971 "Sister"
Jacobsen Albert Tinar 1897 1983 Sec. W-4, with Lillian Porter Jacobsen
Jacobsen Lillian Porter 1901 -- Sec. W-4, with Albert, marr. 8/24/1854
Joy Levi 1894 1895 Sec. W-7, near Rineharts
Kahl Dorothy M. 11/21/1911
Sec. SE-18, with Tom
Kahl Tom 4/24/1922 12/19/1992 Sec. SE-18, ["Kal" on stone], with Dorothy M.
Kennedy G. W.

Sec. W-2
Kennedy Zella

Sec. W-2
Keyser Jeannette J. 9/12/1909 9/4/1992 Sec. E-41, with Lester V.
Keyser Lester V. 12/15/1905 9/17/1995 Sec. E-41, with Jeannette J.
Kibbey David 1852 1925 Sec. W-67, on 1935 survey as David R., 1857-1925
King Neil G. 1924 1931 Sec. SE-10, on 1935 survey as Neil Gordon, d. 11/5/1931 age 1y 1m 7d
Koch Freda

Sec. E-34
Koch Hans 1893 1896 Sec. E-34, on 1935 survey, not found in 1999
Krefting Emmett T. 11/20/1900 San Francisco, CA 5/18/1984 Port Angeles, WA Sec. W55A, with Phyllis J. Pugh Krefting
Krefting Phyllis J. Pugh 12/24/1923 Shedd, OR
Sec. W55A, with Emmit T.
Landrith Enoch W. 1861 1914 Sec. E-36, with Mary J., on 1935 survey
Landrith Mary J. 1858 1927 Sec. E-36, with Enoch W., on 1935 survey
Large Glen 1880 1942 Sec. W-G, with Lula
Large Lula 1882 1951 Sec. W-G, with Glen W.
LaVoie D. Susie 1958 1997 Sec. E-25, with Theodore
Layton Violet

Sec. E-68
Leeper Geo. W. 1863 1917 Sec. E-38, on 1935 survey
Long Alexander Gilbreth Herron 10/31/1804 2/3/1884 Sec. E-30, on stone with James and Mary--same as Alexander Gilbreth Herron, on 1935 survey
Long James 4/4/1821 12/27/1888 Sec. E-30, with Alexander G. H. and Mary, on 1935 survey
Long John W. 11/22/1850 11/10/1905 Sec. E-30, on 1935 survey
Long Mary A. R. 2/23/1826 4/15/1904 Sec. E-30, wife of James Long, on 1935 survey as wife of James b. 1821
Long Olive 10/7/1858 3/11/1899 Sec. E-30, on 1935 survey
Lucas Irene 1918
Sec. E-41, wtih Nick, marr. Oct. 1938
Lucas Nick 1907 1976 Sec. E-41, with Irene
Malson Commodore W. 1875 1938 Sec. E-19, with Lura Pugh Malson
Malson Lura Pugh 1879 1962 Sec. E-19, with Commordore W.
Margason Elmer H. "Bud" 1892 1968 Sec. E-31, with Marcia A.
Margason Marcia A. 1893 1995 Sec. E-31, with Elmer H.
Margason Mary J. 1857 1934 Sec. W-56, with Riley C., on 1935 survey
Margason Riley C. 1851 1927 Sec. W-51, with Mary, on 1935 survey
Maxwell Alexander 1/27/1836 3/11/1921 Sec. W-56, on 1935 survey as Co. D., Ohio Volunteers
Maxwell George V. 1879 1951 Sec. E-31, with Ida Myrtle
Maxwell Ida Myrtle 1880 1949 Sec. E-31, with George V.
Maxwell Margaret 3/23/1841 8/20/1915 Sec. W-56, on 1935 survey
Maxwell Myrtle

Sec. E-31
McAfee A.
6/30/1903 Sec. W-59, age 78y 8m 12d, with Elizabeth, on 1935 survey
McAfee Elizabeth
2/17/1881 Sec. W-59, wife of A. McAfee, age 74y 9m 21d, on 1935 survey as d. 2/17/1894
McCarthy Daniel M. 1865 1931 Sec. E-51, on 1935 survey
McConel James H. 1834 1901 on 1935 survey, not found in 1999
McConnel Anna M. 1874 1937 Sec. W-11, "Mother", with William H.
McConnel Infant
1901 Sec. W-11, son of W. H. and A. M. McConnel, on 1935 survey
McConnel William H. 1805 1944 Sec. W-11, "Father", with Anna M.
McCormick Alice Murl
April 1915 Sec. W-57, with Elva, on 1935 survey as infant dau. of R. C. and E. G.
McCormick Anna M. 1832 1902 Sec. W-H, with William, on 1935 survey
McCormick David Wylie 1856 1883 Sec. W-H, with William, Anna M., and Joseph M., on 1935 survey, no dates found in 1999
McCormick Elva Louise 7/7/1919 7/31/1919 Sec. W-57, with Alice Murl, on 1935 survey listed as infant dau. of R. C. and E. G.
McCormick Emma L. 1861 1933 Sec. SW-3, with William B., on 1935 survey
McCormick Ethel G. 6/19/1895 2/17/1960 Sec. W-57, with R. Claire
McCormick Joseph M. 1863 10/28/1863 Sec. W-H, with William, on 1935 survey as son of Wm. and A. M., b. 2/25/1863
McCormick Mary 1873 1952 Sec. SE-5, with Nevin
McCormick Muriel E. 1918 -- Sec. W-57
McCormick N. Ella 1854 1873 Sec. W-H, "Daughter", on 1935 survey as dau. of Wm. and A. M., b. 9/19/1854, d. 11/15/1873
McCormick Nevin 1871 1937 Sec. SE-5, with Mary
McCormick R. Claire 1/10/1895 6/24/1968 Sec. W-57, with Ethel G.
McCormick Robert W. 1906 1968 Sec. SE-5, with Muriel E.
McCormick William 1823 1883 Sec. W-H, with Anna M., his wife, D. Wylie, son, and Joseph M., son, on 1935 survey
McCormick William B. 1861 1940 Sec. SW-3, with Emma L.
McCune Anna M. 1865 1915 Sec. W-1, on 1935 survey
McDonald F. Elene 1902 1996 Sec. E-44, with Herbert
McDonald Herbert W. 1897 1963 Sec. E-44, with F. Elene
McGee Eliza J. 1854 1944 Sec. E-50, with John B.
McGee John B. 1851 1925 Sec. E-50, with Eliza J., on 1935 survey as b. 1854
McGlade J. C.

Sec. W-10
McGlade Susan 7/12/1828 4/18/1910 Sec. W-10, wife of J. C., on 1935 survey
Mears James H. 1834 1901 Sec. W-10
Mears Lillia
2/4/1902 Sec. W-10, dau. of J. H. and M. J., on 1935 survey as Lillian
Mears M. J.

Sec. W-10
Meyer Bertha Lee 1896 1965 Sec. SE-5
Monosmith Ellen J. 1872 1925 Sec. W-10, by J. S.
Monosmith Howard V. 1901 1951 Sec. W-10
Monosmith Infant

Sec. W-10
Monosmith J. Lucile 10/30/1896 1/23/1899 Sec. W-10, on 1935 survey
Monosmith J. S. 1871 1929 Sec. W-10, on 1935 survey as John S., d. 9/15/1929, age 58y 8m 19d
Morgan Archil

Sec. W-8
Morgan Grace L.
12/23/1883 Sec. W-8, dau. of R. and A. N. Morgan, age 6m 25d, on 1935 survey
Morgan Guy

Sec. W-8
Morgan Prince A.
7/1/1894 Sec. W-8, age 17y, on 1935 survey
Morgan Robert
3/22/1882 Sec. W-8, son of R. and A. N. Morgan, on 1935 survey
Nelson Al 1862 1930 Sec. E-26, with Cara D., on 1935 survey
Nelson Cara D. 1866 1940 Sec. E-26, with Al
Norton Ruth E. Malson 1911 1995 Sec. E-19
Oxford Earl E. 1890 1973 Sec. SE-8, with Elizabeth M.
Oxford Elizabeth M. 1896 1962 Sec. SE-8, with Earl E.
Oxford Ellsworth J.
4/1/1922 Sec. SE-8
Oxford Grant J. 1924 1943 Sec. SE-8
Pease Thais Metcalf
4/14/1920 Sec. W-7, near Rineharts
Peterson Beula 1910 1963 Sec. W-7, by Rineharts
Porter Cummings
1862 Sec. W-K, infant son of D. P. and P. Porter, on 1935 survey as d. 3/1/1862 age 16d
Porter David Caldwell 12/28/1906 11/22/1991 Sec. W-4, wife Martha Cadonau, married 5/9/1936
Porter David P. 1827 4/24/1889 Sec. W-4, age 61y 10m 2d, "Father", on 1935 survey as b. 1824
Porter Frank Haley 1867 1946 Sec. W-4, with Kate Hopkins
Porter Guy L. 1874 1952 Sec. W-4
Porter Kate Hopkins 1873 1956 Sec. W-4, with Frank Haley Porter
Porter Martha Cadonau 4/12/1913 11/6/1991 Sec. W-4, husband David Caldwell Porter
Porter Mary A. 1884 1965 Sec. W-4, with William D.
Porter May Caldwell 1879 1954 Sec. W-4
Porter Minnie E. 1859 1920 Sec. W-4, dau. of D. P. and Parthena Porter, on 1935 survey
Porter Parthena J. 1837 1917 Sec. W-4, wife of David P., "Mother", on 1935 survey
Porter William D. 1872 1956 Sec. W-4, with wife Mary A.
Pugh Anna L. 1906 1961 Sec. W-55, husband Harold S.
Pugh Charles A. 1876 1934 Sec. W-55, with wife Lena, Baby Rena, on 1935 survey
Pugh Effie 12/15/1877 6/28/1878 Sec. W-E, infant daughter of J. W. and N. E. Pugh, on same stone as Fannie, Nancy, and John W., on 1935 survey
Pugh Ella May 1897 1994 Sec. W-55A, with husband John M.
Pugh Elsie 1872 1913 Sec. W-8, with husband George B.
Pugh Enna A. 1879 1959 Sec. W-J
Pugh Ernest G. 1873 1942 Sec. W-3
Pugh Fannie E. 12/25/1848 2/7/1870 Sec. W-G,wife of John W. Pugh, on same stone with Effie, Nancy E., and John W., on 1935 survey
Pugh Frances W.

Sec. W-8
Pugh Geneva L. 1920 1982 Sec. W-55
Pugh George B. 1868 1939 Sec. W-8, with wife Elsie and Margaret C.
Pugh George W.
8/26/1853 Sec. W-J, son of F. A. and R. Pugh, 1y 6m 7d, on 1935 survey
Pugh Harold S. 1902 1982 Sec. W-55, with wife Anna L.
Pugh Harvey G. 1881 1970 Sec. W-J, with Emma A.
Pugh Howard E. 8/11/1906 6/4/1907 Sec. W-3, on 1935 survey as b. 3/11/1906, Howard Ernest
Pugh James A. 1851 1918 Sec. E-23, with wife Lottie, on 1935 survey
Pugh Jesse W. 1818 1904 Sec. W-2, with Sarah, on 1935 survey
Pugh John M. 1897 1979 Sec. W-55A, with Ella May
Pugh John W. 6/18/1845 6/17/1913 Sec. W-E, with Fannie, dau. Effie, and Nancy E., on 1935 survey as John Wesley
Pugh Lena S. 1879 1978 Sec. W-55, with Charles A. and Baby Rena
Pugh Lottie

Sec. E-23
Pugh Mae 1875 1912 Sec. W-3, wife of E. C. Pugh, on 1935 survey
Pugh Margaret D. 1877 1943 Sec. W-8, with George B. and Elsie
Pugh Mary 10/2/1789 1/28/1872 Sec. W-J, 82y 3m 21d, on 1935 survey as d. 1/23/1872
Pugh Mary E.
1/18/1854 Sec. W-J, dau. of F. A. and R. Pugh, 6y 5m 3d, on 1935 survey
Pugh Nancy E.
1930 Sec. W-2, on 1935 survey as (child)
Pugh Nancy E. 4/6/1849 4/16/1898 Sec. W-3, wife of J. W., on same stone with John W., Effie, and Fannie, on 1935 survey
Pugh Olive E. 1886 1985 Sec. W-3
Pugh Rene E. 4/26/1918 8/23/1918 Sec. W-55, on 1935 survey as Rena Elaine, d. of C. A. and L. S.
Pugh Sarah 1828 1905 Sec. W-2, with Jesse W., on 1935 survey
Rinehart Amelia M. 1869 1944 Sec. W-7
Rinehart Archie W.
1894 Sec. W-F, with Guy, child of W. T. and L. G. Rinehart, on 1935 survey as d. 1924
Rinehart C. S.

Sec. W-F
Rinehart Ellis W. 1871 1951 Sec. W-7, with Pearl H. and Francis H.
Rinehart Francis H. 1921 1923 Sec. W-F, has 2 tombstones, on 1935 survey
Rinehart Grant S.
4/11/1871 Sec. W-F, son of F. M. and M. A., 2y 27d, on 1935 survey
Rinehart Guy G. 1895 1896 Sec. W-F, child of W. T. and L. G. Rinehart, with Archie W., on 1935 survey
Rinehart Guy S. 1873 1945 Sec. W-F, near Nellie Myrtle
Rinehart Martha A.
1/1/1879 Sec. W-F, wife of F. M., age 31y 11m 6d
Rinehart Nellie Myrtle 1883 1927 Sec. W-F, wife of G. S., on 1935 survey
Rinehart Pearl H. 1884 1965 Sec. W-7, with Ellis and Francis
Rinehart Watson T. 1867 1941 Sec. W-7, with Amelia M.
Roberts Renee Michelle 4/25/1987 4/25/1987 Sec. SE-15, age 69 minutes
Roberts Steven Kent
10/27/1947 Sec. W-58, by the Dicksons
Robinett Anna May 1868 1945 Sec. W-13, with Volney W.
Robinett Carl W. 7/25/1903 10/30/1980 Sec. W-13
Robinett Esther I. 2/28/1908 10/23/1981 Sec. W-13
Robinett Infant

Sec. W-D, Infant of John A. and Tempy Robnett
Robinett John A. 6/1/1837 11/29/1888 Sec. W-13, on 1935 survey
Robinett Linnie R. 1896 1961 Sec. W-13
Robinett Volney W. 1867 1914 Sec. W-13, with Anna May, on 1935 survey
Rogers Cora B. 1872 1950 Sec. E-40, age 77
Rogers Elmer J. 1909 1938 Sec. E-40, age 28
Rogers Johnie 1869 1943 Sec. E-40, age 74
Rogers Walter C. 1891 1919 Sec. E-40, age 28, on 1935 survey as Charles W., d. 12/31/1919, age 28y 10m 11d?
Satchwell Herbert R. 1866 1922 Sec. E-19, with Nellie Pugh, on 1935 survey
Satchwell Nellie Pugh 1874 1965 Sec. E-19, with Herbert R.
Saxton Ira M. 1863 1928 Sec. E-47, with Isabella Y., on 1935 survey
Saxton Isabella Y. 1862 1925 Sec. E-47, with Ira M., on 1935 survey
Schuman Agnes
1/20/1979 Sec. W-56A, age 64y 10m 7d
Schuman Milton Dale 1/14/1924 1/4/1996 Sec. W-1, military, Pvt., US Army, Korea
Schuman Otto Ernest 1923 1930 Sec. W-1, on 1935 survey
Schuman Vivian

Sec. W-1
Schuman William Henry 6/27/1892 5/14/1981 Sec. W-1, military, MM2, US Navy, WWII
Shepherd Hattie 7/4/1884 5/31/1958 Sec. E-25
Shepherd Ralph W. 8/6/1887 10/28/1953 Sec. E-25, military, Oregon, Pfc 316 Field Sig BN 91 Div, WWI
Shindler James Andy 12/25/1925 3/9/1996 Military, AOM2, US Navy, WWII
Simmons Frances 1898 1925 Sec. E-47, on 1935 survey
Simmons Mary A.
2/20/1903 Sec. E-20, wife of William, age 73y 1m, on 1935 survey as 78y 1m
Simmons William 1836 1909 Sec. E-20, with Mary A., on 1935 survey
Smith G. B.

Sec. W-61
Soper Donald Edgar 1/28/1935 4/10/1961 Sec. E-31, military, Oregon EM2, US Navy
Soper Edna C. 9/5/1909 4/4/1977 Sec. E-31
Sprenger Alice M. 2/1/1900 5/13/1982 Sec. SE-9, with Thomas R.
Sprenger Chad Lewis 3/16/1966 8/31/1966 Sec. SE-12
Sprenger Clara E. 1891 1963 Sec. SE-9, with J. Wallace
Sprenger Elizabeth J. 1855 1935 Sec. W-2, with Thomas B., on 1935 survey
Sprenger J. Wallace 1879 1974 Sec. SE-9, with Clara E.
Sprenger Lewis Ross 5/16/1941 4/24/1995 Sec. SE-9
Sprenger Reah E. 1895 1933 Sec. W-2, on 1935 survey
Sprenger Scott C. 3/6/1950 3/27/1950 Sec. SE-12
Sprenger Thomas B. 1851 1946 Sec. W-2, with Elizabeth J.
Sprenger Thomas R. 2/20/1896 10/22/1987 Sec. SE-9, with Alice M.
Sprenger Wallace B. 1929 1954 Sec. SE-9, "Father"
Starnes Leola McCormick 1898 1957 Sec. SW-3
Starnes Leroy N. 1890 1976 Sec. SW-3
Stauff Dortha 1919 1920 Sec. E-48
Stevenson Donna 2/14/1925 1/11/1979 Sec. E-24, by Freerksons
Stewart E. Carl 1907 1951 Sec. E-54, with Edith J., Kate B. Croft, and Baby John E., d. 1939
Stewart Edith J. 1902 1975 Sec. E-54, with E. Carl, Kate B. Croft, and Baby John E., d. 1939
Stone David

Sec. W-61
Stone Ephraim M.
3/6/1934 Sec. W-61, on 1935 survey age 60y 9m 25d
Stone Nancy A.

Sec. W-61
Strader Fred

Sec. W-B
Tait Agnes Clark 1869 1944 Sec. E-41, with James E.
Tait James E. 1869 1936 Sec. E-41, with Agnes Clark
Taylor Gertrude
1/29/1876 Sec. W-D, dau. of T. J. and A. J. Taylor, age 11m 20d, on 1935 survey
Thompson Caddie Jane 1888 1920 Sec. E-15, wife of G. R., "Mother", on 1935 survey
Thompson Charles Peter 8/29/1888 2/14/1983 Sec. E-15
Thompson George F.
3/3/1903 Sec. E-15, son of M. and S., on 1935 survey as age 17y 11m 3d
Thompson L. G. 1857 1923 Sec. W-6, on 1935 survey
Thompson Laura L. 1889 1958 Sec. E-18A, with Otto M.
Thompson Leo E. 1887 1913 Sec. E-15, Woodsman of the World, on 1935 survey
Thompson Martin 1846 1910 Sec. E-15, with Sophia, on 1935 survey as b. 1845
Thompson Mercer 11/3/1821 4/20/1886 Sec. W-6, age 64y 5m 17d, with Sarah W., on 1935 survey
Thompson Otto M. 1883 1965 Sec. E-18A, with Laura L.
Thompson Sarah W. 8/15/1824 9/18/1891 Sec. W-6, wife of Mercer Thompson, on 1935 survey
Thompson Sophia 1856 1928 Sec. E-15, with Martin Thompson, on 1935 survey as age 74y
Thrift Edward 1868 1920 Sec. W-1, with Lena M., on 1935 survey
Thrift Lena M. 1875 1952 Sec. W-1, with Edward
Turner Eltha Davis 1/30/1870 11/29/1951 Sec. E-26
Underwood Walter E.
5/8/1888 Sec. E-28, age 1y 8m 21d, "Our darling", on 1935 survey
Utterback Clara J. 1861 1930 Sec. SW-2, with Monroe A., on 1935 survey as Clara Jane, d. 7/31/1925?, age 69y 10m 15d
Utterback Monroe A. 1860 1935 Sec. SW-2, with Clara J., on 1935 survey as Alford M., d. 6/2/1935 age 74y 7m
Utterback Nettie

Sec. SW-2
1801 1890 Sec. E-27, "Mother", on 1935 survey
Warren Catherine Arnold 1909 1966 Sec. E-22
Watson Ray E. 12/3/1917 7/31/1990 Sec. W-13, by Linnie Robinett
Wave Dollie 10/18/1888 9/3/1906 Sec. W-G, on 1935 survey as Wave or Ware
Wells Goldie Ruth 1893 1979 Sec. E-14, "missionary to Africa"
Wells Leonard 1900 1904 Sec. E-14, on 1935 survey
Wells Leroy H. 1888 1971 Sec. E-14
Wells Sarah E. 1865 1931 Sec. E-14, with William L., on 1935 survey
Wells William L. 1859 1949 Sec. E-14, with Sarah E.
Wheeler Almon 1834 1903 Sec. W-C, with Mary Blaker Wheeler
Wheeler Cecil R.
9/26/1880 Sec. W-C, on 1935 survey as 9/26/1881
Wheeler Infant Son
9/29/1872 Sec. W-C, infant son of Cecil, on 1935 survey
Wheeler Mary Blaker 1849 1932 Sec. W-C, with Almon, on 1935 survey as d. 9/4/1932, age 83y 4m 10d
Wheeler Mary C.
7/6/1880 On 1935 survey as wife of J. A., age 35y 6m 18d, not found in 1999
Wilkins Edward C. 11/11/1907 6/22/1956 Sec. SE-17, military, Oregon, Pfc US Army, WWII, BSM-PH
Williams Gerrie N. 1934 1998 Sec. N-236, with Merlin
Williams Merlin 1940 -- Sec. N-236, with Gerrie N.
Wilson Annette 1860 1949 Sec. E-49, with Leonard R.
Wilson Leonard R. 1855 1935 Sec. E-49, with Annette, on 1935 survey
Wilson Margaret 1908 1932 Sec. SE-6, on 1935 survey as d. 9/25/1932, age 24y 7m 21d
Wilson Oscar H. 9/7/1859 3/12/1927 Sec. E-49, on 1935 survey
Workinger David Robert 1951 1967 Sec. E-50
Workinger Frank Gilbert 1894 1985 Sec. E-50
Workinger Manna Ida 1900 1925 Sec. E-50, on 1935 survey
Workinger Robert Dale 1920 1938 Sec. E-50
Wright Frances 1898 1980 Sec. W-8, near George B. Pugh
Zimmerman Henry

Sec. E-68
Zimmerman Susan

Sec. E-68

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