Foreign agitator stirring up trouble. Students from the Union Theological Seminary picketing Park Avenue in front of Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York. They are led by Jennie Lee (center), former labor leader of the British Parliament, who came to America to take part in a nation-wide speaking campaign conducted by "The League For Industrial Democracy."

taken the control of the party from William Z. Foster, was born in Wichita, Kans. He is a son of a Kansas school teacher and was graduated from Lincoln Jefferson College, February, 1912. During the war he spent two years in the Federal prison at Leavenworth for his anti-American activities. The report continues:

"Young Pioneers of America.—The two most important communist organizations among the youth in this country are known as the Young Pioneers of America and the Young Communist League. The Young Pioneers is composed of boys and girls of grade-school age, and is built along the same lines as the Boy Scouts movement, but dedicated instead to hatred of American institutions and of the American flag. Eighth-grade school children may form a nucleus of Young Pioneers, and these nuclei or groups have been organized in our public schools in various cities throughout the country including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and other cities. They distribute publications such as the Young Spark, praising the red flag, and so forth. The following quotation is taken from one issue of the Young Spark, distributed to students of the Junior high school, of New York:

"'The Young Pioneers of America is a workers' children's organization, and the red flag is their flag * * * we Pioneers are proud to stand by the red flag.'

"The Young Pioneers are encouraged to wage a relentless combat against all forms of religious belief and to hold their own parents in contempt and disobey them if they maintain any faith in God. It is not sufficient for the Young Pioneers to be merely irreligious, but they must be anti-religious. In many instances the parents of these children encourage them and instill the doctrines of communism in them at home.

"All kinds of instructions and propaganda for the teachers of communist children's groups, including the Young Pioneers and the Young Communist League, have been sent from Moscow for use here.

"Communisf summer schools.—Many Young Pioneer summer camps, conducted by the Workers' International Relief, have sprung up in various sections of the United States since 1925, at which time there were 2 camps. In 1929 the number had increased to 20, located in 8 different States. New York State predominates, with 5 such camps all teaching hatred of God, of our form of government, and of the American flag. In New York State alone over 15,000 young communists are turned out each year from these camps, trained to promote class hatred and to urge the destruction of all American ideals and traditions.

"During their attendance at these summer camps these children are educated in the principles and tenets of communism; anti-patriotic and anti-religious instructions are stressed and they are taught hatred and contempt for the American Government, American institutions, and all religions. They render no respect or allegiance to the American flag—the Stars and Stripes—and it is never displayed. In fact they are taught not to salute the flag or to pledge allegiance to it or to the Government for which it stands. They are, however, taught to reverence the red flag of communism and world revolution and to formally pledge allegiance to it.

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