Cleveland (Ohio) reds, milling around the public square after May Day demonstration, while fanatics promise a utopia when the capitalist is "Liquidated" and "Soviet America" established. Similar red meetings were taking place in every large city in the world.

to each individual denouncing the United States as a great imperialistic nation, preparing for war on the Soviet Union, and always urging the members of the citizens' military training camps to turn their guns against the capitalists. At the same time, quite a number of young communists attend these camps and stir up all the disturbances they can until found out and dismissed.


"All communists are atheists, whether they live in Moscow, Berlin, Paris, London, New York, or Los Angeles. They may not be baptized, married, or buried with religious ceremonies. The communist Must not only be without religion, but he must be antireligious.

"The most tragic and appalling situation in Soviet Russia is the fact that many millions of young children attending the public schools are taught each day hatred of the conception of God and of all religious faith and beliefs. This instruction is mandatory on the part of the teachers, and if they fail to carry out their orders they lose their jobs. These young school children are also taught to hold their parents in contempt and disobey them if they maintain any belief or faith in religion. Documents and books presented to the committee indicate that the most terrible kinds of vice are encouraged among the young school children in order to break down their family influence, which is the foundation of all religion.

"Article 121 of the Soviet Criminal Code, adopted in 1922, provides that 'instruction of children and minors in religious teachings or faith in state or private educational institutions and schools is punishable by hard labor up to one year. This restriction has been followed up recently by forbidding the teaching of religion to children by priests or ministers and by active atheistic instruction in the public schools.

"The Communist Party and the Soviet Government have done everything in their power since 1917 to mock, destroy, and outlaw religion. Churches have been pulled down or turned into clubs, religious shrines despoiled, burial grounds desecrated, and the priests and clergy persecuted and slain. The denial of religious liberty and the wiping out of all religious beliefs is an important part of the communist program. Communists boast of being atheists and take pride in waging war on God. The fact is that there is an irrepressible conflict between Russian communism and a belief in God.

"The Communist Party began in 1929 a relentless campaign to uproot and destroy every semblance of religious belief among Russian Orthodoxs, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and Moslems, and by brutal methods, to exterminate religion. Thousands of Russian priests, Jewish rabbis, Zionists, Catholic priests, and Protestant ministers have been arrested on flimsy charges and exiled to Siberia, or shot.


"The communists for years have looked hopefully toward the negro residents of the United States as an element where they might gain recruits for the Communist Party. Work among the negroes is considered one of the major activities of the party.

"Up until this time, the communist effort to interest and line up the negroes in this country has not met with great success, although a considerable number of negroes employed in the northern industrial

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