Fire Fighting To-day

What a Pound of Coal Can Do

The Cyclone

How Music is Printed

A Big Clock

How the Modern Theater is Conducted

How Liquors are Distilled

A Tiny Typewriter

Making Diamonds by Electricity

Chewing Gum and its Manufacture

Tea and Coffee Culture

How to Preserve Natural Flowers

Gathering Cork

Artificial Hatching of Chickens

How Celluloid is Made

Thrashing Watermelons for Seeds

Effect of Electricity on Milk and Meat

Athletic Sports of To-day

Uncle Sam's "Special Delivery" Boy

Bathing for Health and Beauty

Our Schoolboy Soldiers

Health and Muscle

Lime in Agriculture

In the Mine with the Miner

A Day on the Farm with the Farmer

Bugs Costlier than Battleships

A Day with the Stoker on Ship-Board

A Day with the Brakeman on the Train

A Day in the Cigar Factory

A Day with the Chauffeur

A Day in the Telegraph Office with the Operator

A Day on an Ocean Liner with the Steward

A Day on the Trolley Car, with its Crew

A Day in the Field with Women Workers

A Day at the Throttle with the Engineer

A Day on the Locomotive with the Fireman

Travel by Night

A New Type of Passenger Locomotive

The Canadian Lumber Industry

Agriculture in Canada

Ostriches and Ostrich Farming

Logging in the Northwest—in the Early Days

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