337b. Buteo borealis calurus (Cass.).—WESTERN RED-TAIL HAWK.

Lincoln, West Point (L. Bruner); "Baird mentions two specimens taken in August, 1857" (Taylor); "casual east to Illinois" (Bendire); "East to Kansas, casually to Illinois" (Goss); "Country west of the Rocky mountains" (Fisher); Omaha (L. Skow); "this dark phase is occasionally seen in the vicinity of Omaha" (I. S. Trostler); Lincoln (Dr. F. L. Riser).

337d. Buteo borealis harlani (Aud.).—HARLAN'S HAWK.

Lincoln, Omaha, West Point (L. Bruner); "The records of the Normal Science Society show two specimens killed in April" (Taylor); "North to Kansas, Iowa, and Illinois" (Bendire); "Casually to Iowa, Illinois, and Pennsylvania" (Fisher); Omaha (L. Skow); "One killed on farm near Omaha and mounted by "L. Skow" (I. S. Trostler).

339. Buteo lineatus (Gmel).—RED-SHOULDERED HAWK.

Omaha, Bellevue, Rulo (L. Bruner); "Probably a common resident (Taylor); "West to Texas and the Great Plains" (Bendire); "West to the edge of the Great Plains" (Goss); "West to the Great Plains" (Fisher); Omaha— breeding (L. Skow); Omaha, "rarely seen" (I. S. Trostler); Lincoln (A. Eiche, Dr. F. L. Riser).

342. Buteo swainsoni Bonap.—SWAINSON’S HAWK.

West Point, Lincoln (L. Bruner); "Rather abundant in the state" (Aughey); "A common summer resident and may remain in the state during the winter" (Taylor); "east to Wisconsin, Illinois, and Arkansas" (Bendire); do. (Goss); "As far south as South Dakota and Nebraska it is a migratory species" (Fisher); Omaha—breeding (L. Skow); "Resident, except in coldest weather, but not commonly seen" (I. S. Trostler).

Red-shouldered Hawk

343. Buteo latissimus (Wils).--BROAD-WINGED HAWK.

West Point, Omaha, Harrison, Lincoln (L. Bruner); "Rather common during the fall along the bluffs of the Missouri" (Taylor); "West to edge of Great Plains" (Bendire); do. (Goss); "East of the Great Plains" (Fisher); Omaha —breeding (L. Skow); Peru, rare—breeds (G. A. Coleman); Omaha, summer resident, rather rare—breeds in May"(I. S. Trostler).

347a. Archibuteo lagopus sancti-johannis (Gmel). —AMERICAN ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK.

West Point, Oakland, Lincoln (L. Bruner); "Rare in southern Nebraska" (Aughey); "Whole of North America" (Bendire); "The whole of North America north of Mexico" (Goss); "In the west it extends far south in winter" (Fisher); Omaha (L Skow); "I have never observed this hawk in vicinity of Omaha, but on June 27, 1895, saw a pair in Cherry county flying very low in vicinity of a colony of striped ground squirrels" (I. S. Trostler); Lincoln (Dr. F. L Riser).

Swainson's Hawk

348. Archibuteo ferrugineus (Licht.).--FERRUGINOUS ROUGHLEG; FERRUGINOUS BUZZARD.

Omaha (L. Bruner); "I have seen but one of these hawks in Nebraska" (Aughey); "Resident, rare" (Taylor); "east to and across the Great Plains" (Bendire); "East into Iowa and casually to Illinois" (Goss); "Ranging to the eastern border of the Great Plains" (Fisher); Omaha (L. Skow); "not observed in vicinity of Omaha, a common summer resident in Cherry county" (I. S. Trostler); Sioux county, Feb. 24,1896 (W. D. Hunter); Harrison—breeding (E. H. Barbour).

349. Aquila chrysaetos (Linn.).—GOLDEN EAGLE.

West Point, Oakland, Decatur, Lincoln, etc. (L Bruner); "Resident, rare (Taylor); "Northern portions of northern hemisphere" (Bendire); do. (Goss); do. (Fisher); Omaha (L. Skow); Cherry county—breeds (J. M. Bates); Grand Island (F. J. Brezee); Wood River (D. H. Talbot); "Straggler, one seen Sept. 21, 1895, in Sarpy county, breeds annually on Scott’s Bluff, Scott’s Bluff county" (I. S. Trostler); Sioux county, Feb. 19, 1896 (L Bruner).

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