Bio: DeLane, Nelson Adelbert (Nov. 1876 - before 1909)


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----Source: Willmar Argus, 9 Nov 1893, United States, Genealogy Bank Historical Newspaper Obituaries, 1815-2011, Heather White's Family Album


Surnames: Anderson, Bailey, Biladeau, Bond, Cannon, Crabtree, DeLane, Ennor, Fudge, Gero, Gettan, Glass, Hull,, Hommel, James, Lalonde, LaDuke, Pape, Pelkey, Pickren, Piegon, Sears, Simpson, Stone, Streyffler, Ward, Wellington, White


Nelson Adelbert DeLane was born Nov., 1876 in Malone, New York to Peter and Sophia (Sears) DeLane.  We do not know where or how he died.  If you have that information, please contact us!


James DeLane or Nelson Adelbret DeLane?

The back of this photo says "Adelbert's brother" and beneath that it said, "Grandpa" in what appeared to be Marian Augusta DeLane's handwriting, leading to an identification of James DeLane (1839 - 1915), but the photographer, John A. Ennor, operated in Neillsville, WI from about 1885 to 1905.  James would have been 46 to 56 yrs. old at the time.  It seems more likely this is a picture of Nelson Adelbert Delane (b. 1876-77)  who was living in the city at that time with his father, Peter Delane (1837 - 1909).  *In 1893, Nelson was sent to the Waukesha, WI Reform School until he was twenty-one.  *In 1893, Nelson was sent to the Waukesha, WI Reform School until he was twenty-one.  He eventually moved to Leominster, MA where he became a "piano maker", married Lucy A. Crabtree and had 3 sons, Hermon/Herman, David and Charles.  He was not mentioned as a survivor in his father's 1909 Obituary.



Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915, Vol. 522, page 313


Hermon "Herman" Adelbert Delane, White Male

Birth 30 Aug 1902 Leominster, Massachusetts M White

Father: Nelson A. Delane, b. New York

Mother: Lucy A. Crabtree Elmberg, b. New York

*Death Record: June, 1987; SS# Social Security number 013-22-4803


Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915

David Eugene DeLane, White Male
Birth: 30 Apr 1904 Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts
Father: Nelson A. DeLane, Piano Maker
Father's Birthplace: Malone, N.Y.
Mother: Lucy A. Crabtree
Mother's Birthplace: Ellenburg, N.Y.
Record Number: 103

*Death Record


Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915

Charles Wyman DeLane, Male
Birth: 09 Jun 1905, Leominster, Massachusetts
Father: Nelson DeLane, Piano Maker
Mother: Lucy Crabtree






Their Leader* Arrested and One of
Them Sent to the Reformatory—
They Had Ileen Reading: Dime Novels
About Jesse James.


Eau Claire, Wis., Nov. 6, 1883—
Judge Bailey sentenced Nelson DeLane of Neillsville, Clark county, aged fifteen, to the Waukesha reform school till he is twenty-one. DeLane and Elmer Glass, a boy of the same age, were leaders of a gang of Neillsville lads who had been reading novels about Jesse James. Young Glass is the son of the police justice of Neillsville. The boys built a cabin about three miles from Neillsville. Starting in the center of the cabin they dug a tunnel and widened it into a cave, in which a man could stand upright. On the outside of the cabin they put up a sign which read: “E. G. &. N. D., Outlaws.” In spite of this nobody suspected these boys when a Neillsville grocery store was burglarized recently, and fourteen chickens were missed by an old lady in the neighborhood. Finally a lot of material was missed from the Clark county fair grounds, and one of the custodians sent Capt. Hommel, the marshal of Neillsville, to examine the outlaws’ cabin. He entered the cabin and saw a trap door in the middle. He lifted the door but the entrance below to the tunnel had been so cunningly concealed by boards on which was piled six inches of earth and leaves that he went no further. He concluded, however, to arrest DeLane  and Glass. DeLane  was captured but Glass had disappeared. DeLane confessed and showed the officers into the tunnel cave in which were found a large quantity of tea, coffee, chocolate and groceries. DeLane said they meant no harm, but supposed they were obliged to rob if they were going to be outlaws. Glass returned to Neillsville yesterday and will stand trial as his father claims he can prove the boy was at home the night the store was burglarized. DeLane is regarded by the rest of the boys as a traitor and they vow vengeance upon him. Other arrests may follow. *News Clipping




The former Wellington Piano Case Company Building is located on the west side of Green Street, a short way north of the junction of Massachusetts Routes 12 and 13, north of downtown Leominster. The building consists of three large sections, all of brick construction. The original central block is a four-story structure, finished in pressed red brick with granite sills, and a corbelled cornice. Windows are set in segmented-arch openings, and a six-story square tower with crenellated top projects near its center. To the left (south) it is connected to what is now a five-story structure with similar styling, and to the right is an attached two-story section.

The Wellington Piano Case Company was founded in 1895 by Frank E. Wellington, who had risen through the ranks of other piano case manufacturers in Leominster. The main block, built in 1895, was lauded into the 1930s as one of the city's finest and most modern factory facilities. The southern addition was made in 1906, and was originally six stories in height; the top floor was damaged in the New England Hurricane of 1938 and removed. The northern addition, originally used as a dry kiln, was made in 1919. Wellington's company was the last piano case maker to be established in the city. His company was later acquired by the Cable Piano Company. The building, after standing vacant for some years, was converted into condominium residences in 2002.  Wikipedia



Bio: Lalonde, Pierre "Peter"; (1817-1847)
Marriage: 20 June 1838; Huntingdon, Le Haut-Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
Bride: Marie Christine Pigeon; 1812-1895

Children of Marie Christine Pigeon and Pierre "Peter" Lalonde

Adeline DeLane, Lalonde, LaDuke; 1833-1917
2.  Peter DeLane; 1837-1909
3.  Nelson H. DeLane; 1838-1926--Nelson H. DeLane; Marriage: 9 Jun 1861; Charlton, Worcester, MA, USA; Wife: Seraph Aurelia Stone; 1842–1929; Children: Helen H. "Nellie" DeLane; 1862–1920; Jennie Louisa DeLane 1865–?
4.  George Lalonde DeLane; 1839-1915
5.  James DeLane; 1839-1915
6.  George H. DeLane; 1841-1928
7.  Sarah DeLane Lalonde; 1843-1914
8.  David DeLane; 1844-1925
9.  Catherine DeLane; 1847-Deceased


Bio: DeLane, Peter (25 Sep 1837 - 18 Sep 1909)

Peter DeLane (1837 - 1909)

Father Pierre "Peter" Lalonde

Mother: Marie Christine Piegon

Spouse: Sophia Sears


United States Veterans Administration Payment Cards, 1907-1933
Enlisted as a Private on 28 September 1861 at the age of 24.
Mustered Out Company I, 24th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts on 20 Jan 1866 at Richmond, VA.
Enlisted in Company I, Massachusetts 24th Infantry Regiment on 02 Oct 1861.Mustered out on 20 Jan 1866 at Richmond, VA.



Adelbert Henry DeLane; 1867-1932--Death Record
Ida Louise De Lane; 1870-Deceased
Lissie Jane DeLane; 1872-1873
Charles DeLane; 1874-1891
Nelson Adelbert DeLane, 1877 - before 1909


Bio: DeLane, Sophia Sears (1848)

Birth: 1848, New York

 *See Heather White's Family Album

Obit: Bond/DeLane, Lucy A. Crabtree (4 Jul 1951)

Obituary Notes: Mrs. Frederick Bond, female
Name: Mrs Lucy Crabtree Bond, Age: 71, Sex: Female

Death Date: 04 Jul 1951
Event Place: Springfield, Massachusetts
Birthplace: Clinton Mills, New York
Burial Place: Ellenberg Depot, New York
Son: Charles DeLane
Son: David Eugene DeLane

Son: Herman DeLane
Father: John Crabtree
Mother: Charlotte Simpson Crabtree
Husband#1: Nelson DeLane

Husband#2: Frederick Bond

Obit: Crabtree, Charlotte Simpson (1846 - 10 Sep 1915)
Obituary Notes: Charlotte Simpson Crabtree

Charlotte Simpson Crabtree, Sex: Female

Husband: John Crabtree

New York, State Death Index, 1880-1956, Mooers, Clinton, New York, United States


Obit: Crabtree, John (1815 - )


Obituary Notes: Crabtree, John

Wife: Charlotte Simpson Crabtree, Sex: Female
Daughter-in-law: Mrs. Frederick Bond
Brother: Charles DeLane
Brother: David DeLane

Grandson: Charles DeLane
Grandson: David DeLane

Grandson: Herman DeLane
Minister: Rev David Streyffler, Sex: Male


1880 United States Census, New York Franklin Malone ED 92

Household--46 Coulter St.
Peter DeLane Male 42 Married White Carpenter 1838 Canada Canada Canada Self
Sophia DeLane Female 32 Married White Keeping House 1848 New York, United States Canada Canada Wife
Albert DeLane Male 12 Single White At School 1868 Massachusetts, United States Canada New York, United States Son
Ida DeLane Female 9 Single White 1871 Massachusetts, United States Canada New York, United States Daughter
Charles DeLane Male 6 Single White 1874 Massachusetts, United States Canada New York, United States Son
Nelson DeLane Male 3 Single White 1877 New York, United States Canada New York, United States Son
*Next door: House #45, Henry & Celia Coulter; House #47, Juluis & Clementine Ressene


1880 United States Census, Ellenburgh, Clinton, New York
John Crabtree Self Male 65 (1815) New York, United States, Mulatlto Male, Farm Laborer, father b. England, mother b. NY, USA
Charlotte Crabtree Wife White Female 34 (1846) Canada, housekeeper, father b. Ireland, mother b. New Hamshire, USA
George E Crabtree Son Male 10 New York, United States, Mulatlto Male, attends school
Jas A Crabtree Son Male 7 New York, United States, Mulatlto Male
Henry E Crabtree Son Male 4 New York, United States, Mulatlto Male
Nelson W Crabtree Son Male 2 New York, United States, Mulatlto Male
Lucy A Crabtree Daughter Female 0 New York, United States, single, Mulatlto Female (b. Aug 1879)


1885 Wisconsin State Census, Clark Clark county
Jas DeLane 5 Females, 2 Males; All 7 United States Citizens


1900, United States Census, New York Clinton ED 16 Dannemora Township (eastern part)

William R Hull 1900 Male 37 Married White 10 Aug 1863 Vermont 1890 Vermont Vermont Head
Ida L Hull 1900 Female 30 Married White 4 10 Oct 1870 Massachusetts 1890 Canada (Fr) Canada (Fr) 4 Wife
Mary M Hull 1900 Female 8 Single White Feb 1892 New York Vermont Massachusetts Daughter
Daisy E Hull 1900 Female 7 Single White Apr 1893 New York Vermont Massachusetts Daughter
Margrette C Hull 1900 Female 5 Single White Dec 1895 New York Vermont Massachusetts Daughter
Lizzie J Hull 1900 Female 1 Single White Jun 1899 New York Vermont Massachusetts Daughter
Peter DeLane 1900 Male 63 Widowed White Jun 1837 Canada (Fr) 1849 Canada (Fr) Canada (Fr) Father-in-law
Nelson DeLane 1900 Male 24 Single White Nov 1876 New York Canada (Fr) Canada (Fr) Brother-in-law

Joseph Pape 1900 Male 43 Widowed White 1857 England 1893 England England Boarder
Thomas Anderson 1900 Male 24 Single White 1876 Canada (Eng) 1899 Scotland Ireland Boarder
*Ida Louise Delane Hull; Maiden Name: DeLane, d.9 Feb 1946 in Clayville, Oneida, NY and was buried in the Sauquoit Valley Cemetery.  Ida's 2nd marriage


1892 NY State Census, Ellenburg, E.D. 01, District: 01, Record Number: 24830

Charlotte Crabtree 01 Female 51 51y Citizen C 1841 Canada
George Crabtree 01 Male 23 23y Citizen C 1869 United States
James Crabtree 01 Male 20 20y Citizen C 1872 United States
Henry Crabtree 01 Male 17 17y Citizen C 1875 United States
Nelson Crabtree 01 Male 15 15y Citizen C 1877 Canada

Lucy Crabtree, Female, Age: 13y (1879), Citizenship Status: Citizen, Birthplace: United States



1900 United States Census, Ellenburg Township (east part), Clinton, New York, United States
Blanch Crabtree Female 19 Single White Feb 1881 New York New York Canada French Servant
Ann Crabtree Female 64 Single White Sep 1836 New York New York Ireland Head
Elizabeth Mellon Female 67 Widowed White 0 Aug 1833 New York New York Ireland 0 Sister
Lewis Pelkey Male 50 Married White Jul 1850 New York 1871 Vermont Canada French Head
Oliva Pelkey Female 38 Married White 8 Jun 1862 New York 1871 Canada French Canada French 11 Wife
Frank J Pelkey Male 15 Single White Mar 1885 New York New York New York Son
William Pelkey Male 14 Single White Apr 1886 New York New York New York Son
Celia J Pelkey Female 11 Single White Apr 1889 New York New York New York Daughter
Lenard Pelkey Male Single White New York New York New York Son B
Carrie J Pelkey Female 1 Single White Jun 1899 New York New York New York Daughter
John Pelkey Male 87 Married White Oct 1813 Vermont 1836 Canada French Canada French Father
Marry Pelkey Female 79 Married White 7 Apr 1821 Canada French 1836 1836 Canada French Canada French 14 Mother
Frank Gettan Male 71 Married White Mar 1829 Canada French 1852 1850 Canada French Canada French Head
Celia Gettan Female 67 Married White 3 Mar 1833 Canada French 1852 1841 Canada French Canada French 9 Wife
Henry Crabtree Male 24 Single White Oct 1876 New York Canada French Canada French

Charlott Crabtree Mother Female 55 Canada England
Nelson Crabtree Brother Male 23 New York
Lucy L Crabtree Sister Female 21 New York


1910 United States Census, Wisconsin Clark Neillsville Ward 1 ED


Adelbert H DeLane Male 43 Married White 1867 Massachusetts New York New York Head
Viola F DeLane Female 45 Married White 1865 Wisconsin New York Michigan Wife
Margaret K DeLane Female 12 Single White 1898 New York Massachusetts Wisconsin Daughter
Marion A DeLane Female 8 Single White 1902 New York Massachusetts Wisconsin Daughter
Helen M DeLane Female 6 Single White 1904 New York Massachusetts Wisconsin Daughter


1910 United States Census, New York Clinton Ellenburg ED 18

Henry Crabtree Male 33 Married Mulatto 1877 New York New York Canada Head
Julia Crabtree Female 34 Married White 1876 Canada Canada Canada Wife
Bertha Crabtree Female 1 Single White 1909 Massachusetts New York Canada Daughter
Charlotte Crabtree Female 68 Widowed Mulatto 1842 Canada Connecticut Ireland Head
Nelson Crabtree Male 32 Single Mulatto 1878 Canada New York Canada Son
Lucy DeLane Female 31 Widowed Mulatto 1879 New York New York Canada Head, Wash Woman
Herman DeLane Male 8 Single White 1902 Massachusetts New York New York Son
David DeLane Male 6 Single White 1904 Massachusetts New York New York Son
Charles DeLane Male 5 Single White 1905 Massachusetts New York New York Son


1930 Federal Census, Easthampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States

Fred Bond Head Male 50 New York, farm laborer
Lucy Bond Wife Female 50 New York
David Delane Stepson Male 26 (1904) Massachusetts, folder-cotton mill
Herman Delane Stepson Male 27 (1902) Massachusetts, painter-cotton mill
Joseph Pickren Boarder Male 55 New York, black smith-black smith shop

United States Census, 1940 Massachusetts Hampshire Northampton City, Northampton, Ward 7, U.S. Veterans Hospital, Sheet Letter: B, Sheet #11

Herman A. DeLane Same House Male 37 Single White 1903 Massachusetts Attendant
Ward 7, Northampton, Northampton City, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
Last Place of Residence: Same House
Birth Year: 1903, Massachusetts


1940 United States Census, Massachusetts Hampshire Easthampton Town 8-22


David Delane Same Place Male 35 Married White 1905 Massachusetts Head
Caroline Delane Same Place Female 31 Married White 1909 Massachusetts Wife
Ellen J. Delane, Female 3 Single White 1937 Massachusetts Daughter


1940 Census, Easthampton, Easthampton Town, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States


Charles Delane Same House Male 34 Married White 1906 Massachusetts Head
Corona Delane Same House Female 35 Married White 1905 Massachusetts Wife
Syril Biladeau Same House Male 64 Widowed White 1876 Canada Father-in-law


BioM: Hull, Ida L. DeLane (1921)


New York, County Marriages, 1847-1848; 1908-1936,m Record Number:  2669
Name: Francis Hodge, male, 60 yrs. old (1861)
Marriage Date: 17 Nov 1921, Lewis, New York, United States
Father's Name: John Hodge
Mother's Name: Delia Ward
Bride's Name: Ida L Hull, Female, 51 yrs. old (1870-1871)
Bride's Father's Name: Peter DeLane
Bride's Mother's Name: Sophia Sears


BioM: DeLane, Lucy A. Crabtree (1914)


New York, County Marriages, 1847-1848 & 1908-1936
Groom: Fred M Bond, 33 Yr. old (1881) male
Marriage Date: 25 Feb 1914, Clinton, New York, United States
Event Place (Original): Ellenburg
Father's Name: John Bond
Mother's Name: Charlotte Chamberlain
Bride's Name: Lucy DeLane, 34 yr. old (1880) female
Spouse's Father's Name: John Crabtree
Spouse's Mother's Name: Charlott Simson

*This was Lucy's 2nd marriage.  She was the widow of Nelson A. DeLane.


Bio: DeLane, Lissie Jane (1872)


Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915
Name: Lissie Jane DeLane, Female
Birth Date: 13 Oct 1872, Massachusetts, United States
Father's Name: Peter DeLane
Mother's Name: Sophia DeLane


Obit: DeLane, Charles Wyman  (5 Jun 1905 - Feb 1967)

United States Social Security Death Index

Charles DeLane, Age: 62
Birth Date: 05 Jun 1905
State: Massachusetts (Leominster, Massachusetts)

Death Date: Feb 1967

*Obituary Notes: Corana Biladeau was his wife.


Obit: David Eugene DeLane (30 Apr 1904 - 23 Feb 1974)

----Source: United States, Genealogy Bank Historical Newspaper Obituaries, 1815-2011

David E Delane, 70 year ols male
Death Date: 23 Feb 1974, Springfield, Massachusetts
Address: 31 East Green St.
Residence: Easthampton
Residence Date: 22 Feb 1974
Relatives: Daughter: Mrs Melvin R. Fudge

Obit: DeLane/Delaine, Peter (25 Sep 1837 - 18 Sep 1909)


----Sources: The Malone Farmer, 29 Sep 1909

New York, State Death Index, 1880-1956

Peter DeLane
Death Date: 18 Sep 1909, New York, United States
Entry Number:  39764, Record Number: 11


DeLane-At Faxton hospital, Utica, NY

Saturday. Sept. 18 Peter DeLane, aged 72 years.

The death of Peter DeLane occurred at Faxton hospital followings an amputation of the right leg: above the knee since May he had been a resident of Chadwick. making his home with his daughter, Mrs. Wm. R. Hull. He is survived by one son, Adelbert, of Neillsville, Wisconsin and one daughter, Mrs. Hull, besides two sisters Mrs. John King, of Belmont, and Mrs. Sarah Gero, of  Chateaugay Lake, and four brothers; Nelson, of Massachusetts; George, of Oklahoma; James of Washington state, and David of Lowville. Four half-brothers including L. P. Laduke, of Malone, survive. Mr. DeLane was a veteran of the Civil war. a member of Wm. D. Brennan Post , a kind father and will be sadly missed.


Death Location: Utica, Oneida, New York, United States


*Burial: Frankfort, Herkimer, New York, United States


Obit: DeLane, David Eugene (30 Apr 1904 - 22 Feb 1974)


Massachusetts Death Index, 1970-2003
David E DeLane
Death Date: 22 Feb 1974, Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
Birthplace: New York



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