Re: Property: Blue Moon Cheese Factory
Contact:  Larry Glisson



I think I may have the answer. Jason Franklin Whitney (I, since his son was II and grandson is III), "invented" Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese, among his other accomplishments. He came to America from England and worked very hard, even selling products door to door. He helped to build Kraft Foods and was the Vice-President. He was also involved with General Mills, Standard Brands, and one of the major auto manufacturers (I forget which one.) I read that he founded Blue Moon Cheese, in a Who's Who listing we found for him back in the late 40s or 50s, with all of his accomplishments listed. I know his two grandsons personally, and I've seen home movies of Jason II and June as small children, living in quite fabulous style back in the roaring 20s. They lived in the Chicago area.

Jason Whitney's daughter, June Whitney Amaral, is quite wealthy as a result of her father's legacy.

To verify this, you'd have to go back through the Who's Who books around 1950, give or take a few years. My memory is pretty good, and I was actually searching for information about Jason Whitey when I searched for Blue Moon Cheese and found this thread. The information about him coming from England and selling products door to door came from Jason IIs wife.