1860 Clark County

Wisconsin Federal Census

Hewett, Lynn, Grant,South third of Mentor and all of Pine Valley

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State Wisconsin 1860 United States Federal Census                     Enumeration District - Pine Valley Township
County Clark Enumerated by W. C. Tompkins/Assistant Marshal Sheet Number                      
City or Township Towns of Hewett, Lynn, Grant,South third of Mentor and all of Pine Valley Enumeration Date     June and July of 1860
  Location Name Relation Personal Description   Nativity   Citizenship                          
              Sex Color or Race Age at last Birthday Single, married, widowed or Divorced Number of years of present marriage Mother of how many children Place of Birth Year of Imigration to U.S. Whether Naturalized or Alien Whether Naturalized or Alien       Occupation Education Ownership of Home
Line Number Street, Avenue, Road, Etc. House number or Farm Dwelling Number Number of family in order of visitation Name of each person whose place of abode on April 15th, 1900, was in this family. Surname first, then given names. Relationship to the head of the family Number born Number now living Place of Birth of this Person Place of Birth of Father of this Person Place of Birth of Mother of this Person Whether able to speak English or if not what language     Trade or profession of, or particular kind of work done by this person. Whether able to read Whether able to write Attended school since 1909 Real Estate $ Personal Estate $ Farm or House Years in the U.S.
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18     19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
113         Schlinsog, Carl Head M W 50 M   4 4 Schlesswig                 farmer           400    
114         Schnyder, John Head M W 40         Saxony                 workman                
115         Scott, Robert Head M W M     3 3 Canada                 Farmer         400 150    
116         Short, Washington Head M W 33 M   3 3 New York                 Farmer           200    
117         Snyder, Nicholas Head M W 30 M   2 2 Hesse                 Farmer         1500 450    
118         Sontag, David Head M W 25         Prussia                 Saloon Keeper         300 100    
119         Stafford, Leonard R. Head M W 36 M   3 3 Maine                 /Farmer/Lumber       1200 350    
120         Sterinskie, Charles Head M W 28         Prussia                 Farmer         700 150    
121         Sterinskie, Frederick Head M W 53 M   4 4 Prussia                 Farmer                
122         Strong, Christopher Head M W 30         Hesse                 workman                
123         Sturdevant, Solon W.   M W 26         Pennsylvania                           800 100    
124         Sturdevant,Jason Head M W 43 M   5 5 Pennsylvania                 Farmer         2000 750    
125         Taylor, George Head M W 29         Scotland                 workman            
126         Tompkins, W. C. Head M W 34 M   3 3 New York                 Printer         600 800    
127         Truesdale, A. B. Head M W 33         Pennsylvania                 Master Carpenter         700 200    
128         Turner, Abel Head M W 50 M   5 5 Maine                 Farmer         1000 200    
129         Turner, Gorham Head M W 36 M   3 3 Maine                 Farmer         500 200    
130         Turner, Lot Head M W 35         Maine                 Farmer         200 175    
131         Wage, John D. Head M W 76 M   4 4 Connecticut                 Farmer         600 125    
132         Way, Samuel W. Head M W 33 M   2 2 New Hampshire                 Farmer                
133         Weber, Elijah Head M W 55         Maine                 Farmer                
134         West, George Head M W 35 M   3 3 England                 farmer         600 50    
135         Wildish,Edward Head M W 27         England                 farmer         1000 100    
136         Williams, George Head M W 32 M   2 2 New York                 farmer                
137         Yonkee, Frederick Head M W 45 M   7 7 Prussia                 Farmer         1500 413    
138         Yorkston, Archibald Head M W 38 M   4 4 Scotland                 Farmer         900 150    
139         Yorkston, William Head M W 42         Scotland                                  




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