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Alphabetical List of Names in this Publication

A letter to James Clark, Bill Warner 4

A 1917 Joy Ride, Elizabeth Crothers 4

And So It Was---, Elsie Bremer 11

An Historical Mansion, Ione Pickett Cooper 20

Catching the School’s Thief, Ursula Kuester 21

Destiny, Ione Pickett Cooper 23

From the Clarks, Jim Clark 21

Goose Step, Joanne Rose 18

Hauling Milk in the Thirties, Merlin Justman 3

Historical Dates at Eidsvold, Hilda and Jim Clark 9

History of Eidsvold School, Bill Warner 5

History of Heintown, Tony Walter family 3

History of the Thorp Telephone Co., Joseph Keating 1

Home Talent in the Early 1900’s, Mabel Jonket 7

Horse Power, Vieno Keskimaki 27

I Remember When---, Mrs. Herman Bushing 18

Just Another Day; How Would You Like To---?, Jim Clark 26

Marketing Farm Products, Mrs. Alvin Schutte 3

Memoirs from the Early Livery and Dray Stables, Pearl Rose Axelson 1

Pine Stumps on Black River, Vieno Keskimaki 34

Raising Rutabegas, Vieno Keskimaki 14

Recollections of School Days, Jim Clark 8

Ruth Vine Kissinger, Ruth Vine Kissinger 37

Some Memories of the Past, Mrs. Evert Johnson 25

Synopsis of Early Settlers in the Town of Hixon, Arno Vater 8

Talk Given at the Unity Park Dedication, R. W. Rex 29

Telling Like It Was, Everett A. Kauffman 16

The Basket Social, Lily Cass Laasko 22

The Butler Builders, Mrs. Earl V. Butler 31

The Case of German Spies, Esther Dodte 6

The Clark County Historical Society 37

The Clark County Wheelmen, Jim Clark 27

The Days Gone By, Jim Clark 30

The Last Lamps, Florence Garbush 36

The Old Country Store, Jim Clark 26

The Old Log School at Eidsvold, Jim Clark 18

The Old Shot Gun, Ursula Kuester 25

The Old Stump Puller, Ruby Yndogliato 13

The Old Swimmin’ Hole, Jim Clark 26

The 1897 Clark County Jail 39

The Road, Elizabeth G. McCarty 17

The Veefkind Area, Wm. Reinheimer 31

The Clarks and Others Who May Want to Know, Jum Clark 21

Towers South of Owen Monitors Pipeline, Florence Garbush 5

Vacation, Jim Clark 36

What America Means to Me, Dawn Newman 30

What America Means to Me, Renee Hendrickson 30

Wild Flowers, Rose Pakiz 14


A pencil sketch and poem from the Listermann collection reproduced in this book were made by Sophie Lungerhausen Listermann, mother of Kurt Listermann.


Cover Picture: The beautiful old tree known as an Indian trail marker was located a short distance north of US Highway 10 in the Town of Fremont.






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