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Aiken/Akens/Akins, Barker, Barker, Beadles, Bird, Brazeal, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Cater, Chandler, Combs, Daniel, Davis, Dunlap, Garrison, Garrison, Glover, Gore, Hamblet, Harris, Heard, Heard, Hill, Hill, Hill, Hodnett, Ledbetter, Lee, Leverett, Lewis, Lipscombe, Maxwell, Morrow, Mosely/Mosley/Mozeley, O'Neal, Osburn, Pace, Pair/Pare, Patterson, Phillips, Ransom, Rogers, Shavers, Singleton, Snow, Spearman, Spikes, Swint, Taylor, Veal, Walker, Ware, Ware, Williams, Williams, Wingo, WrightYoung 

Sandy Whittington 12/31/96
Seeking documented proof that John PACE (b.1801) was the son of Stephen PACE (b.1779). They moved to Heard County sometime after 1826; both appear in the 1860 census of Heard County. Believe Stephen died in October 1864. Would appreciate any leads, as I understand the courthouse burned in 1894, destroying earlier documents (such as Stephen's will if he had one).

Kate Shue 12/31/96
My grandmother had two brothers who both died young, probably in the 1880's or 1890's. Their names were Mims Snow WARE and Andrew Davis WARE. They were the sons of Henry G. WARE and Emily Parker SNOW. Henry G. WARE died in 1883, probably in Heard Co. Sometime after that Emily married a Mr. MORROW and moved to Valdosta. So the brothers could have died in either place. Need to find place and date of these deaths. Any help is appreciated.

Carolyn Freeman 12/20/96
Seeking info about William S. DAVIS, b c 1823 resided Heard Co., Franklin Co. GA and went to Texas 1870's, his wife Sarah LEE daughter of Woodson LEE.

DStuart101@aol.com 12/20/96
Looking for information on the family of Rufus K. SINGLETON and wife Sarah (HAMBLET?) of Heard County. I believe their youngest son William (b. 1853) was my gr-grandfather. Other children include Phineas, Aurella, Samuel Lauron, Alvin W. and John McPhierson SINGLETON. Lack of court records in Heard County have really hampered this investigation! Any help would be appreciated!

Lamar Chapman 12/11/96
I am seeking information on the parents of Henry Thomas HARRIS. He was born Aug 12, 1841 in Hogansville, Ga. and died after 1904 and is buried in Bethel Cemetery in Heard County. His family is in the 1880 census of Heard County. His wife was Sarah SHAVERS. I would appreciate any information on either of these.

Linda Hodnett 12/11/96
I am looking for info on the William PHILLIPS family listed on the 1850 Heard Co census (p.155A). Wife is Penelope Jane. Children listed are Louisa, Littleton, Jincy A.(Julia), Joseph J., George W., Amanda, Francis M., Sarah, and, lastly, my great Gfather, Henry HODNETT (age 8). Henry was raised by this PHILLIPS family. Henry's parents were Henry HODNETT and Louise PAIR/PARE. Trying to discover Penelope Jane's maiden name to establish kinship between HODNETTs and PHILLIPS (and PAIRs).

Greg Young 12/6/96
I am searching for descendants of Thomas N. BROWN (1828 - ? ), and his wife, Priscilla Ann HILL Brown (1826-1899). Their daughter, Harriet Elizabeth (1855-1945), married Joseph Winston YOUNG (1850-1930) in Randolph Co., AL.

William Spearman 12/3/96
I am searching for information relating to any SPEARMAN family members in Heard County. I believe specific members to be Gabriel SPEARMAN (1798-1868), married to Martha LEDBETTER, with children Sarah SPEARMAN born 5/19/1834 in Heard Co. and marrying a John AIKEN/AKENS/AKINS, and William SPEARMAN born 3/4/1836 in Heard Co. marrying Harriet Bullard LEVERETT. Thanks for your help!

Melissa Calhoun 11/22/96
Nathan LIPSCOMB married Elizabeth BEADLES in Louisa Co, VA in 1820. Sometime later they reportedly moved to Heard Co, GA, where they died. Nathan's death is suggested to be in 1850. I have info about their families from Louisa Co, VA and am looking for info about any descendants and info about their lives in Heard Co, GA.

Alice Wingo Byrd 11/19/96
I am looking for: John Thomas WINGO--- date and place of marriage Selina Lela BROWN (Wingo) ----parents name and date of birth and list of brothers and sisters.

Paul M. Gore 11/18/96
I am looking for information about Riley GORE, married to Lois BROWN. Mr. GORE died in 1930.

Byron Hill 11/15/96
I have a lot of information on HILL families of Heard County. There is a previously published lineage mistake that I would be happy to clear up for any researchers who are working on these families. Heard County researchers often refer to the book entitled "Heard County History 1830-1990", compiled by The Heard County Historical Society. This particular book contains a major mistake on the ancestry of William L. Flournoy "Bud" HILL, son of James Harvey HILL and Atha "Athey" Aimee BARKER. Please contact me if you are connected with this family and I will give you the corrected ancestry information. The children of James Harvey HILL and Atha "Athey" Aimee BARKER are; William L. Flournoy "Bud" HILL, born November 16, 1855 in Heard County, Georgia, who married Martha Luella MOSELY, Thomas M. HILL, born about 1857 in Heard County, Georgia, who married Ann Thomas "Tommie" DANIEL, James Manley HILL, born about 1859 in Heard County, Georgia, who married (1) Sarah Luella BROWN, (2) Attie O’NEAL and (3) Angie HEARD, Josey HILL (Twin), born about 1861 in Heard County, Georgia, and Sally Jane HILL (Twin), born about 1861 in Heard County, Georgia, who married William Valentine BRAZEAL.
I am descended from William L. Flournoy "Bud" HILL and Martha Luella MOSELY. Their children (all born in Heard Co. GA) were: Zolley Coffer HILL, born June 06, 1885, George Byron HILL, Sr., born April 10, 1888, who married Winnie Vesta COMBS August 15, 1911, Benjamin Harvey HILL, born June 26, 1891, William Claud HILL, born June 13, 1893, who married Burla CATER, Ruthie HILL, born September 25, 1895, who married H.H."Tamlin" MAXWELL, Annie Lou HILL, born August 27, 1899, Etta Selma HILL, born November 01, 1901, who married Searcy VEAL Byron Hill, P.O. Box 120603 Nashville, TN 37212

Byron Hill 11/15/96
Looking for any information on George LEWIS (b.ca.1785 NC?/d.1830 in Heard County GA). He married a woman named Jane ? (b.1790 NC/d.1879 in Heard County GA). Would also like to know the last name of George LEWIS' wife Jane. Their children were; Gilbert D. LEWIS (b.1820), Elizabeth LEWIS (b.1821), George Washington LEWIS (b.1822), Jane LEWIS (b.1823), Edward Lee LEWIS (b.1824), July A. LEWIS (b.1828), Mary A. LEWIS (b.1828), Elijah LEWIS (b.1829). I am descended from Edward Lee LEWIS, who married Mary Frazier SWINT (b.1836/d.1903 Heard Co. GA). Their children were all born in Glenn, GA (Heard Co) and were; George LEWIS (b.1860), William F. LEWIS (b.1861) Unknown Child3 (b.1862), Julia A. E. (Betty) LEWIS (b.1864), Nancy Dora LEWIS (b.1866), James M. LEWIS (b.1868), Sallie LEWIS (b.1869), Edward Elijah (Lige) LEWIS (b.1870), Metta Rae LEWIS (b.1873), Robert E. L. LEWIS (b.1874), Francis Ann (Fannie) LEWIS (b.1874), Vesta LEWIS (b.1877). Byron Hill, P.O. Box 120603 Nashville, TN 37212

Byron Hill 11/15/96
Looking for any information on Lewis BARKER (b.1787), who married Nancy CHANDLER (b.1792) in 1810 in Jackson Co. GA. They settled in Heard Co. and had four known children; Luvinia BARKER (b.ca.1830), Nancy BARKER (b.ca.1832), Atha "Athey" Aimee BARKER (b.1836/d.1915), and Floyd BARKER (b.ca.1836). I am descended from Atha "Athey" Aimee BARKER, who married James Harvey HILL (b.1832/d.1862). I have descendant info to share. Thank you. Byron Hill P.O. Box 120603 Nashville, TN 37212

Byron Hill 11/8/96
Looking for the parents of Frances Permelia WALKER (b.ca.1828 SC) who married Benjamin F. MOZELY (MOSLEY/MOZELEY) b.Nov.14,1820 SC. We know from family tradition that we are in some way related to Captain William A. WALKER (CSA). It appears that our line of WALKERs and MOSELYs came from SC. The WALKERs were in Heard Co. before 1860, possibly earlier. The MOSELYs appear to have moved to Heard Co. prior to 1850. The date of the families moving from SC could possibly be pinpointed by inspecting the children of Benjamin F. MOSELY in the 1860 census records. There is a large WALKER family cemetery in Heard County.

Heard, Robert 11/4/96
Albert HEARD b. around 1893 in Heard Co. or Randolph Co., AL, just across the border. Children 1) King b.April 28, 1918 Heard Co or Randolph Co, AL. 2) Crosby 3) John 4) Frank - spent several years in Military. If anyone can help please email me.

Bobby E. Wright 11/4/96
I am looking for information on my gggrandfather E.J.PATTERSON. I think that he came from NC in the early 1800 and maried Martha GLOVER in Heard county. Any help on linking him to NC would be greatly appreciated. Will also share information on what I have on the Pattersons so far. also have information on WRIGHT and SPIKES of Troup County. Thanks.

Nelindra K. Corum 10/31/96
In the book, "History of Heard Co., GA.", under the DUNLAP FAMILY, F209, page 253, the following is listed: William OSBURN (1812-1899 m. Lavinia ROGERS). I have lots of info on this line of DUNLAP'S that I will share. I am seeking info on the family of Lavinia ROGERS cited in the book. Who were her parents? Is anyone familiar with a Joseph ROGERS of Heard Co.,GA.?

Ann Nicholas 10/26/96
I am looking for the marriage record of Newton J. TAYLOR and Minerva J. ________? Newton J. was living in Carroll Co. on the 1870 census. On the 1880 census they lived in Carroll Co. and had several children. I believe that Minerva J. probably lived in an adjoining county and that is where they were married. There is no record of their marriage in Carroll Co. so I am searching the surrounding counties in hopes of finding a record there. The marriage probably took place around 1873. Thanks for your help,

Rena Anderson Pittman 10/26/96
I am interested in any information regarding Francis Marion GARRISON, b (app) 1833, and lived in Heard Co. Ga. in 1870. His wife was named Nancy Ann WILLIAMS, b. in Ga.or Al.. Their son Charles Burton b. May 7,1875 was my grandfather. I would like to find out where Marion Francis GARRISON was born and his ancestors as well as Nancy Ann WILLIAMS ancestors. Please contact me with any information.

Rena Anderson Pittman 10/26/96
I would appreciate any information regarding Nancy WILLIAMS and Francis Marion GARRISON. Does anyone know if she could be the daughter of Wyatt and Nancy WILLIAMS of Paulding City,that Shannon mentioned? Francis and Marion had several children. The youngest was Charles Burton, born 7 May 1875. They were listed in the 1870 and 1880 Heard Co census. Thank you for your help.

Kate Shue 10/26/96
John Mims WARE, Jr of Heard Co, b 14 Feb 1828, married Mary RANSOM of either Heard or Coweta Co. They were the parents of Henry Grayandus WARE, b 1848 in Heard Co. Need to know birthdate, parents, siblings, etc. of Mary RANSOM. She may have been dau of Davis RANSOM and Lucinda BIRD, or more likely Davis RANSOM and an earlier wife? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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