Dodge County Nebraska 1885 Census
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Copyright 2003, Claire Mares
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Dodge County Nebraska 1885 Census

In accordance with an act of the Nebraska Legislature a census was authorized for the year 1885. The census was to use the schedules and forms of the tenth national census. The 1885 census of Nebraska is available as National Archives and Records Service microfilm publication no M352-0014(Dodge Co)

Several years ago member of the Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society (ENGS) began a card file project to abstract and index some of the neighboring counties. Indexes, for 1885, are now complete for Burt, Butler, Dodge, rural Douglas, Colfax, Cuming, Sarpy, Saunders and Washington counties. The original card file is housed in the ENGS library for use of society members.

The card files are now being converted to computer print outs and Web site use. They were transcribed and proofed by Claire Mares.
Head of household entries are in alphabetical order. Persons with a surname different from head of household are included with the original family and listed a 2nd time under their own name with reference to the original family.

Family names beginning with:

A B C D E F G H I J K L M Mc N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Researchers are encouraged to obtain copies of the original census for additional information. Because more than one set of numbers is used for the pages and frames on the microfilm, the following information may help located a citation.

Township Abbreviations and Microfilm Location

Pct/City/Village Frame# Page#
CFRE-City of Fremont
1th & 4th Wards
2nd & 3rd Wards
CUM-Cuming township 399-414 01-16
ELK-Elkhorn township 214-223 01-10
EVT-Everett township 131-155 01-25
HOP-Hooper township 357-370 01-14
VHOP-Hooper village 371-382 15-24
LOG-Logan township 94-110 01-17
MAP-Maple township
and continued on



NBD-North Bend village 298-321 01-23
NBD-North Bend township 322-337 24-39
VNK-Nickerson village



PEB-Pebble township 248-272 01-24
PLT-Platte township 184-197 01-14
SCR-Scribner village 235-247 01-13
SWA-Swaburgh village


UNI-Union township


WEB-Webster township



Place of Birth Abbreveations

AC Alsace
AK Alaska
AL Alabama
AR Arkansas
AS At Sea
AU Austria
AZ Arizona
BD Baden
BK Brunswick
BL Belgium
BN Bremen
BO Bohemia
BR Brandenburg
BV Bavaria
BY Bayern
BZ Brazil
CA California
CB Cape Briton
CH China
CI Cincinnati
CL Cologne
CN Canada
CO Colorado
CFRE Fremont City
CT Connecticut
CUM Cuming township
CZ Czechoslovakia
DA Dakota Territory
DC Washington DC
DE Delaware
DK Denmark
ELK Elkhorn township
ENG England
EVT Everett township
FL Florida
FR France
GA Georgia
GR Germany
GU Gutenburg
HG Hungary
HI Hawaii
HL Holland
HM Hamburg
HN Hanover
HO Holstein, Holst
HOP Hooper township
HS Hessen, Hesse
IA Iowa
ID Idaho
IG Isle of Gurnsey
IL Illinois
IM Isle of Man
IN Indiana
IND India
IR Ireland
KS Kansas
KY Kentucky
LA Louisiana
LOG Logan township
LP Lippe
MA Massachusetts
MAP Maple township
MD Maryland
ME Maine
MI Michigan
MK Mecklenburg
MN Minnesota
MO Missouri
MS Mississippi
MT Montana
MV Moravia
NA New Hampton
NB New Brunswick
NBD North Bend
NC North Carolina
ND North Dakota
NE Nebraska/NE Terr
NH New Hampshire
NJ New Jersey
NM New Mexico
NY New York
NS Nova Scotia
NV Nevada
NW Norway
NZ New Zealand
OH Ohio
OK Oklahoma
OL Oldenburg
OR Oregon
OT Ontario
PA Pennsylvania
PE Prince Edward Isle
PEB Pebble township
PLT Platte township
PM Pomern,Pomerania
PN Panama
PO Poland
PR Prussia
PS Possen,Posen
RH Rheine
RI Rhode Island
RR railroad
RU Russia
RV Rhine river
SA Sachen
SB Swaburg
SC South Carolina
SCR Scribner village
SD South Dakota
SG Schleswig
SL Scotland
SW Sweden
SX Saxon-Saxony
SZ Switzerland
TN Tennessee
TX Texas
UNI Union township
UT Utah
VA Virginia
VCRO Crowell village
VDOD Dodge village
VHOP Hooper village
VNK Nickerson village
VT Vermont
WA Washington
WB West Baden
WEB Webster township
WI Wisconsin
WL Wales
WP Westphalia
WPR West Prussia
WR Wurtemburg
WV West Virginia
WY Wyoming
WYT Wyoming Terr

Copyright 2003, Claire Mares
Dodge County NeGenWeb