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NEGenWeb Project ON-LINE LIBRARY- books on the net - Some full text books, and journals. Some biographical material has been produced and is ready for use. Some indexes. Some links to newspapers, etc.

NEBRASKA RECORDS - a basic guide and some hints to assist your research!

Most of the resources listed below can be found at the Nebraska State Historical Society Library in Lincoln. Not everyone will be able to get there, and some will make the trip only once. Use these on-line files as a starting place. Prepare for that research trip! Check this page occasionally for additions to the material available.

Genealogists' Corner from the "HISTORICAL newsletter" of NSHS. This column is written by Cindy Drake, Library Curator. Available for the three years since the articles began. Produced with the permission of NSHS, to assist you, the family researcher. These include lists of record categories found at NSHS and advice on using those resources.

1890 NE State Gazetteer - Guide. This publication is in production on several counties, listing farmers & businesses. The Nebraska Heritage list volunteers have been wonderful! Well over a thousand pages of lists done, as good a substitute for the 1890 census as can be found! Bill Wever has lead the drive to have the entire document on-line. Thanks Bill, and all the other typists.

1917 Gazetteer will be found on a few counties. That year's book had business listings only.



Burt Dawson




Assorted Gazetteers can be found on microfilm at NSHS, most do not include farmers - only the businesses in the towns are shown with owner named (publisher &/or editor of newspapers, officers of banks, etc).

NE Marriages on microfilm - by county. The marriage records of SOME counties have been filmed. View these at NSHS Library, Lincoln, NE or request search by NSHS personnel.

Nebraska State Historical Society (NSHS) website: Review other material available that will assist your research. See list of publications for sale, read interlibrary loan policy, etc. Write for research to be done, copies to be made, etc.

NSHS files NE Historical Site Markers.

WPA Life Histories for Nebraska from Library of Congress

Educational leaflets published by NSHS (permission granted by NSHS to reproduce here):

 # 3 Sod House (construction described, includes information about the first Homestead)
 # 8 Nebraska in the Civil War (including map/photos)
 # 9 Nebraska: Territory and State (general history)
# 12 Along Nebraska Pioneer Trails
# 17 Flour Milling in NE

Reprints of articles on NE History published by NSHS (permission granted by NSHS to reproduce here):
a. "Cantonment Missouri, 1819-1820" by Sally A. Johnson. (Later rebuilt as Fort Atkinson.)
    Reprint from NE History, Vol 37, No. 2, June 1956
b. "Nebraska. Its Characteristic and Prospects" by Prof. James D. Butler, LL.D. 1873.
    Promotional pamphlet for settlers to NE. Burlington & Missouri River R.R. Co.  Original owned by Pam Rietsch does not have back cover and across front cover is handwritten"Thorwald Olson / Agent / P.O. Drawer 379 / Madison / Wis".  Reprint by NSHS in 1974.

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Check for additional resources at Oldtime Nebraska (formerly Heritage Village) provided by Dick Taylor:

History & Stories of Nebraska by A.E. Shelton, 1913
First person articles on assorted subjects, photos, a nifty list of abbreviations and more!

If you have material to contribute, please contact me. David Gochenour
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