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PLEASE CONTRIBUTE - even one page or one biography at a time, help us get a book on line. Books published 1923 or earlier are now beyond copyright restrictions.

Did your society or church publish a volume that has since sold out? If your group does not plan to reprint - please supply a copyright release and a copy of the book, we will make certain your material continues to be available to the public. Many centennial histories were written by committees during the last 30-40 years. Please have surviving members of the book committee, and current officers of the society/church sign that release. Share your work with the future. We'll return your book!

Pages about copyright: Copyright Fundamentals for Genealogy by Michael Patrick Goad (or) USGenWeb Project Copyright page

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Complete books!
Some located on other sites, most produced by NEGenWeb Project volunteers.


"History of the State of Nebraska", pub. A.T. Andreas, 1882
(EKIS production supervised by Connie Snyder, NE State Coordinator, & Dawson CC)

Johnson's History of Nebraska, by Harrison Johnson, 1880

1890 Nebraska State Gazetteer (town listings of businesses, farmers lists for each county). Thanks to Bill Wever & a multitude of volunteer typists from the NE Heritage mail list.

Semi-Centennial History of Nebraska by A.E.Shelton, 1904 (Mardos Memorial Library)

"History & Stories of Nebraska" by A.E. Shelton, 1913 produced by Connie Snyder. "Oldtime Nebraska" website.

Compendium of History Reminiscence and Biography of Western Nebraska 1909 containing a History of the State of Nebraska. Alden Publishing Company, Chicago. (Reproduction started in 1997 & was completed in Jan 2004) Many thanks to Marilyn Estrada and Chris Geis for hours of typing; to Brian Tingley for scans of the photos & sketches. Bill Wever made copies at NSHS Library, Knight Museum in Alliance loaned us the unbound pages from a book that had deteriorated for the final proofing! (T&CM)

Compendium of History Reminiscence and Biography of Nebraska 1912 Alden Publishing Company, Chicago. Containing a history of the State of Nebraska, and over 1000 pages of biographical material. INDEX to biographies is hot-linked. Thanks to P. Ebel, P. Shipley & Lenise Cook. Note: This book originally done from material reproduced on a copy machine. All photos were redone when Pam Rietsch was able to secure the book for the use of NEGenWeb Project. Everyname index completed! (T&CM)
AID - State Nicknames! Help for those references to "the Old Dominion", "the Wolverine state" or "the Mountain state", etc

18 Jun 1998 - TWO "Compendiums" now known - others possible? The general history chapters seem to be identical, but the biographies are different.

History of Western Nebraska and It's People, Vol. III, 1921 by Grant L. Shumway- Banner, Box Butte, Cheyenne, Dawes, Deuel, Garden, Kimball, Morrill, Scotts Bluff, Sheridan and Sioux Counties. A group often called the Panhandle of Nebraska. (MARDOS Memorial Library)

History of Nebraska "From the Earliest Explorations of the Trans-Mississippi Region", by J. Sterling Morton and Albert Watkins. 1918, 2nd Edition - Edited and revised by Augustus O. Thomas, James A. Beattie, and Arthur C. Wakeley. Western Publishing and Engraving Co., Lincoln, NE. (MARDOS Memorial Library)

Franciscans of Nebraska, The
- by the Rev. Eugene Hagedorn, O. F. M., 1931.
Prefaced by "Historical Sketches of Mid-Nebraska" by Francis Dischner.
    Book loaned for reproduction by Columbus Public Library, thank you! Posted Jan 2005.

Note: Books & articles related to assorted religious denominations are linked from the NEGenWeb Religion page.

Memorial and Biographical Record ... containing Compendium of Local Biography ... for Butler, Polk, Seward, York, and Fillmore Counties ... 1899, Geo. A. Ogle and Co. (Mardos Memorial Library, 2002)

Southeastern Nebraska, A Biographical and Genealogical History of - Vol I, 1904 - reproduction by Lori Laird

please see "Journals" page for the following partial collections
Nebraska Blue Books
Nebraska Legislative Year Books
NSHS Publications and Collections
NE and Midwest Genealogical Record, etc.

"Nebraskans, 1854-1904" 1904 by Bee Publishing Co.
"Nebraskans, 1904-1914", 1915 by Omaha Daily Bee, a portrait album produced by Lynn Waterman. Terrific!

"The Blue Book of Nebraska Women" - A collection of biographies from 1916. The women included are from many different counties.  Produced by Charmaine Keith and posted to USGenWeb Project Archives. Thank you!

Nebraskana, 1932 - "Biographical sketches of Nebraska men and women of achievement ... " (Sep 2005, TCM)

Who's Who in Nebraska, 1940 published by NE Press Association. Index to bios. (Permission for reproduction arranged by Robin Mosier. Typing done by assorted CC's.)

"900 Famous Nebraskans" by E. A. Kral, on the Nebraska Press website.


Memorial and Biographical Record ... Butler, Polk, Seward, York and Fillmore Counties, 1899

"Atlas of Buffalo County, NE 1919", names of landowners, etc - produced by Mona Houser for the Buffalo County website.
Buffalo County Nebraska and It's People, Vol I and Vol. II, by S.C. Bassett - produced by Mona Houser for the Buffalo County website.
"In the World War 1917-1918-1919 Buffalo County Nebraska" published by Oliver F Brown Publishing Co, Kearney, Nebr., 1919. Under construction by Mona Houser on the Buffalo County website.

"Burt County Nebraska in the World War, VICTORY" 1919 , published by The Burt County Herald, Tekamah, NE. (Produced by William Wever, T&C Miller with index.)

Clay County, 1886 Plat Book (has directory)

Johnson and Pawnee Counties, Portrait & Biographical Album of - Chicago, Chapman Bros.1889

"Lancaster County, Nebraska, "Portrait and Biographical Album of"- Chicago, Chapman Bros, 1888. Opening section is bios of US Presidents and NE Governors. Book loaned by Dick Taylor, Pawnee Co. CC. Thank you!  Work on this book originally began with five articles (Anderton, Jeffery, Loder, Stearns, Walker) provided earlier on NE Roots list by a family researcher - Thanks to Vicki (Walker) Drake. (T&C Miller)

Lancaster County Honor Roll - World War I (Lancaster County website file)

Lincoln County - "North Platte and Its Associations", 1910 by Archibald R. Adamson (produced by descendent, Chris Geis, April 2003)

Merrick County, History of - from 1898 Nonpareil (newspaper)
Merrick County - 1921 Atlas and Plat Book
Merrick County's 100th Year: 1858-1958 - TOC and everyname index added.

Otoe & Cass Counties, NE, Portrait & Biographical Album of, - 1889

History of Platte County, Nebraska by I. N. Taylor, 1876 - Platte County page, produced by Sherri Brakenhoff.
"Platte County Nebraska, Past and Present of" - ed. G.W. Phillips, 1915. History of the county & the townships in one book, with a volume of biographical articles.

NEW - History of Platte County, Nebraska, 1950 by Margaret Curry. (T&CM, Dec 2005)

"History of Richardson County, NE", 1917 - website by Erin O'Brien. Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) documents. Thank you!
Volume I includes general county history.  Volume II contains biographical sketches of various county residents.

Saline County Livestock Breeders Directory, 1920 (reproduced by Doris Peters, Nov 2004)

Saunders County - "Honor Roll - 1917-1918-1919" Book about the veterans, and the activities of the citizens during WW I. (Connie Snyder)
Saunders County History, Vol I - 1915    Vol. II (complete, Aug 2007) - Saunders County website (Connie Snyder)
Saunders County History, 1983 - Saunders County website (Connie Snyder).

"Seward County, Nebraska, History of" by WW Cox, 1888.
     Excerpts typed by Alice Stipak, from NE Roots List - another book that was begun on-line by a family researcher!


"Bellwood, Nebraska: The First 100 Years" (Bellwood Centennial 1880-1980), Bellwood History Book Committee, Robert M. Bell Chairman. (T&CM)

"Fullerton's First 100 Years 1879-1979", Nance Co. Historical Society, NE (with incomplete everyname index ) (T&CM)

1952 Kearney City Directory produced by Mona Houser for Buffalo County website. (MARDOS Memorial Library)

Lincoln "Prairie Capital" - compilation published for Miller & Paine, 1930. Submitted by Kathie Harrison. Thank you!
Lincoln "Seeing Lincoln" - illustrated tour of the capital from about 1940. Thanks to Kathie Harrison.
Lincoln Womens Club 1897-1898, booklet submitted by Suzanna Davenport, and appearing on the Lancaster County website.

"Omaha Illustrated", 1887-8 published by Dunbar. With indexes added.

Tekamah, Burt Co., NE - "Noteworthy Men of Tekamah and Vicinity", by Ott Brothers, 1905

Illustrated History of York, York Co., Nebraska, 1903 with table of contents, name & photo indexes added. (T&CM)


These Fifty Years: A History of the College of Agriculture of the University of Nebraska, 1925 - by Robert P. Crawford
1920 Purebred Livestock Directory (reproduced by C. Snyder)

Twenty-Second Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Banking Board, 1913.
Banks identified, with list of officers. Thanks to Lynn Waterman, previously CC of Holt County.

ETHNIC page - please check this link for
"The History of Czechs (Bohemians) in Nebraska" by Rose Rosicky, and other books/articles related to specific ethnic groups

"Funs of the Pioneers" a booklet by Frank McConnell, 1978. Some amusing incidents from early history of Merrick County, NE. (T&CM)

NEBRASKA PENITENTIARY; Hell in Nebraska: A Tale of - (1913) by Walter Wilson (Nov 2006, Mardos Collection)

History of the United States of America by Charles A Goodrich, 1880. School text used c1891, Columbus, NE by 13-year-old.
Appendix includes advice on "How to Teach History"; text of Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and amendments; list of officials of the US Government until 1880, list of states in the order admitted through number 38. (T&CM)
Leading Facts of American History by D. H. Montgomery, 1920. School text probably used in Columbus, NE about 1928. Includes timeline of US History until 1920; some colored maps; tables of presidents, boundaries, teritorial acquisitions. Index is better than most! Birthplaces & dates given for many prominent figures (in footnotes). (T&CM)

"Overland Stage to California", 1901 by F. A. Root and Wm. Connelley - Frank Root was messenger on stagecoach line and early employee of the US postal service. Material related to KS, CO & NE, includes information on Overland drivers, messengers & station keepers. PONY EXPRESS chapter. Photos & biographical information for some people who are difficult to trace. Original index included. (T&CM for Mardos Memorial Library SITE TEMPORARILY DOWN)
"In the Early Days Along the Overland Trail in Nebraska Territory, in 1852" - by Gilbert L. Cole, compiled by Mrs. Hardy, 1905.

"Journey Over the Oregon Trail", Diary by Frank Stevens, Apr 1880 - from Vesta, Johnson Co., NE to vicinity of Olympia, WA. Produced by Bob Goldsby for the Goldsby Family website.
The Trail of the Loup being a History of the Loup River Region ..., 1906 by H. W. Fought. Produced by Pam Rietsch. (Biographical material for Valley, Garfield and Greeley Counties)
Pictorial History of the Locomotive -
Reports and Maps of the Fort Kearney, South Pass, and Honey Lake Wagon Road, 1861 (Congressional Report - Ex. Doc. No. 64) (T&CM for Mardos Memorial Library)

Dangers of the Trail, 1912 by Charles E. Young - 1865 trip to Denver, CO (reproduced 2005 for Mardos Memorial Library)

Yearbooks - see the "Journals" page for 1915, 1918 & 1926 UNL Annuals (done for MARDOS MEMORIAL LIBRARY)
1912 University of Nebraska (Lincoln) Annual with many photos (Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students; group photos of organizations on campus). Book loaned by Barbara Giffin Swift. She also has "1928 Directory of Alumni " (1873-1927). Please send name & year of graduation if you would like a lookup.

"The University School of Music", Thirty-fifth Annual Catalog, 1928-29. Provided by Kathie Harrison
These Fifty Years: A History of the College of Agriculture of the University of Nebraska, 1925 - by Robert P. Crawford (T&CM)


Mary (Bartashunas) & Vitas Mardos

Memorial Library Collection

Mardos collection

Many Nebraska books are complete (scan down, states are in alpha order).

AID - State Nicknames! Help for those references to "the Old Dominion", "the Wolverine state" or "the Mountain state", etc.

Dangers of the Trail, 1912 by Charles E. Young - 1865 trip to Denver, CO (reproduced 2005)
Historical Sketch of Brownell Hall, 1863-64 1913-14, by Fanny M. Clark Potter (reproduced 2005)
Gage County, Nebraska, "Portrait and Biographical Album of..." 1888
Nebraska Senate & House Journal, Thirty-ninth Session (Special) 1919 (minutes for both houses)
   Special legislative session called by Gov. McKelvie to change NE laws following riots in Omaha.
Knights of Columbus - Nebraska State Council Proceedings, 1905-1926


Partial books - STATE

IN PRODUCTION - "A Biographical and Genealogical History of Southeastern Nebraska" 1904, published by Lewis Publishing Co. INDEX. Produced by Lori Laird, Gage County website. She's working on the biographies - pages and pages!!  

UNDER CONSTRUCTION "History of Western Nebraska and Its People" Vol I - Grant L. Shumway, 1921. Western Publishing, Lincoln.
Photo collection starting with "Soldier Boys in the World War" & school pictures; early photos from Cheyenne County.
Some text available via the Table of Contents for Cheyenne, Deuel & Kimball Counties; also some chapters on early cattle ranching.
Thanks to Sandy Smith for scanning & sending. Vol III complete - see MARDOS COLLECTION above.

Partial books - COUNTIES

Buffalo County portion - Biographical Souvenir of the Counties of Buffalo, Kearney and Phelps, 1890 - on Buffalo county website.

Dakota County Atlas, 1911 - list of patrons, from Dakota website, provided by Jerry Duggan

Dawson County, 1919 Plat Book - produced by Connie Snyder (working on maps)

Hall County chapters of "Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Adams, Clay, Hall and Hamilton Counties", (Goodspeed Publishing Company 1890. Press of John Morris Company.) from Hall county website by Kaylynn Loveland.
A single biography for HOEVET of Clay County, submitted by William Hoevet. Thank you!

Hamilton County History, 1890 - Portion of "Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Adams, Clay, Hall and Hamilton Counties". (Goodspeed Publishing Company 1890. Press of John Morris Company.) from Hamilton county website by Connie Snyder.

"Biographical History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa" by The Lewis Publishing Company, 1891
EXCERPTS that include NEBRASKA RELATIVES & references - contributed by Mona Sarratt Knight. Thank you!

Civil War Chapters, of children's textbook "Eclectic Primary History of the United States" by Edward S. Ellis, A. M. Published by Van Antwerp, Bragg and Co. of Cincinnati & New York. Copyright 1884. (T&CM)


Martindale's Commercial and Legal Guide - Spring 1886: Nebraska Collections Laws. Lawyers list added 6 May 2002.  (Scans provided by Tim Stowell, thank you!)

Custer Books - Bits and Pieces - thanks to Judy Morrison:
History of Custer County, Nebraska, by Gaston & Humphrey, 1919. Bios for surnames: Helmuth (2), Keyes, & Mary.
Pioneer History of Custer County and Short Sketches of Early Days in Nebraska, by Butcher, 1901. "Redfern Table" (pp 317-319)

"Killing of Two Cowboys at Anselmo" - article. Book title not known, identified only as from "a history of Custer County". Rec'd from Judy Laros "I retyped it ...because my Great Grandparents, Adam and Henrietta Prouse McKnight witnessed the events in this story."

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OldTime Nebraska - website by Dick Taylor

Nebraska pages of USGenWeb Archives

Nebraska State Genealogical Society Publications List.

If you are seeking a particular portrait, photo of a particular place - check the following
Nebraska Photo Album - Links to lists / indexes to photographs, portraits & sketches on NEGenWeb Project
Links to postcard collections can be found there!

Some history books for particular counties or communities are offered through the local societies, check the county pages  (a link to list of counties appears in table just above).

If you have material to contribute to this page, please contact us.

TRY - Search Engine for NEBRASKA info (data from assorted sources, provided for you on his own website) Thank you, Tom & Connie.

The NEGenWeb Project On-Line Library includes:
JOURNALS - Please check for old journals of the Nebraska Genealogical Society and NSHS, reports on annual meetings of a portion of the M.E. Church. Some links to newsletters of regional & local societies. 2002: Added publications that appeared as part of series, such as "NE Legislative Handbooks", "NE Blue Books", UNL Cornhuskers, etc. Some reproduced as part of Mardos Memorial Library, others from copies donated by individuals.
MAPS and Atlases - geographical aids, links to Mardos Collection which includes 1895 US Gazetteer and the 1891 Shippers Gazetteer (several states, several railroads).
Paul Riley Collection for Southwest Nebraska - under construction, by Brenda Lawless Daniel (coordinator of Hayes & Hitchcock Counties) and Tom Cory (coordinator of Furnas and Red Willow Counties).
NEGenWeb Project "Etc. page".
     Some educational and historical leaflets published by NSHS, and reproduced with their permission. (Civil War, Sodhouse, etc.)
     "Genealogist's Corner" column by Cindy Drake which appears in NSHS monthly newsletter, includes guides to NE records.

NEWSPAPERS , including information about microfilm by interlibrary loan - website under construction
     NSGS & NSHS collection of newspaper extracts. Thanks to both organizations!

Publications & links to various NE Veterans lists are available on other NEGenWeb Project county websites and may/may not be repeated in this library list -

Black Hawk War


Mexican-American War


American Civil War


Spanish-American War


World War I


World War II


Check county websites for publications related to the veterans of specific wars.

Do you know of a valuable reference related to NE genealogy that has been published on the net, but the file is on the page of some other state or institution? We're seeking those bits and pieces published in obsure or old genealogical or historical journals, personal papers, etc. (We're not looking for a link to your personal genealogy website here - recommend you request a link on the Nebraska county page that is appropriate). Appreciate any info about links that you can provide. T&C Miller

Nebraska Negro Homesteaders - Reprinted courtesy of Nebraskaland magazine. Thanks to Marianne & Doris.

Nebraska State Historical Society is preparing an index to all the "HISTORY" Journals; this valuable resource will hopefully be available soon.

"Nebraska ... Our Towns": History of the state, and history of individual towns (including photographs). UNL website.

OTHER websites:
AHGP (American History & Genealogy Project)
ALHN (American Local History Network)

NEBRASKA library links
Nebraska Libraries (shortcut list to those with websites)
Nebraska Library Commission (Electronic Library)

Other collections of resource materal that are on-line
Academic Info
Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
American Memory, website of Library of Congress
     WPA LIFE STORIES for Nebraska (305 titles)
Kansas Collection (EKIS)
LDS Family Search
Library of Congress (homesite)
Making of America (University of Michigan)
NAIL data base, on-line collections of NARA (National Archives & Records Administration w/search engine)
University of Nebraska, Archives and Special Collections
University of Texas at Austin, "Library Online" - encyclopedias, maps, dictionaries & language aides, etc.

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