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     In this series of Pioneer Stories I have endeavored to gather together in succinct form, for the benefit of the present and future generations the important facts and experiences of those who laid the foundations of this town and community.

     When the work of gathering up these stories was first undertaken it was simply for the purpose of relating a few of these instances at a Memorial Service in the Congregational Church.

     The stories then told were so much appreciated that it was suggested they should appear in the local newspaper, and that others might be added. I was assured the task would not be a great one, as there could not be more than twenty pioneers now living "to tell the tale." But in this we were doomed to disappointment--if such it can be called--for there are here stories relating the experiences of forty eight families, besides the names of pioneers incidentally mentioned.

     In some cases I have given a brief description of the old home life which not only gives the contrast of conditions, but provides some interesting and useful information regarding life in the older world from whence many of them came.

     The growth of the Stories finally decided the issuing of them in book form. The editor of the "Fillmore County News" taking that responsibility, while I provided the necessary material as it could be secured from the pioneers.

     To the piecemeal fashion of the project, in building up the book, must be attributed many of the mistakes and inefficiencies to be found in the text. In many cases, especially in the beginning, the proof sheets were not corrected, neither did we anticipate the need of an index, otherwise the pages would have been numbered and an index provided.*

     It is therefore with a distinct consciousness of many faults too easy to be found that we send forth the Pioneer Stories, believing, however, their intrinsic worth will be appreciated, and prove a source of pleasure to the present generation, and supply a foundation of facts for future history.

February, 1915,
Exeter, Nebraska,

Yours Sincerely,  
G. R. McKeith.

*In the reproduction of this book for the web we have numbered the pages &
provided a table of contents and an every name index.


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