Columbia County,

New York

  These pages are dedicated to the men from Columbia County, New York who served in The Civil War.  It is their stories, letters, and histories which will be presented here.

    If you have any letters, biographies, pictures you would like to add, please email me, Susan Stalker Mulvey.


Photographs of Civil War Soldiers - known and unknown.

Letter from George Fitch Wilbor, 28th Regiment, Company A, 1 April 1865

Crawford Griswold Biography, NY Mounted Rifles

Photograph of Franklin Finger, New York 7th Heavy Artillery

Biography of John Henry Whiteman of Austerlitz

Biography of Erastus D. Marston of Copake

List of Houghtailing men from the National Archives Robert's report

Biography of Henry C. Van Deusen, born 8 March 1843.

Biography of Hiram Smith, born 6 January 1836.

Biography Jeremiah Kellerhouse, born 1815.

Biography Abram Poucher, born Claverack.

Biography John Jeremiah Poucher, born 22 October 1823.

Biography Myron Poucher, Claverack

Biography Andrew Jackson Wilcox, Chatham

Biography Jonas A. Kellerhouse of Claverack

Biography William L. Kellerhouse, Claverack

Biography Samuel Rankin

Biography William Parks

Biography Samuel Parks

List of Members in the Hancock Veterans Club, Hudson, New York

Photographs of Unidentified Soldiers from Columbia County, New York

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