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Index of Donation Land Claim
Title Holders in Linn County, Oregon


In 1850, Congress passed the Donation Land Law, which granted land to certain white or Indians of mixed blood, provided they were citizens of the United States or would become citizens within a year, and provided they agreed to stay on the land for four years. They could receive 320 acres each (if single and would marry one year after arrival), 160 acres if single and over 21, and an additional 320 acres in the name of their wife, if married. The settlers needed to emigrate to Oregon between December 1850 and December 1853 in order to qualify. Originally designed to expire in December of 1853, the law was extended until December of 1855, and it enabled settlers to purchase their claim for $1.25 per acre after two years of successive residence on the land.

The Donation Land Claims can be viewed at the Oregon State Archives in Salem.

Richard Milligan, a member of the Linn County Genealogical Society, has worked extensively on the Oregon Donation Land Claims, and has twenty-six volumes available for purchase.  You may also visit the Linn Genealogical Society's website for information about their holdings.

More information on these books: Linn County Donation Land Claim Books - A to L     Linn County Donation Land Claim Books - M to Z
Abbott, Edward R.
Adams, Calvin H.
Adams, Parmenas
Adams, Samuel W.
Addington, Absalom
Ager, Jerome B.
Alexander, Joseph R.
Alford, Albert
Alford, Russell
Alford, Thomas
Alford, William
Alley, Andrew J.
Alley, Tyree
Allingham, David
Allingham, W. H.
Allphin, Francis M.
Allphin, William
Allison, Amos. J.
Ambler, John Alex
Ames, Alonzo
Ames, John T.
Ames, Lowell, Sr.
Ames, Lowell, Jr.
Ames, William Z.
Amos, Creed H.
Anderson, Samuel
Anderson, Thomas L. I.
Anderson, William P.
Angell, Thomas P.
Armstrong, William L.
Arnold, Isaac
Atkenson, George L.
Atkins, William
Averill, Henry J. C.
Baber, Granvile H.
Backensto, John F.
Backus, Gideon W.
Ballard, David W.
Baltimore, Phillip
Barger, Gilford P.
Barnard, Gilford
Barnet, Elijah M.
Barnett, Ephraim
Barnett, George Hays
Barnett, George H., Jr.
Barnett, James H.
Barnett, John P.
Barnett, Robert H.
Barr, Jesse
Barrows, William F.
Bassett, Arnold S.
Bateman, John H.
Basye, William H.
Beach, Demas
Beal, Tavnor
Beamer, Henry
Bear, Owen
Beard, John
Beckwith, Marvin T.
Beeler, Joab P.
Beeler, John W.
Beeler, Peter W.
Bell, John W.
Bell, Samuel
Bellinger, Francis
Bennett, William
Bentley, Joseph E.
Benton, Alva
Berkley, Jesse G.
Berry, Francis
Berry, John Preston
Bilyeu, George W.
Bilyeu, Hubbard
Bilyeu, John
Bilyeu, John M.
Bilyeu, William
Bilyeu, William, Jr.
Binnicker, George F.
Bishop, Hiram S.
Blain, Joseph C.
Blain, Samuel
Blain, William B.
Blain, Wilson
Blakely, James
Bland, Moses
Blevins, Isaac
Boggs, Thomas L.
Bond, David M.
Bond, Hiram
Bond, Nathan W.
Bond, Soloman
Bond, William
Boots, Elijah
Boyce, Joseph
Bramwell, James H.
Brandon, Alexander
Brattain, Johnathon
Breeden, Abiram R.
Brenner, Peter S.
Bridgefarmer, Adam
Bridgefarmer, A.
Bridgefarmer, Martin
Bridgefarmer, William J.
Briggs, Jarvis
Bringham, S. Martin
Bringle, Daniel
Brock, Russell W.
Brock, Vinyard C.
Brooks, Caleb
Brooks, Joshua
Brown, Horace M.
Brown, Hugh L.
Brown, Samuel
Brown, William H.
Bryant, John
Bryson, Matthew
Buchanan, James
Buck, Robert
Bunch, George W.
Bunch, James M.
Burge, John
Burge, John M.
Burgen, John S.
Burgen, Thomas D.
Burkhart, Calvin P.
Burkhart, Carialanus D.
Burkhart, John
Burkhart, Leander C.
Burkhart, Raymond S.
Burmester, Henry
Burns, Alexander
Busey, David S.
Butcher, James E.
Byland, Madison D.
Calavan, Joel
Canada, Mary
Cannon, Thomas
Canon, Sylvester
Canon, William R.
Carey, Miles
Carey, Robert
Carey, William B.
Carey, William H.
Carmical, Philip G.
Carns, John
Carns, William
Carroll, Samuel
Carter, Benjamin F.
Carter, Felix H.
Carter, William
Cartwright, James
Cary, Abner J.
Cary, Armenius
Casner, Jane
Cavanaugh, Joseph
Caveness, Frederick P.
Chambers, Mathew C.
Chastain, William
Cheadle, Lamar
Cheadle, Reaphael
Cheadle, Richard
Cheadle, Richmond
Churchill, George
Clark, Abijah F.
Clark, Jason C.
Clark, John J.
Claypool, David
Claypool, Reuben
Claypool, William S.
Clehouse, Jackson W.
Clelen, Robert
Clifton, John L.
Cline, George
Cline, Lewis
Clover, Paul
Clover, William
Clymer, Christian
Clymer, Christian Jr.
Clymer, Henry V.
Cochran, Charles B.
Cochran, James
Cochran, William
Colbert, George F.
Cole, Chauncey
Cole, Stephen
Collins, Otho H.
Colver, Amos B.
Condon, James B.
Condon, Thomas
Condra, Aaron
Connor, James
Cook, Thomas
Cooksey, Hiram
Combs, James P.
Coon, Jacob L.
Coon, James M.
Coon, Washington L.
Cooper, Bazzel W.
Cooper, Henry W.
Cooper, Josiah
Cooper, Philemon
Cooper, Samuel
Cooper, William
Coryell, Francis M.
Coryell, Isaac
Coshow, Oliver Perry
Costelo, Martin
Cottle, Royal
Cottrell, James M.
Courtney, Isaac B.
Courtney, John R.
Cowan, Andrew
Cox, Anderson
Cox, John W.
Cox, Lewis
Coyle, Elizabeth
Coyle, James
Coyle, Reuben S.
Crabb, Andrew J.
Crabb, Joseph M.
Crabtree, Dela F.
Crabtree, George
Crabtree, Isaac
Crabtree, Job
Crabtree, Job
Crabtree, John J.
Crabtree, Smith
Crabtree, Washington
Crabtree, William
Crank, Joseph
Crank, Nathaniel
Crank, Nelson H.
Cranor, Nelson H.
Crawford, Alexander
Crawford, George F.
Crawford, Philemon V.
Crawford, Robert H.
Crooks, John T.
Crosley, Bennett
Crosby, Charles J.
Crouch, Benjamin A.
Crow, Johnathon
Crow, Whorton H.
Crowder, Solomon W.
Crowley, Samuel
Cummings, Hugh
Cunningham, J.
Cunningham, William M.
Curl, Bartlett
Curl, Caleb W.
Curl, James
Curl, John
Curtis, John
Cushman, Daniel
Cushman, Holloway
Cushman, Wallace
Cusick, Robert G.
Cusick, Solomon
Custer, Ruel
Cyrus, James
Cyrus, William
Dannals, James
Darby, Oliver H. P.
Davidson, Henry
Davidson, Stephen M.
Davis, Caleb
Davis, Eli
Davis, Jesse J.
Davis, Jonas
Davis, Richard
Davis, Truet
Davis, Woolen
Deakin, Thomas
Deakins, William
Deal, Columbus A.
Deckard, Anderson
Denney, Eliza
Depray, Francis
Dickens, Jeremiah
Dickson, James S.
Dill, James S.
Dillon, Issac
Dinwiddie, David T.
Dinwiddie, Hugh
Dinwiddie, Thomas P.
Dixon, Joseph
Doan, John
Donnell, Zelek M.
Donnell, John N.
Douglas, Ozwell T.
Douthit, James N.
Drain, Charles
Driggs, Jeremiah
Duncan, Robert R.
Dunlap, John A.
Dyer, Alexander
Earl, John
Earl, Joseph
Earl, Perry G.
Earl, Robert
Earl, Simeon D.
Earl, William
Eby, William
Edelman, Leonard W.
Edleman, Lewis G.
Edmunson, John H.
Elder, Robert M.
Elkins, James
Elkins, Joseph
Elkins, Luther
Elliott, James M.
Emerson, Thomas J.
Erwin, Samuel H.
Eslick, Samuel
Estes, Hardin W.
Evans, Berry
Evans, Edward
Evans, James M.
Evans, Richard
Evans, Thomas J.
Every, George
Fagan, John
Fanning, Elias E.
Fanning, Levi
Farlow, Christian
Farlow, Hiram
Farlow, Sarah
Farwell, Richard
Faulkner, Thomas J.
Fenn, John
Ferry, Charles
Fields, Harvey
Fields, Hugh
Fields, John
Fields, Levi
Fields, Thomas
Fields, William
Fields, William
Findley, John
Findley, Richard C.
Findley, William R.
Fleener, James
Fleener, Samuel
Fleener, Simon P. C.
Fleischner, Jacob
Fogle, George
Follis, Allen H.
Foren, William C.
Forgey, Elias
Forgey, James
Forgey, John
Forgey, William A.
Foster, Robert
Foster, William G.
Fountain, Henry C.
Fountain, Mathew
Fox, Ephrium
Fox, Esom
Frakes, Alexander
Frakes, Joel T.
Frakes, Robert G.
Frank, Francis
Freeland, Benjamin
Freeland, Edward A.
Fridley, Jacob H.
Froman, David
Froman, Isaac R.
Fronk, John W.
Frost, George T.
Frum, Eugenus
Fry, Laban B.
Fry, Nathan
Fry, Olney Sr.
Fryrear, John B.
Furman, John
Gaines, Willis
Gallaher, Elmore
Gallaher, Oliver C.
Gallaher, William C.
Gardner, Abner D.
Garland, Daniel
Garrett, James
Gay, Charles F.
Gaylord, Charles
Geisseler, Adolph
George, Gebhart
George, Presley
Gilchrist, William
Gilliland, John W.
Gilmore, Beverly W.
Gilmore, John W.
Gilmore, Nathaniel
Glass, Robert
Glass, William
Godley, Calvin
Goltra, William H.
Goltra, William H.
Gordon, Harvey
Gore, James
Gore, William B.
Gray, Caleb
Gray, David D.
Gray, David M.
Gray, Garrison J.
Gray, James
Gray, John
Greenwood, Bazillai P.
Greenwood, William H.
Greer, Henry R.
Gregg, Samuel B.
Grier, Sylvester
Griffeth, Thomas
Griffeth, Elisha
Griffin, Edward H.
Griffin, James H.
Griggs, Aley B
Grimes, Edward L.
Grisham, John
Grubb, John
Hackleman, Abraham
Hackley, Dewitt C.
Hackley, Francis S.
Haight, Silas
Hale, Andrew
Hale, Elias
Hale, Michael
Hale, Milton
Hale, William Sr.
Haley, Stephen D.
Hall, Thomas A.
Hall, Essalum M.
Hall, Luke
Hamilton, Bushrod W.
Hamilton, Joseph
Hamilton, Joseph
Hamilton, Supplina
Hampton, Jesse C.
Hampton, John C.
Hanan, Archimedes
Haner, Ephraim
Hannah, Thomas
Hannon, John Ewing
Hanson, George R
Harbin, Edward V.
Hardman, Aaron
Hardman, Benjamin J.
Hardman, Benjamin Jr
Hardman, Joseph H.
Hardman, Joshua H.
Hardman, Samuel
Harmon, Robert E.
Harper, John
Harrell, Doddridge
Harrison, Joseph
Hartman, Henry
Hawk, John P.
Hawk, William
Haworth, Richard
Haydent William D.
Hayes Seth
Hayes, Albert
Hayes, Ebinezer
Hayes, Seth W.
Helm, Lawrence S.
Henderson, Ira A
Henderson, Margaret
Hendricson, William
Henry, Thomas
Henry, Thomas D
Herndon, William F.
Hester, Martin W.
Higgins, Eli J.
Hill, Claiborne
Hill, George M.
Hill, John
Hill, Russel T.
Hill, Harvey
Hilts, David B.
Hinshaw, Luke
Hite, William
Hite, Andrew
Hite, Joseph
Hoel, Chamberlin
Hogden, Isaac R.
Hogden, Jacob A.
Hogden, James
Hogden, John S.
Hogue, Harvey A.
Hogue, James P.
Hogue, Thomas G.
Hollaway, William L
Hollenbeck, Asa
Holmes, William C.
Holmes, Harris R.
Holt, James E.
Holt, Benjamin
Hoskins, Dillon
Hoult, Enoch
Houston, Milton
Houston, Newton
Houston, Robert
Howell, George W.
Howell, William B.
Hughes, Ephraim B.
Hughes, George H.
Hughet, Reuben
Hughet, William M.
Hulburt, Jared F.
Hull, Asa A.
Hull, Nathan
Humphrey, John P.
Humphrey, Milton
Humphrey, Thomas M
Huntsucker, James
Hurst, James A.
Hurt, Isaiah
Husted, George A.
Huston, George
Huston, Joel B.
Hutchens, Isaac
Hyde, Aaron J.
Hyde, Perry
Hyde, Smauel
Iliff, Joseph
Ingram, Charles T.
Ingram, James
Ingram, William H.
Ingram, Willis
Irvine, Benjamin H. L.
Irvine, James N.
Irvine, Jesse B.
Irvine, Robert A.
Irvine, Samuel G.
Irwin, David
Isley, Daniel
Isom, John
Jack, Nathaniel D.
Jackson, Hiram
Jackson, John M.
Jackson, Willis E.
James, Andrew
James, Rerry
Jewitt, John
Jewitt, Reuben
Johns, Robert
Johnson, EliasA.
Johnson, James
Johnson, JamesH.
Johnson, John D.
Johnson, Samuel
Jones James W.
Jones, David
Jones, James F.
Jones, Olston
Jones, Samuel T.
Joslin, John
Judy, George H.
Junkins, James
Junkins, James C.
Kager, William P.
Kauble, Oliver P.
Keeney, Elias
Keeney, James
Keeney, Jonathan
Kees, Andrew F.
Kees, Elmore D.
Kees, Isaac D.
Kees, Jacob
Kees, Morgan
Kees, Owen
Kees, Samuel M.
Kelly, John J.
Kelso, William
Kendall, Benjamin F.
Kendall, Joseph W.
Kendall, Thomas J.
Kendall, William
Kennedy, James M.
Kennedy, Robert
Ketchum, Joel
Ketchum, Walter M.
Keys, Thomas
Kincaid, William B.
Kinzer, Lewis
Kirk, Alexander
Kirk, Madison
Kirk, William Riley
Kirkendall, Evan L.
Kizer, Francis M.
Kizer, Nicholas
Klum, George W.
Klum, William
Knighton Commodore-P
Knighton, Lowell
Knighton, Thomas A.
Knox, Alexander S.
Knox, Ellis L.
Knox, George
Knox, James
Koontz, Martin
Koontz, Riley
Kreig, Ferdinand
Lambert, David
Lambert, George W.
Lame, Joseph H.
Landingham, Thomas
Landreth, Squire
Landreth, William
Lane, Horace
LaRue, Jacob W.
Layton, Davis
Layton, John T.
Leach, William
Lee, Henan A.
Lee, Hugli
Lee, Philister
Leedy, Daniel
Leever, Cornwall T.
Lemay, Lewis
Leonard, Joseph B.
Level, John H.
Lewis James Preston
Lewis, Stewart John
Lewis, Fielding
Lewis, James H.
Lewis, William
Lindley, James
Linebarger, John H.
Linebarger, Lewis
Lines, John H.
Littrel, Samuel
Littrel, Samuel Jr.
Littrel, William A.
Loedon, (Lowden?), Abraham
Loftus, Edward H
Logan, James
Long, Albert C.
Long, Lewis
Long, Ransorn
Long, Wain
Louderback, John
Love, John D.
Low, Philip
Lowden, James A.
Lowden, John
Lundy, Cyrus
Luper, John
Luper, Martin
Macy, John
Macy, William M.
Mahan, Joseph W.
Mahan, William H.
Malone, Francis
Malone, James
Manis, William R.
Mann, Riley B.
Mansfield, Dominic
Mansfield, Howard
Mansfield, J & M.
Mansfield, James M.
Mansfield, John
Mansfield, Moses
Markham, Japtha
Markham, Seth S.
Markham, Simon S.
Marks, Bluford B.
Marks, James McK
Marks, John M.
Marks, William
Marks, William H.
Marshall, Alfred
Marshall, Arthur G.
Marshall, Ruth
Martin, Enos
Martin, James
Martin, Thomas J.
Matlock, William
Maxwell, John C.
Maxwell, Ludlow
May, Andrew J.
Mays, Stephen G.
McBride, Arthur F.
McCain, William S.
McCallister, John
McCallister, Lewis C.
McCartney, Henry A.
McCartney, James F.
McCartney, John B.
McCartney, Nathaniel
McCaw, William
McClain, Edmund C.
McClung, Isaac
McClung, John
McClure, Denny H.
McClure, John R.
McCorkle, William N.
McCormick, William
McCoy, John
McCoy, John
McCoy, Thomas K.
McCulley, Asa A.
McCulley, David
McCulley, Samuel
McCully, Henry F.
McCully, William H.
McCune, Joseph
McCune, Robert Y.
McDaniel, Jacob
McDaniel, Thomas
McDonald, John Nelson
McDonald, Nathaniel G.
McDowell, David
McDowell, James
McFadden, William
McFarland, Ephraim
McFarland, John J.
McFarland, Leonidas
McFarland, Lydia
McFarland, Reuben A
McFarland, Walter H
McFarland, William
McGee, Jesse
McGhee, Walter W.
McGinnis, Isaac
McGohon, Polly T.
McGohon, William
McGregor, Nancy
McHargue, James
McHargue, William
McIlree, William
McInnich, Esop Edgar
McIntyre, Joseph
McKinney, Elijah F.
McKinney, John Rev.
McKnight, James W.
McMahon, James
McNary, Hugh Linza
McNeil, John
McPherson, William
McPolan, Roger
Mealey, Washington
Meeker, John
Merrill, Henry
Metzler, John M.
Micau (Micon), John
Micau, Thomas B.
Michael, Eli W.
Michael, Elijah C.
Michael, Jared
Miller, Abraham Sr.
Miller, Abraham Jr.
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Andrew J.
Miller, Charles D.
Miller, Christian
Miller, David
Miller, Enoch J.
Miller, George Sr.
Miller, George W.
Miller, Isaac
Miller, Isaac D. Sr
Miller, Isaac Sr.
Miller, Jacob Jr.
Miller, Jacob L.
Miller, John
Miller, John B.
Miller, John Jr.
Miller, John Sr.
Miller, Malcolm
Miller, Michael
Miller, Nicholas
Miller, Robert C-
Miller, Samuel T.
Millhollen, David A.
Millhollen, Wm.
Mills, Thomas S.
Moist, Joseph
Monteith, Thomas
Monteith, Walter
Montgomery, Canada
Montgomery, John
Montgomery, John A.
Montgomery, Robert
Montgomery, Robert F.
Montgomery, Samuel
Montgomery, William,
Moody, Zenas Ferry
Moore, Almen
Moore, Amy
Moore, Anderson W
Moore, Ira
Moore, Isaac
Moore, John
Moore, John W.
Moore, Robert
Moore, Robert
Moore, Seth W.
Moore, William
Moore, William T.
Moorehouse, Daniel
Morehead, Robert
Morgan, James B.
Morgan, John C.
Morgan, Martha
Morgan, Miller
Morgan, Thomas A-
Morris, Alva Perry
Morris, Andrew Buford
Morris, Daniel
Morris, Fredrick M.
Morris, George J.
Morris, Preston
Morrison, Clarendon
Morton, Charles
Moss, Micajah G.
Mulkey, Charles B.
Munkers, Benjamin F.
Munkers, Preston
Nanny, Abner S.
Neal, John
Nebeker, Samuel
Needham, Jonathon
Nelson, John
Newman, Richard R
Newton, Nathan
Nichol, John
Nickerson, Hugh
Nickerson, Simon Allen
Nixon, Joseph
Nobles, William S.
Northrop, Harve
Northrop, Perin G.
Nye, Adam P.
Nye, Charles H.
Nye, Jacob
Officer, Eli Casey
O'Hara, W. J.
Osborn, Abraham
Osborn, Alfred H.
Osborne, Josiah
Overman, George M.
Owen, Milton P.
Parker, Allen E.
Parker, James M.
Parker, Moses
Parks, Henry W.
Parrish, Catherine
Parrish, Edward Evans
Parrish, Elias
Parrish, Gamaliel
Parrish, Hesbon
Parrish, Jesse Busse
Parrish, William W.
Patten, William H.
Paul, William A.
Paxton, Andrew B.
Paxton, Samuel G.
Payne, Champion F.
Payne, Charles H.
Payne, James H.
Payne, Lewis
Payne, Martin
Pearce, Ashby
Pearl, James
Pearl, John A.
Pearl, Joseph
Peckenpaugh, Ezariah
Penington, Stewart
Pentland, Robert
Perkins, John N.
Peterson, Asa H.
Peterson, Henry J.
Peterson, William A.
Pettijohn, Jonathon
Phelps, Lucius W.
Phillips, David
Phillips, William P.
Philpot, William J.
Phipps, Joseph
Pickens, Samuel
Pickens, William M
Piepiot, Requis Andrew
Pierce, James H.
Pierce, Samuel A.
Poe, William
Pollard, Richard H
Polly, Henry B.
Pomeroy, Lyman W.
Porter, David P.
Porter, James A.
Porter, Samuel
Porter, Thomas W.
Porter, William D
Potter, John B.
Potter, Pardon
Powell, Alfred
Powell, Augustus S
Powell, Calvin
Powell, Charles W.
Powell, Elias
Powell, Exum F.
Powell, Franklin S
Powell, Joab
Powell, Joab Jr.
Powell, John
Powell, John A.
Powell, Joseph Ambrose
Powell, Peter
Powell, Russell
Powell, Samuel T.
Powell, Silas
Powers, William
Prewett, John
Price, James D.
Price, Nimrod
Prine, David
Prine, William M.
Privett, Riley
Propst, Franklin
Pugh, Francis A.
Pugh, Jesse W.
Purdy, William H.
Putnam, Daniel B.
Ralston, Andrew
Ralston, Jeremiah
Ralston, William
Rampy, Robert A.
Randall, Elisha H
Ray, Elizabeth Ann
Ray, Lewis
Ray, William
Rector, John P.
Rector, Ludwell J.
Redman, Benjamin W.
Reed, James M.
Rexford, William D.
Reynolds, James C.
Rice, Charles
Rice, Francis M.
Rice, George F H
Rice, James
Richardson, Andrew J.
Richardson, Andrew J.
Richardson, George W.
Richardson, John G.
Richardson, John W.
Richardson, Louis C.
Richardson, Thomas J.
Richardson, William
Richey, Elizabeth
Richy, James H.
Rideout, David
Ridgeway, James
Rifner, Elijah A.
Riggs, Timothy A.
Rily, John K.
Ritter, John H.
Ritter, Solomon
Roach, Thomas
Robbins, Harvey
Roberts, Isaac
Roberts, James B.
Robinett, Joseph
Robinette, James
Robinette, John
Robinette, Pleasant
Robinette, William
Robinson, Jordan S
Rodgers, James
Rodgers, John W.
Rodgers, Milton A.
Roth, Charles
Royse, George H.
Rudd, Harry L.
Russell, George L.
Russell, Lucy M.
Russell, Newton
Rust, James W.
Sage, Joseph
Saltmarsh, Arthur V.
Saltmarsh, Joseph B.
Sampson, Ephraim A
Savage, Americus
Savage, James W.
Savage, Joseph
Schooling, Henry K.
Schooling, James R. P.
Scott, Joseph
Scott, William C.
Scott, William Y.
Scrivner, Charles
Scrivnor, James
Seely, Joseph
Settle, Campbell T.
Settle, John H.
Settle, John H.
Settlemire, Adam
Settlemire, David
Settlemire, George F
Shanks, Noah
Shelton, Alfred
Shelton, Haman
Shelton, Harvey
Shelton, James C.
Shelton, William
Shephard, Thomas
Shephard, William
Sherer, David
Sherer, John D.
Sherer, Sarah
Sherer, William M.
Sherrill, James
Shields, James
Short, John W.
Simmons, William
Simons, Alonzo
Simons, Daniel
Simons, Daniel C.
Simons, David
Simons, Emmet
Simpson, Francis
Simpson, Smauel L.
Sinnott, Edward
Slate, John T.
Sloan, Enoch D.
Smallman, Sampson
Smead, Hiram N.
Smelcer, Francis M.
Smelcer, Isaiah
Smith, Abraham
Smith, Absalon M.
Smith, Andrew J.
Smith, Andrew M.
Smith, Catherine
Smith, David
Smith, Delazon
Smith, Isaac
Smith, Isaac N.
Smith, James N.
Smith, John
Smith, John A.
Smith, John P.
Smith, Peter
Smith, Sidney A.
Smith, William L.
Smith, William M.
Snodderly, Jacob
Snodderly, James
Snodgrass, John C.
Snodgrass, Lynn
Somerville, Alexander
Somerville, Joseph
South, John D.
South, John R.
Spalding, Henry H.
Sperry, Carpus C.
Sperry, William
Splawn, Ann
Splawn, George W.
Splawn, William C.
Springer, Nicholas
Stannard, Alphonso W.
Starkweather, William A.
Starr, Christopher
Starr, John
Starr, Whiliam H.
Stephens, William J.
Stevenson, Joseph
Stewart, Lewis
Stewart, Stephn
Stewart, William C.
Stewart, James W.
Stimson, Lewis
Stinson, James A. B.
Story, Silas B.
Striethoff, John
Striethoff, Reuben
Striethoff, Thomas E.
Striethoff, John Y.
Stringer, Bluford
Stringer, John W.
Strong, Horace M.
Summers, Thomas S.
Sumpter, Alexander
Swank, Harmon
Swank, William
Swift, Samuel
Tabor, John B.
Tallman, James
Tarpley, James S.
Taylor, Absalom
Taylor, David M.
Taylor, James
Taylor, James
Taylor, Tarlton
Templeton, David E.
Templeton, James R.
Templeton, William R.
Terry, Hugh
Thomas, Argalus
Thomas, Frederick
Thomas, George B.
Thomas, Jesse B.
Thomas, John S.
Thomas, Perry
Thomas, Stephen B.
Thomas, T. Terpin
Thomas, Washington
Thompson, Amos Fisk
Thompson, Jacob
Thompson, Joseph
Thompson, Mercer
Thompson, Samuel G.
Thomson, Origen
Thorp, Elizabeth
Thorp, William J.
Thorp, James R.
Tindall, Charles M.
Tippin, James
Tompkins, William M.
Trimble, Alex P.
Trites, Edwin
Tureman, Leonard
Turner, John
Turner, Nathan
Turner, Thomas A.
Turnidge, Joseph
Tycer, James E.
Tycer, Lewis
Umphrey, Thomas H.
Usher, Richard
Vail, Joel
Van Winkle, George
VanAtta, Gearshum
Vaughan, Floyd G.
Vaughn, Alexander
Vaughn, William T.
Vawter, William
Venator, Garshum
Venator, Jezreal
Vernon, G. W.
Wagoner, Bird
Walden, Peter S.
Walker, Andrew M.
Walker, Washington P.
Walter, Elias L.
Ward, Michael B.
Ward, Thomas M.
Warner, Calvin M.
Warner, Elizabeth
Warner, Selden B.
Warner, William N.
Warren, Andrew J.
Washburn, James H.
Washburn, James H.
Wasson, Jonathon
Waters, Abner W.
Waters, John M.
Watkins, David
Watkins, James
Watkinson, Robert
Watson, Adkinson H.
Watson, Elisha W.
Watson, Henry
Watson, Perry
Watson, Vincent
Watts, Russell
Weddle, Anthony
Weger, Thomas M.
Werts, Martin
West, Edward H.
Westlake, Cyrus
Whealdon, Alfred
Whealdon, Nathan
Wheaton, John
Wheeler, Euphanius
Wheeler, Jason
Wheeler, Leonard M.
White, Cornelius
White, Delialah
White, Edward N.
White, Luther
Whitley, John H.
Whitson, Benjamin F.
Wibel, John
Wigle, Abraham J.
Wigle, Jacob W.
Wigle, John W.
Wigle, Peter H.
Wilcox, Thomas J.
Wilcoxon, William
Wiles, James
Wiley, Andrew
Williams, Charles
Williams, Henry
Williams, James
Williams, Jason L.
Williams, Oliver C.
Williams, Smith
Willoughby, Reason
Willoughby, William
Wilson, James
Wilson, James H.
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, John A.
Wilson, John G.
Wilson, John R.
Wilson, Samuel H.
Wilson, Thomas T.
Wiseman, John
Wishard, Archie L.
Wisner, James
Wisner, John T.
Wolcott, William H.
Wood, Edmund
Wood, James
Woodfin, Thomas S.
Woodward, Luther T.
Woody, Reuben B.
Wright, John S.
Wyatt, Eli
Wycoff, Peter
Yantis, John L.
Yantis; James M.
Yarborough, James M
Yarbrough, John B.
Yarbrough, Randal
Yarbrough, Thomas J.
Yates, William N.
Yeoman, Solon
Yoder, Jonas
Yoder, Levi John
Young, George W.
Younger, Littleton
Zell, Abraham
Zell, John
Zevely, John M.
Zoosman, Moses
This index was compiled and donated by Patricia A. Dunn for the use of individual researchers, and may not be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by other organizations. It was scanned and edited for the internet by Jan Phillips. Any errors are unintentional. Any other use, including copying files to other sites, requires the permission of the submitters.

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