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History of Lycoming County Pennsylvania
edited by John F. Meginness; 1892



I. O. O. F.

AS shown in the review of Limestone township, Salladasburg was founded by Capt. Jacob P. Sallade in 1837, when: he laid out lots, built a church for the Lutherans and Presbyterians only, and started the town. It now comprises a number of stores and shops, one hotel, grist mill, and tannery; two schools are sustained, and there are three churches Methodist, Evangelical, and Lutheran, and by the census of 1890 the borough is credited with a population of 374.


Salladasburg has two schools. Last year six months were taught by one male and one female teacher. The former was paid $45 per month salary, and the latter $40. Forty-seven male and fifty-seven female pupils were registered Average attendance, ninety-two.


As early as 1832 a postoffice was established at the mouth of Larry's, creek there scarcely being any settlers where the borough now stands - and Joseph B. Torbert was appointed postmaster. The office was named Larry's Creek. He served as postmaster till August 31, 1847, when Col. Jacob Sallade was appointed and the office was removed about two and a half miles up the creek, where the new postmaster lived. His successors were as follows: C. Caseman, appointed October 30, 1848; Robert H. Lawshe, November 22, 1848. The office had been moved to Salladasburg under Caseman. Origen Wheeler succeeded Mr. Lawshe, June 19, 1851, and he was succeeded by James P. McCollum, July 15, 1853.

The title, Larry's Creek, was changed to Salladasburg, December 21, 1854, and McCollum re-appointed. Since that time his successors have been as follows: Charles W. Pepperman, appointed May 16, 1855; William W. Thomas, October 27, 1874; W. D. Buser, June 29, 1881; David B. Waltz, October 16, 1885; William 'L. Miller, May 10,'1887, present incumbent.


The first grist mill was built in 1837 by Col. Jacob Sallade. It was sold to John Cline, about ten years afterwards, and be operated it until 1867. Colonel Sallade and Stephen Bell built a new mill near Cline's in 1866. In the meantime Cline sold his mill to Good & Company, and it was soon after turned into a planing and cider mill. Cline finally purchased the new mill of Sallade & Bell, and after running it for a short time sold it to Waltz & Company. They ran it a short time, when, unfortunately, it was burned about 1887. Soon afterwards Thomas & Brothers erected the present mill.

The leading industry in the borough. is the tannery of Robert McCullough. The plant was first established by Robert Lawshe in 1848. He continued the business until about 1855, when he sold out to John A. Gamble & Brother. They conducted the business until 1870, when the buildings were burned. The firm rebuilt and soon afterwards sold out to John Gaffey. About 1874 the plant passed into the hands of Robert McCullough, who carried on the business until 1882, when the buildings were again burned. He straightway rebuilt on a larger scale, and has continued the business up to the present time. The main building is 400X80 feet; the dry house is 230x40 feet, and there are 216 vats. Ample machinery of the latest style is provided, and there is a capacity to turn out 400 tanned hides daily. Nearly 9, 000 tons of bark are used annually. Hides are hauled from the railroad station at Larry's creek, and when dressed are returned by the same means for shipment to market. The industry gives steady employment to between 75 and 100 bands.


This is one of the youngest boroughs in the county. At May sessions, 1883, a petition was presented praying for the incorporation of Salladasburg as a borough. It was referred to the grand jury for consideration, and on the 8th of May a favorable report was returned. On the 1st of October a remonstrance was filed and the petition was referred back. Nothing more was done until January 12, 1884, when, on the matter being called up, the court confirmed the report of the grand jury and entered a decree directing its incorporation and that it be called "The Borough of Salladasburg."

It is located on Larry's creek, five miles from its mouth, and the ground on which it is built was taken from Mifflin township. On the 7th of March, 1887, Bernhard Sellinger petitioned the court to have his farm annexed to the borough. On the 9th the grand Jury accepted his proposition and on the 12th of the same month the court made a decree admitting him to the borough.

Since its incorporation as a borough Salladasburg has had the following burgesses: 1884, R. McCullough; 1885, D. B. Waltz; 1886, W. H. Fisher; 1887, W. H. Fisher; 1888; W. E. Kunkle; 1889, J. B. Robinson; 1890, W. H. Fisher; 1891, W. H. Good; 1892, A. M. Missimer.

I O. O. F.

Salladasburg Lodge, No. 751, I. O. O. F, is the only lodge of the kind in the borough.

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