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Lycoming County Cemeteries
Please note most of these listings are from reading the markers, for a more complete record please contact the LCGS. They have CDs and other resources available that include additional information and burials without markers as well as those markers which are no longer readable.

Some small cemeteries and family plots are on private property.
Please ask permission before entering any private property.

Maps are being added to assist in locating burial grounds. Click on the Township for a map of that township and burial locations.

Please note:
The original listings were moved to Find-A-Grave website.
The listings here will remain, and I will be happy to add new information to those listings for you.
Maps and locations will remain.
Cemetery Location
Antes Fort Cemetery Nipponese Township
Anthony (Kiess) Cemetery Anthony Township
Apker Cemetery McIntyre Township
Apker Plot Lewis Township
Arthur Ulmer Farm Upper Fairfield Township
Assumption Catholic Cemetery Cascade Township
Balls Mills Cemetery Hepburn Township
Barbours Cemetery Plunketts Creek Township
Beech Hill Cemetery * Cogan House Township
Beech Valley Cemetery Gamble Township
Blooming Grove Cemetery (Dunkard Church) Hepburn Township
Bluestone Cemetery McHenry Township
Boatman (English Island) Cemetery Cumming's Township
Bobst Mt. Cemetery Lewis Township
Bonnell Cemetery McHenry Township
Brown's Farm Upper Fairfield Township
Brucklacher-Spotts Cemetery Hepburn Township
Buchanan Church Cemetery Old Lycoming Township
Buckley-Farragut Cemetery Upper Fairfield Township
Callahan Cemetery Brown Township
Cammal Cemetery McHenry Township
Carsontown Cemetery Cumming's Township
Cedar Run Cemetery (1st. Bapt. Church) Brown Township
Chestnut Grove Cemetery Franklin Township
Christ Lutheran Cemetery  (Stone Church) Allenwood Federal Prison, Brady Township
Christian Hill Cemetery Eldred Township
Clinton Baptist Cemetery Clinton Township
Cogan House Cemetery Cogan House Township
Cool Burial Plot Loyalsock Township
Daniel Bosh Farm Plot Upper Fairfield Township
Dowling Hill Pine Township
Edgwood Cemetery Loyalsock Township
Elimsport Cemetery Washington Township
Ellenton Cemetery McNett Township
English Center Cemetery Pine Township
English Center Cemetery * Pine Township
English Center Cemetery Lower * Pine Township
Fairfield Cemetery Upper Fairfield Township
Fairview Cemetery Clinton Township
Fairview Cemetery Franklin Township
Ferguson's Tree Farm Plot Upper Fairfield Township
Franklin Bethel (Stone Heap) Cemetery Franklin Township
Freedom Road Cemetery Loyalsock Township
Fribley Cemetery Penn Township
Friedens Church Cemetery Mifflin Township
Friedens Evangelical Cemetery L.C. Jackson Township
Friends Meeting House Cemetery Muncy Township
Gebhart Farm Cemetery Limestone Township
Germany Lutheran Cemetery Franklin Township
Gibson Farm Plot Susquehanna Township
Good Sheperd Cemetery Upper Fairfield Township
Gordner's Grove Cemetery Jordan Township
Green Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery Clinton Township
Green Valley Cemetery Moreland Township
Grove Plot Lycoming Township
Hall Station Cemetery Muncy Township
Haneyville Cemetery McHenry Township
Hetter Farm Plot Old Lycoming Township
Hoppestown Cemetery Plunketts Creek Township
Huntersville Methodist (Webster) Cemetery Mill Creek Township
Huntersville Trinity Cemetery Mill Creek Township
Immaculate Conception Cemetery Bastrass Township
Immanuel Church Cemetery Muncy Creek Township
James Bower Farm Plot Armstrong Township
Jersey Mills Cemetery McHenry Township
Jersey Shore Cemetery Jesery Shore
King Family Burial Plot McIntyre Township
Kurtz Cemetery Eldred Township
Larry's Creek (Duffy) Cemetery Piatt Township
Larue Thompson Farm Plot Upper Fairfield Township
Limbaugh Cemetery Cumming's Township
Limestone Cemetery Limestone Township
Ludwig Cemetery Lycoming Township
Lungerville Cemetery Jordan Township
McGorvin Cemetery Hepburn Township
McIntyre Cemetery McIntyre Township
Meracle Cemetery Shrewsbury Township
Montoursville Cemetery Montoursville
Moreland Baptist Cemetery Moreland Township
Moreland Lutheran Cemetery Moreland Township
Moreland Methodist (Opp's) Cemetery Moreland Township
Mosquito Valley Cemetery Armstrong Township
Mt. Pleasant/Old Fisher Cemetery Mifflin Township
Mt. Zion (Maple Hill) Cemetery Brady Township
Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery Penn Township
Muncy Cemetery Muncy Boro
Neff Cemetery Upper Fairfield Township
Newman Cemetery Shrewsbury Township
Ohev Shalom Cemetery Loyalsock Township
Okome Cemetery McHenry Township
Old English Run Cemetery Cumming's Township
Old Kaiser Farm Plot Upper Fairfield Township
Old Lairdsville Cemetery Franklin Township
Old Newberry (Presbyterian) Cemetery Williamsport (Newberry)
Old Walton Cemetery Muncy Boro
Ordance Cemetery (Pine Knot) Union County
Oregon Hill Cemetery * Pine Township
Oval Cemetery Limestone Township
Paitt Cemetery Allenwood Federal Prison, Brady Township
Pennsdale Cemetery Lewis Township
Persun/Christian Church Cemetery Cogan House Township
Picture Rocks Cemetery Picture Rocks Boro
Pine Creek Cemetery Porter Township
Pine Summit Cemetery Franklin Township
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Hughesville, Wolf Township
Quaker Hill Cemetery Eldred Township
Quiggle Cemetery McElhattan, Clinton County
Ralston Cemetery McIntyre Township
Reed Burial Ground Old Lycoming Township
Richart's Grove Cemetery Jordan Township
Rocktown Cemetery South Williamsport
Rose Valley Meth. Church Cemetery Gamble Township
Rothfuss Family Farm Plot Upper Fairfield Township
Salem Cemetery Jordan Township
Salladasburg Cemetery Salladasburg, Mifflin Township
Sanders Family Plot Susquehanna Township
Schlagenwite Cemetery Upper Fairfield Township
Scott Family Cemetery Fairfield Township
Seigel Burial Plot Mifflin Township
Slate Run Cemetery Brown Township
Slate Run Meth. Church Cemetery Brown Township
St. Boniface Cemetery Williamsport
St. James Episcopal Cemetery Muncy Boro
St. James Lutheran Church Cemetery Muncy Township
St. John's Chapel United Meth. Cemetery Anthony Township
St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery Clinton Township
St. Michael's Lutheran Church Cemetery Lycoming Township
St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery Limestone Township
State Road Church Cemetery Lycoming Township
Steam Valley Community Cemetery * Cogan House Township
Stoltz Cemetery Hepburn Township
Summit Cemetery Cogan House Township
Taylor Cemetery Shrewsbury Township
Theron Harris Farm Plot Upper Fairfield Township
Thomas Bracey Farm Plot Upper Fairfield Township
Tombs Run Cemetery Watson Township
Trout Run Cemetery Lewis Township
Twin Hills Cemetery Fairfield Township
Utceter Cemetery Brown Township
Waltz Plot Eldred Township
Washington Pres. Church Cemetery State Game Lands #252, Union County
Waterville Cemetery Cumming's Township
Waterville M.E. Church Cemetery Cumming's Township
Wildwood Cemetery Loyalsock Township/Williamsport
William Hummel Plot Cemetery Clinton Township
Williamsport Cemetery Williamsport
Whipple Cemetery Plunketts Creek Township
Woodward (Emery) Cemetery Woodward Township
Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery Washington Township


* Indicates listing at Tri-Counties Genealogy & History,
(Bradford & Tioga Counties in PA & Chemung County in NY)

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