Franklin and Genealogy of his Family—His Birth—His Mother—Employments in his Boyhood—Anecdote —Character of his Father—Epitaph of his Father and Mother—Fond of Reading—Apprenticed to his Brother to learn the Printer’s Trade—Writes Ballads—Intimacy with Collins—Practises Composition—Adopts a Vegetable Diet—Studies the Socratic Method of Disputation—Concerned in publishing a Newspaper—Disagrees with his Brother— Leaves Boston and takes Passage in a Sloop for New York


Journey to Philadelphia—Adventure in a Boat—Dr. Brown—Burlington—His first Appearance in Philadelphia—Quaker Meeting—Seeks for Employment as a Printer—Commences Work in Keimer’s Office—Forms Acquaintances—Patronised by Sir William Keith, Governor of Pennsylvania—First Interview with him—Keith proposes to set him up in Business—Returns to Boston—His Father disapproves Keith’s Plan—Voyage to New York—Incident on the Passage from Newport—Meets his Friend Collins in New York—They go together to Philadeiphia —Collins’s ill Conduct causes a Separation— Keith insists on executing his original Plan, and proposes sending him to London to purchase Types—Returns to the use of Animal Food—Anecdotes of Keimer—His Associates, Osborne, Watson, Ralph—Their Exercises in Composition—Resolves to visit England, as advised by Governor Keith,


Sails for London, accompanied by Ralph—On his Arrival delivers Letters supposed to be written by the Governor—Discovers that Keith had deceived him —His Money exhausted—Engages to work as a Printer at Palmer’s in Bartholomew Close—Writes and prints a metaphysical Tract—Frequents a Club, consisting of Dr. Mandeville and others— Disagreement with Ralph, and Separation—Removes to Watt’s Printing-house near Lincoln’s Inn Fields—Habits of the Workmen—His Expenses of Living—Feats of Activity in Swimming—Enters into Mercantile Business with Mr. Denharn—Sir William Wyndham,

Voyage from London to Philadelphia—His Mercantile Plans defeated by the Death of Mr. Denham—Accepts an Offer from Keimer to superintend his Printing Establishment—Description of the Workmen in the Printing-house—Resolves to separate from Keimer and commence Business on his own Account—Engraves the Plates for Paper Money in New Jersey and prints the Bills—His Views of Religion—Account of his London Pamphlet—A New Version of the Lord’s Prayer, with Explanatory Remarks—Forms a Partnership with Hugh Meredith in the Printing Business,


The Junto—Description of its original Members—. Franklin writes the "Busy Body"—Establishes a Newspaper—Partnership with Meredith dissolved —Writes a Tract on the Necessity of a Paper Currency—Opens a Stationer’s Shop—His habits of Industry and Frugality—Courtship—Marriage,


Origin of the Philadelphia Library—Mode of obtaining Subscriptions—Thrives in his Business—Anecdote of the Silver Spoon and China Bowl—Religious Sentiments, and Remarks on Preaching—Scheme for arriving at Moral Perfection—Explanation of the Scheme—Lists of Virtues enumerated, and Rules for Practising them—Division of Time and the Occupation of each Hour—Amusing Anecdote —The Art of Virtue—A Treatise on that Subject proposed,


Scheme of a Society for extending the Influence of Virtue —Belief in one God, the Immortality of the Soul, and future Rewards and Punishments—Poor Richard’s Almanac—Rules for conducting a Newspaper—Controversy concerning Hemphill the Preacher—Studies the French, Italian, and Spanish Languages—Visits Boston—The Junto—Chosen Clerk of the Assembly—Appointed Postmaster of Philadelphia—Suggests Improvements in the City Watch—Establishes a Fire Company


Forms an Intimacy with Whitefleld—Building erected for Preachers of all Denominations—Character of Whitefleld, his Oratory and Writings—Partnerships in the Printing Business—Proposes a Philosophical Society—Takes an active Part in providing Means of Defence in the Spanish War—Forms an Association for that Purpose—Sentiments of the Quakers—James Logan—Anecdote of William Penn—The Sect called Dunkers—Religious Creed—New-invented Fireplace


Proposals relating to the Education of Youth—Subscriptions for that Object—An Academy established —Appointed one of the Trustees for managing it— Partnership with David Hall—Electrical Experiments—Chosen a Member of the Assembly—A Commissioner for making a Treaty with the Indians—Pennsylvania Hospital—Writes in favour of it, and procures Subscriptions—Advice to Gilbert Tennent—Suggests Plans for cleaning, paving, and lighting the Streets of Philadelphia—Project for cleaning the Streets of London—Appointed Postmaster-general for America—Receives the Degree of Master of Arts from Harvard and Yale Colleges


Attends a General Convention at Albany, as a Delegate from Pennsylvania—-Proposes a Plan of Union for the Colonies, which is adopted by the convention —Interview with Governor Shirley at Boston—Conversations with Governor Morris on Pennsylvania Affairs—Assists Mr. Quincy in procuring Aids for New England—Visits General Braddock’s Army in Maryland—Procures Horses and Waggons to facilitate the March of the Army—Obtains Supplies for the Officers—Character of Braddock—Account of his Defeat in the Battle of the Monongahela— Braddook commends his Services in Letters to the Government—These Services poorly rewarded—Society for the Relief and Instruction of Germans in Pennsylvania


Appointed one of the Commissioners for appropriating the Public Money for Military Defence—Proposes a Militia Bill, which passes the Assembly—Commissioned to take Charge of the Frontier and build a Line of Forts—Marches at the Head of a Body of Troops—Account of the March—Operations at Gnadenhut—Indian Massacres—Moravians at Bethlehem—Returns to Philadelphia—Chosen Colonel of a Regiment—Journey to Virginia—Declines accepting the Governors Proposal to lead an Expedition against Fort Duquesne—Account of his Electrical Discoveries—Chosen a Member of the Royal Society—Receives the Copley Medal


Conversations with Governor Denny—Disputes between the Governor and Assembly—Deputed by the Assembly to present a Petition to the King and to act in England as an Agent for Pennsylvania— Meets Lord Loudoun in New York—Anecdotes illustrating his Character—Sails from New York— Incidents of the Voyage—Arrives in England

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