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This site is dedicated to the Preservation of the Legacy handed down to us by our forefathers! The Library is working to preserve this historic heritage whether in written, photographic, printed or hand-written form. We hope that you will find accurate and informative content within our site.

Our hope is that you will discover, not only "who you are," (The USGenWeb Project) or "where you are from" (American Local History Network and American History and Genealogy Project); but that you might find items here that will enrich your own heritage!

Your hosts for this site are:
Lynn Waterman:
Ginger Cisewski; and
Bill Oliver !

"They forged their way through difficult and dangerous trails and truly came through the fires of trial to create a better life for themselves and their descendants. Their struggles should be remembered!"

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Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Last of the Great Scouts
  The life story of Buffalo Bill
A BIG Thank you to Pam Rietsch for this book!

off site link Parks by Name
off site link Park Net
off site link U.S. National Parks
off site link Visit a National Park
Bridal Veil Falls, Provo Canyon, UT
Devil's Slide, Provo Canyon, UT
McKilligan Canyon, El Paso, TX

The Dead Issue Scrolls
I Quit  (this book has been scanned in;
average size: 89kb)
The Purging of a President
The Strawman That Sat Upon a Throne!
A Ride to Panmunjom

Nebraska Birds
Submitted by Pam Rietsch
Story of the Great Flood and Cyclone Disasters
Submitted by Pam Rietsch
Tragic Story of America's Greatest Disaster
Submitted by Pam Rietsch

Old Maps
off site link 1895 Submitted by Pam Rietsch
off site link Map & Gazetteer Projects by Pam Rietsch

Air-Sea Rescue
Nebraskans 1904-1914

off site linkFashions, Site by Annette Peebles
Fashions of Yesterday!

Baby Wants a Bottle
Blood Brothers
The Debt
The Deserted Village
The Gift
Grasshopper Parade
The Lonely Soldier
Poems and Sketches of Nebraska
Prison Cell
The Traveler
War Time Rymes

off site linkArlington National Cemetery Website
off site linkThe VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page
off site linkThe Virtual Wall
Andersonville National Cemetery
Confederate Cemetery at the Hermitage
Gas Station of Billy Carter
Jimmy Carter's Hometown
Replica of Pilgrim's Boat
St Martin of Tours Church
Texas Schoolbook Depository

off site link Fred's Post Card Collection of Nebraska
8 Advertisement Cards
Submitted by Pam Rietsch

off site linkHistoric American Documents
off site linkHistory of the City of Greenwood, WI
off site linkPBS: Journey of Coronado
off site link Memories of the Old West
off site link Ohio Byways
Scroll down to link ODOT Photo Archives
off site link Overland Stage to California
off site link The Patriot Post
off site linkA Pictorial History of Locomotives
Voyages and Travels, Illustrated; 1887underconstruction
(these are two very large
books and will takes lots of time to get online)

A Nation Mourns!
American Family Educator
(10 books in 1 volume)
Great Epochs in American History
The Louisiana Purchase
(Thank you Pam Rietsch for this book!)
Modern Blacksmithing, 1904
Old Europe and Young America
The Old Town on the River
(Thank you Pam Rietsch for this book!)

Gravesite of Jimmy Carter's Parents
Birthplace of Jimmy Carter
Eisenhower Birthplace
Eisenhower Statue
Little White House
Memorial of Andrew Jackson's Birthplace
Tomb of Pres. and Mrs. Andrew Jackson
Memorial of Thomas Jefferson's Birthplace
Memorial of Thomas Jefferson
Andrew Johnson's Memorial
Memorial of Andrew Johnson's Birthplace
Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson
James Polk's Birthplace
Grave of James Knox Polk
Graves of Woodrow Wilson's Parents

off site link The Memorial On-Line Library
off site link Old Time Nebraska
See: Roster of Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in Nebraska, 1893

Roster of Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in Nebraska. 1893

Past and Present

Words of Wisdom

The Youngfolk's Book of Invention
Great Moments in Science

off site link Diary of George Erion 1761-1806
Perils of Pegasus by Duane Thorin

On Top of Smold O-key
Songs We Love to Sing, 1912
The School of Velocity (for the Piano)
off site link

Apple Butter Time
Cliff Dwellings
From the Great Plains to the Great Frontier
The 1880 Great Western Presidential Tour
Indian Creation
Maple Syrup
Seeking a New Frontier
Settling Nebraska
Visiting the 20th President's Home

For more stories by this Author,
check out
off site linkOld Time Nebraska!

Memories by Velma Ann Rogers Tower

Home Made Paper Dolls

off site link Civil War: Field of Lost Shoes
Foward-March!: Vol. 1:
Forward-March!: Vol. 2
Pictorial record of WWI,
pages may load slow.

(very large books)
America~Here and Over There

off site link Minisink Deed
Autograph Book from 1893 Howe, NE
Autograph Book from 1900 Valparaiso, NE
Thank you, Pam Rietsch for both the autograph books above!
Christmas Card
Coins of America
Fire Trucks of the Past
The House that Junk Built
Moores Hill Bombs Afghanistan
Mother pillow case
Ulysses S. Grant
WWII Egg Plate

This is an ongoing project, and will never be completed, as more material will always be added. If you have something special that was handed down to you, please consider sharing it with the Legacy Preservation Library.
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