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2001 Features


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April 2001: Which Bliss? Comparison and Contrast of Three Sets of Bliss Patriots and Loyalists.

May, 2001: Zenas Randall Bliss, Medal of Honor Recipient, Civil War

June, 2001: The Name is Cornelius: Three Bliss Men with the First Name "Cornelius"

July, 2001: Church of the Holy Cross  at Daventry and Church of St. Peter and St. Paul at Preston Capes

August, 2001: Nathan Bliss of the Village of Whitesboro, NY

September, 2001: Bliss Soldiers in the Civil War

October, 2001: Memoir of the Life of the Honorable William Blowers Bliss

November, 2001: Biographical Sketches of 12 Blisses of Rehoboth

December, 2001: Aaron T. Bliss