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Fine Print and Disclaimer

As with all good things you will find some fine print. Please read carefully. The information listed below will make this site more useful to you the viewer, and things much easier for the individuals behind the project.

Information sent to this site maybe posted as is or edited to make it more presentable to the public. This will include any and/or all parts of the information.

The information presented here should be consider undocumented and as is. Use it only as a guide in your own research. As time and material become available I hope to post it here. This will include birth and baptismal records, pictures, obituaries, wills and what ever else that may be available. If you have this type of information please send it to the address below. It can be posted with or without credit to you. Please state if you would like your name and email address included.

Some of the DO's and DON'Ts of this site. This list will probably grow as time goes on.

  • DO send information in an orderly fashion. Try to include at least three generations in your file. The first person listed must be a BUTTERFIELD.
  • DO NOT include living individuals in your data. Exclude everyone born after 1900 unless you have a date of death.
  • DO send descendant charts with the given name in mixed case and the surname in upper case -- Benjamin BUTTERFIELD and Ann JUNDON -- . Mixed case or upper case would also be acceptable for surname and given names. The rest of the information would be in mixed case (see the Benjamin and Ann BUTTERFIELD or Levi Butterfield and Lucy J. Burnett pages for some examples).
  • DO NOT send your file in all upper case. This makes the information hard to read. Some consider this to be a form of shouting at the viewer. If your genealogy program makes this kind of file, edit it with your word processor before sending it.
  • DO NOT send GEDCOMs. They can not to be posted here, and I do not have the time to convert them for you.
  • DO send the URLs of other sites that have information about BUTTERFIELDs. This should not include commercial sites.
  • DO NOT provide this information to an individual, company or organization that will use it for commercial gain.

Copyright 2006 T. Risinger

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