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Other genealogy sites to help in your Butterfield research.

United States Genealogy Network Inc. The First and Only Nonprofit Historical-Genealogical Web Hosting Service on the Internet. The home of this Butterfield Family Site.

Rootsweb Home Page The internets oldest and largest free genealogy community.

Butterfield Mailing List Go to this site and then follow the instructions on the page to subscribe to the mailing list.

GenForum (Butterfield) A genealogy forum for the Butterfield name.

USGenWeb Project Go to this site, the state and county your Butterfield may have been in and look for more information or post a message for others to read.

Yates Publishing A listing of group sheet for sale from Yates and information for free from others.

Altavista Digital Advanced Search Use the various boxes to limit your search.

Google Advanced Search  Use the various boxes to limit your search.

Brother's Keeper A Windows genealogy shareware program to help you organize your family history.

Cyndi's List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet  Ten of thousands of link to genealogical sites.

Butterfield DNA Study

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