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Everybody thinks it's silk

Two years ago -- no one realized that an all-cotton fabric could be so exquisite!

EVEN TODAY, after millions of yards have been sold, it is hard to convince some women that Lingette does not owe its beautiful appearance and soft feel to the presence of some silk in its weaving.

Every thread of Lingette is all cotton -- but of that lovely, fine spun, extra strong cotton, transformed -- as by a magic process -- to have the shimmer of silk, the draping quality of silk, and the caressing texture of silk.

Because Lingette is all cotton, it tubs easily and looks beautiful after long service!

You will find Lingette in the best stores, by the yard and in ready-made garments.

Its increased popularity makes the danger from imitations greater than ever before. Therefore, it is more than ever imperative that you look for the name Lingette on the selvage of the fabric, or the Lingette label in the ready-made garment!


Fred Butterfield & Co., Inc.,
361-363 Broadway,


Lingette is a BUTTERFIELD Quality FABRIC




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