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Butterfield House
Butterfield C. V. for V.
Grace Church & Butterfield House
Gen. Daniel Butterfield (Trunk)
Hotel Butterfield
Hotel Butterfield
Pinery Stage Stand

The Butterfield Co. V for V Soldier Canteen

The Best of Luck,
12 - 4 - 42
Florence R. Norvell
Best wishes
Ruth R. Goodwillie.
Don't forget us.
Mildred Hull.
Be Sure to come again!
Dorothy Bell
Hope you like our books.
Helen P. Foulke.
Do you like our Dagwoods?
Doris Rich

West Palm Beach: 1893 to 1950
By: Lynn Lasseter Drake, Richard A. Marconi
Page 124

"A local establishment set up to entertain troop in the Palm Beaches was the Volunteers for Victory Soldiers Canteen at 416 South County Road in Palm Beach. In one six-month period, the canteen served over 42,000 sandwiches to hungry GIs. The V for V also operated a bathhouse on the beach. Before the building became a canteen, it was the J. H. Butterfield Company grocery store."

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